Sleep Paralysis – Night Demons

Written by Morgue

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This past week I have been having frequent cases of sleep paralysis.

For those who do not know, sleep paralysis is when the brain awakens from REM sleep but the body remains “asleep” (in paralysis).  Sort of the reverse of sleep walking, which is when the body is ‘awake’ but the brain is asleep.

In short, you are fully conscious but unable to move. This can last a few seconds or a few minutes. However, eye movements are still possible. Individuals experiencing this often feel extreme panic as they try to reestablish the connection between mind and body.

 This is something that I have experienced in the past and is common in my family but it has been happening more frequently lately. Sleep paralysis is also known to be accompanied by “terrifying hallucinations”.  The individual may see vivid objects or entitys within his or her field of vision. This is where we get the term nightmare. The first time it happened this week I saw a black cat scratching at my face. The second time I saw a black faceless figure covering my mouth.

 The exact cause of this seems to be difficult for science to explain. Some possible causes are irregular sleep patterns, stress or sudden environment changes.

 Religious persons tend to believe this is caused by evil spirits. This is how the legends of Incubi and Succubi started. They are demons that visit their victims during the night, rendering them helpless, usually for sexual purposes. Unfortunately that did not happen to me. They are usually depicted as sitting on the chests of their victims, most likely because individuals experiencing sleep paralysis often report a weight on top of their body. This is not something I have been aware of yet.

 Studies suggest that people experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in their lives. Has this ever happened to you?  What is your stance, scientific phenomena or evil spirit? I’m sure you know my opinion but tell me yours in the comments below.


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  1. Avatar of Kimberlé Kimberlé says:

    I’m not sure what this would mean or if it was just in fact a very, very bad nightmare and one that I will truly never forget. ~long story short~
    An evening in March, 2010: For whatever reason I do not recall, my two kids were not home with me that night, therefor I was by myself all night. I went to bed about 10 pm and fell asleep quickly as I always do. Remember this happened over four years ago. When I think back, I can always picture my bedroom light on. Did I fall asleep with it on: probably. But who knows.
    I wasn’t asleep very long when, I swear, I woke up (but not) to an almost like huge figure/demon-like person in/on the ceiling of my bedroom on the left side corner. This thing had me by the center of my chest and slamming, and I’m talking hard slamming, me back and fourth from the ceiling and back to my bed repeatedly.
    To this day I can still see this person or whatever it was in my head. Crazy I know. And the feeling I had with this was the most horrible feeling. I don’t know what made me come out of this, maybe thinking stop or holding some part of the mattress. When I awoke I grabbed my blankets for dear life in total shock. What I felt was beyond words, and after that, I slept in the living room with every light on.
    I will never forget this as I can still remember most of that night.
    Thanks for reading. K . K .

  2. Avatar of Nicole Moore Nicole Moore says:

    This happened to me last night. I have been under a lot of stress lately (long story). I am basically a good person but have recently made some stupid/bad choices. Anyway, before I went to bed I was taking some meds to help me sleep. I remember thinking that my granny and other loved ones in heaven were probably ashamed of my recent actions and I wished they would just come and get me so I could join them in heaven since it seems like I just can be happy and accept it. I always do something to screw it up, like I don’t deserve to live a full-filling life. Anyway, I could never commit suicide, but lately have just been wishing that my time here was up. So after feeling sorry for myself, I go to bed and read. Fell asleep and had vivid dreams. I remember rolling over onto my back, then I heard like a piece of paper rip behind me. At this point I felt awake. Then, I felt this heavy weight on top of my chest. I couldn’t move anything, not even my lips. I kept trying to call out my husbands name for his help, but couldn’t even get a big enough breath to make much of a sound. It felt like the weight lessened once and I was able to kick my foot, but then it was back just as heavy. I felt like I wanted to roll over and knock this weight/thing off of me. My eyes were open and I didn’t see anything and I can’t say that I felt evil. It lasted for a couple minutes. Finally, I started thinking that “no I really don’t want to die” and asking Jesus for help. As soon as I thought about God, the weight was gone. I finally was able to speak and wake up my husband, and immediately I felt so sad. I turned on the light and cried myself to sleep. I’m terrified of this happening again. I do want to add that we are staying with a family member and we are sleeping in the room where her fiance died of a heart attack 4 years ago. Some of his personal belongings are still in there. Could this have been him? I don’t know…

  3. Avatar of anonymous anonymous says:

    This feeling is very horrific. I had been its victim for complete one year and that year was worst time of life . I don’t know how I got trapped in that condition . Even today when I retrospect my past I start crying. Now I am OK and thank god to bring out of such devilish situation.
    According to my personal experience I can say that these all are stress and depression .when we are depressed,hopeless all demons , devil and whatever we name it overpower us and do as bad as it can.
    I felt every thing while sleeping someone I don’t know sitting on me doing sex and I was unable to do anything . That year was really a nightmare to I am completely fit one thing I can confidently say that its all are brain that create be happy

  4. Avatar of craig1991 craig1991 says:

    This happens to me loads of times. I’m asleep I get a buzzing in my ears when I’m lying in bed on my back. I feel like I’m getting held down and I can see like a dark shadow on my back. I’m not a spiritual Person But I Feel Like It’s The Devil. I get a pulsing through my body I try to shout but I can’t even talk. It usually lasts a few seconds but last night it must of lasted about 3 4 minuets. Then it just stop but I feel like I’m awake all the way through it. Iv even felt the cover being pulled off me in the past.

  5. Avatar of Samantha Samantha says:

    I had something like this happen about 2 weeks ago. I was having trouble sleeping that night, more so than usual. I laid in bed for 2 hours.
    I was trying to relax, somewhat mediating, but the end goal is to fall asleep. When I do this its normal for me to see things while I’m still awake. The images have been becoming more vivid lately, I’m actually able to see with my eyes rather than in my mind and even sounds and colors now.
    Well, that night I was able to see my room with my eyes closed, which is also not uncommon. But suddenly I seen a black human figure at the end of my bed. It terrified me. When I opened my eyes it was still there. I wasn’t stuck for long tho, almost immediately I sat up and was able to yelp/speak then it disappeared.
    It was also strange because the same night I had a very vivid dream that I was feeling very ill and out of my body, like I was dying. I remember trying to crawl and speak but it was very difficult. Again, I woke up saying something.
    I never have nightmares so it was very odd for me. I don’t believe in demons or anything truly evil, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a spirit. More than likely it is a brain game.

  6. Avatar of Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson says:

    Hey whats up world, I just had a terrifying dream. Searched on the internet and lead me to this site. Heres my story. Its Septemter 12 2014 occured at 12:30 am. In my dream, I woke up in my room and needing to go to the bathroom. I got up to turn on the light but it wouldn’t turn on. I said to myself this is weird but oh well ill fix it in the morning. Everything normal and Very vivid. Right when I walked in the bathroom BOOOM, Overwhelming force tackles me to the Ground, and I hear fuzzy sounds SShhereserresses SHereeresseesss. I couldnt move, powerless. Felt like the devil is trying to take over my Soul and Get in to my body. This Demon realizes that Im to powerful, and I awaken from my terrrible dream. I live on my own. I woke up screaming you cant beat me! You’ll never Beat me! Come At me Again I dare you. I love GOD and I know he can protect me BUT I myself and protect myself. These dreams actually give me confidence and I hope they can to you. One Love.

  7. Avatar of Karen Karen says:

    I am 38 years old-Last night I woke up and saw a large black entity in the corner of my room, then all of a sudden it was sitting on top of me. I tried shouting my partners name (he was sleeping on the sofa coz he snores sometimes ) but no sound would come out, the only thing I could move we’re my arms, I tried reaching out to touch it but I couldn’t. It was like there was this force that was stopping me from touching it. It was absolutely terrifying. The entity did not make a sound and felt very heavy. The room was the same including all the surroundings and the fan was even on. I woke up in exactly the same position. I got up to use the toilet and then I couldn’t go back in the bedroom so I went downstairs and told my partner that he had to come to bed. He said it was a night terror but it seemed too real to be a dream!! I hardly slept after that and my head was pounding all night afterwards. I’m not in work today luckily but I’m absolutely shattered. I have these dreams a few times a year and it knocks me for six for a while after. A few years ago I was in bed next to my partner and suddenly my body rose very fast to the ceiling and I was facing downwards over the bed and my partner was fast asleep. Again everything in the room is the same. I want to think it’s just a nightmare because the alternative is too frightening to comprehend! I have read a few posts on here that suggest it’s because we are closer to god but I don’t even know if I believe in a god. I’m so tired, I feel like a walking zombie! I thought about setting up a video camera to see what records. Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

  8. Avatar of angela angela says:

    I just woke up from this at 347, ive had these dreams all my life!! I know they are demons. They have spoken to me in other languages and enjoy watching me be afraid I believe. I use to not believe in a creator, but as I got older ive had many reasons to change that. I believe there is a God. I wish I had a way to help ease the fear. I found this site, maybe being able to talk about it will. Ppl will think im crazy or lieing but I know without a doubt whats holding me down an wont let me scream out for help.

  9. Avatar of chauna frost chauna frost says:

    its weird last night i experienced the worst one of my life 3 times it happened and the last one i found my self talking to an older woman although she seemed peacefull in most cases i cant speak or move but this time i could speak and only sit up and found myself talking to this woman. never had that happen. whats even funnier is when my bf walked in the room and asked me who i was taking to trying to explain to him i was talking to a non existant lady. (he now thinks im crazy but ehh ) to be honest from all the experiences ive had the more you let it scare you the worst your experiences become it has nothing to do with being close to god or religion its a demon they prey on fear and the more you fear the situation the more you get scared the first time it happened to me i was faced with a woman mad as hell yelling in my face screaming at me and now that it doesnt scare me i dont deal with those kind of things. there are ways to turn them into cool experiences

    • Avatar of Chris Chris says:

      I agree chauna, dont let your fears consume you. I try and put fear aside when dealing with these situations – thats not to say it does not freak me out. I am not religious so I do not say prayers – if it works for you, go for it – I just remind myself to keep calm and show no fear and this more often than not has a good outcome.

  10. Avatar of Bethany Bethany says:

    I have had this happen too. It’s nice to know that I am not the only one. Every time I ever tried to talk about my experiences with this to someone they never knew what I was talking about. Maybe I will share an experience or two soon. I get sick at my stomach when I think about them. It’s one of the worst things ever…

  11. Avatar of Adam Adam says:

    I used to get sleep paralysis a few years ago, the worst I probably had was I would hear doors opening and closing then a cat would jump onto my bed and some sort of figure would walk in the room. One time the figure threw something like a poison on me and I woke up sick and was off work for a week.

    This past week I’ve been having sleep paralysis again every night which is how I found myself here. I hear screaming and a little girl walks in the room and just stares at me from the end of the bed, sometimes it will feel like I’m in pain as if she’s hitting me in the ribs.

  12. Avatar of kat kat says:

    I occasionally experience sleep paralysis and it is something that bothers me because I feel so out of control of my body. Last night I was laying on my side, as usual, and falling asleep. It didn’t seem like it took long for me to realize that I was waking up and feeling “pinned down”. As my eyes opened slowly, coming out of sleep, I felt pressure ontop of my body as if someone/something were laying on me. And I swear I saw dark shadows swishing about my bedroom. Since the whole idea of this bothers me, I am able to say “No”….first in my head and it helps me fight the feeling and then when I’m awake I say it verbally in case something is trying to scare me or touch me or whatever. Over the years, I have been able to be more control of my “nightmares” in general. I used to be very frightened that I would be hiding from the beast after me. Nowadays, I get so angry in my nightmares that I am able to feel strong and secure that I change the outcome of the dream so that I wake up feeling powerful. I am a believer in God, I adore angels, and I have some ESP abilities which I would love to work on if I could find some quiet time.

  13. I do get sleep paralysis but the thing is is I usually hallucinations about me being hit and attacked (not sexually tho) and the next mourning I wake up with tiny bruises usually on my arms and legs but recently one appeared just above my belly button. They’re usually tiny and take only a few days to fade away but it’s still strange to me because everyone who I have asked who have suffered from sleep paralysis don’t wake up with bruises. Have you ever woken up with bruises on your body after a night of sleep paralysis?

  14. I’m not sure if I apply to this, but on July 5th at 3:00 am I had went to sleep. So I woke back up around 10 o’clock am then, I went back to sleep and woke up at around 1:00 pm. I was waiting for my dad to get my phone because he was going to be the Dj for a party. I was so sleepy I had took a short nap. Last thing I remember was me looking at the wall and I fell asleep. So I saw something black (Note: it wasn’t a figure) but it was coming towards me and it hit me and I jumped up out my sleep as if it still felt as i was still hit but okay. A couple of months ago I was actually researching about stuff like this. So can anyone tell me something so i’ll know whats going on?

  15. Avatar of Kathleen Kathleen says:

    i suffer from this all the time with the exception of one or two nights a week. I am convinced its demonic, not scientific. This is an example of these things existing, there is no scientific explanation. When will people realise that WE DO HAVE A SOUL. and that spirit beings can affect us at our most vunerable, when we are asleep is easy for them. They like to play with us, cause us distress, and ultimatly are after your Soul. Our soul is fighting with them. I know some people might disagree and probably think im mad. But my response is take a look at what the bible says about this.

  16. Avatar of Stella Stella says:

    I’m not sure if I had just a nightmare, or suffered Sleep Paralysis…
    But this woke me up about an hour ago, at 4 a.m.
    I am strong in my Faith, and didn’t go to sleep till 2:30 because I was working on a Drawing about the “Amor of God”
    So I try to go to bed so I could be rested for Church in the morning.
    I never laid on my back before, and I thought It would be a good thing to try, maybe help me rest faster and easier.
    I counted back from a 100 because my brain will wander everywhere if I don’t and I’ll never get to sleep.
    I started to feel relaxed but still felt alert.
    I started to feel like I was moving in my bed. But then I realized that it wasn’t me. I was perfectly still. Then I felt a force push me…But not on my chest like everyone else had experience. It was a like a weight on top of me.
    Though I did feel like I couldn’t move. I was being pushed off of my bed.
    Then I was off of my bed and on the floor and I was being tied up by something I couldn’t really see.
    All I saw were 2 hands tying me.
    I couldn’t do anything or say anything. It was crazy.
    And then I tried to get up and the next thing I new I woke up in my bed.
    It scared me so bad I can’t sleep now. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was just a nightmare I’m hoping so.
    But my case sounds a bit different than everyone else’s so I don’t think its Sleep Paralysis…what do you guys think?

    • Avatar of Stella Stella says:

      It wasn’t***
      Like weight on top of me.
      Sorry Typo.

    • Avatar of Kathleen Kathleen says:

      i think the closer you are to god the more these things will happen to you. But i would suggest going to see a pastor. This happens to me all the time. and it gets worse if ive been focusing on god or reading spiritual stuff before going to bed. I also suggest when this happend i know you cant talk but say jesus name in your head over and over. I hope this helps.

  17. Avatar of Nicole C. Nicole C. says:

    I actually experience this often, but I never knew what it was. It mostly happens if I take a nap during day. Main reason I stopped napping. Its a really terrifying experience, I know where I am and I can feel the couch and all. but I can’t open my eyes and can’t get up. I always try so hard to get up during these experiences and a beg and hope some one will walk by and wake me up. Im not sure why I have these episodes or why its so often. I use to have a really bad problem with night terrors where I would wake fearing for my life, or wake up screaming that I didn’t want to die. Im not sure if the two are connected but it is finally good to know that its not just me.

  18. Avatar of Chris Chris says:

    I have had experiences of waking and feeling terrified in the past (years ago) like someone or some thing is standing right behind me staring, however my recent experiences have not left me frighted, they have probably only heightened my curiosity to find an answer to what is happening.
    Recently I was laying on my left side facing my wife, between asleep and awake (I felt awake – but really tired) when my right arm was lifted and pulled behind me – not in an agressive way but I could clearly feel my arm being pulled and was concious to know I wasn’t doing it. I then heard a womans voice telling me to come with her, and saying it will be ok, just come with me.
    The pulling sensations were getting stronger and it felt like a magnet drawing out my being through my arm, all the time telling me it will be ok and come on, come with me. I was not afraid and was asking where are we going but was only told it will be ok. I then had a thought of my wife and kids and what if it wont be ok, I consciously said no and began to pull back with my arm all the time being told its ok come with me. It took all my might to pull my arm back over my body and then it was over. The whole time I saw nothing, just darkness, but it felt as if every other sense I had was in overtime.
    If this was a dream why was it so vivid without any visualisation? and the sensation of pulling on my arm was so intense, and that voice assuring me that it will be ok.
    That is why I started seeking some answers and found this site.
    My experience doesn’t seem to based on fear like most of the posts I have read, and mine wanted to take me somewhere or possibly show me something where most of the post here seem dark or sinister.
    Has anyone experienced a similar happening as this? or have you any explainations to what they think happened.

    • Avatar of chauna frost chauna frost says:

      ive had that happen sometimes there telling you something and they want you to know something but i never know for sure so i didnt go but last night had one were i found myself talking to a random lady i didnt know i could see her face i could hear her. usually i cant talk or move but for the first time had use of all my limbs i could talk and walk and just sat on the bed talking to this lady asking me for directions to get somewere i knew nothing about .

  19. Avatar of Jul Jul says:

    This life is really full of unexplained mysteries and horrors… Very vast even the bottom of the oceans and creatures around this world. To start my story, others says sleep paralysis is related to astral projection. I’ve tried to do it but… No luck, can you do it if horrors you see are so horrible?… Here is my story…. :
    I am on sleep paralysis and someone heavy on my chest suddenly it became so dark and hear disturbing voices I’m like in hell and see a death reaper and im chained and ready to reap me with his scythe then suddenly I woke up and tried to woke up hardly. It lasted for minutes so it is so terrifying. I used to pray when this happens and say the Lord’s prayer and call his name and in the name of the Lord go away evil creatures!. It really works anyway. But when I woke up it causes so much headache and like you are exhausted… This also happen frequently when I am so exhausted and very tired. Yesterday… It happens in my surprise when I sleep in side position! I didn’t expect it to happen because most of the time it happens in lay back position. But then on it only happens in seconds and i think I can control it. I am trying to separate my soul and lift my soul from my body when I am on sleep paralysis, since I read an article that it is related to astral projection. But I can’t really do it. It’s hard to pass the world of horrors! Back then, I remember I also experience this and have sex with something I don’t see very clear. It was a sexy woman with no face. I can’t see her face but it was a great experience that I see her having sex with me and bump on me… I remember they also relate sleep paralysis with incubus/succubus that after sex they will drag you to hell… and that is the time when I think of it. No!!! I have sex with a demon…. Overall, All I can say is when you experienced sleep paralysis.. YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT. You are like in hell…. definitely a nightmare….

  20. i just sign in please read what i posted and email. what should i do. from kimberly buckner.

  21. Avatar of Nicole Nicole says:

    I have experienced this twice in my life. Once I slept on my back in my bedroom I woke to see a dark faceless figure sending over new I felt terrified. It wasn’t touching me but I felt it was pressing body into the bed. I tried to make noise our move and couldn’t. AfTer struggling for a few seconds I closed my eyes and prayed. And when I oPened my eyes the figure was gone I could move and speak just like that. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the nIght I turned every light in the house on and the television and couldn’t wait for Sun up.

    The second time I was sleeping at a friend’s house on her couch. I woke to see a dark figure above me. I oPened my mouth to scream and it was slammed shut really hard by some force. I could hear myself struggling to scream but couldn’t move any other part of my body. Again I closed my eyes and prayed and again like magic the figure was gone and I could move and open my mouth. My teeth hurt from the force of the way they were shut.

    I think it must be a demon because this only happened to me when I began to follow Jesus. Never before had I been committed or believed the way I did then. Thank god my friend was a Christian to she prayed that this wOuld stop happening to me. Seven years later it’s never happened again. If the demon was trying to terrify me from being a believer it didn’t work it only strengthened my belief and devotion.

    • Avatar of chauna frost chauna frost says:

      it is a demon i believe and situations get worse by experiance when you fear the act itself. demons prey on fear and the more you fear it the worst it gets.. i go threw this many times last night wa sthe first time had it happen 3 times. but because i learned the state and what it is it doesnt scare me and im use to it so i dont see the scary things anymore. but i still have the attacks at night

  22. Avatar of catyellow catyellow says:

    i felt this a few time but today it was different i had already woken up i was about to get up to wake my son up for school but he woke up on his own so i just stood in bed suddenly i started feeling really tired like if i was drugged i started feeling weak and my eyes were heavy i was trying to keep them open but i couldnt i knew i wasnt fully asleep but suddenly i started feeling pleasure like if i was about to orgasm so i stopped fighting my sleep suddenly i felt like my soul was leaving my body i got scared it felt like it was being pulled so i started fighting my sleep again then it finally stopped but the whole day i was really tired exhausted idk why i feel bad and scared from feeling pleasure of this i dont even know what could it be im confused

  23. Avatar of Verna Verna says:

    This has happened to me a lot here lately. My experience with this is always the same commonly happens when I sleep on my back usually before I am supposed to get up and in my paralysis I always am dreaming someone is choking me or holding my head under water and I can’t move or wake up I want to wake up and scream but I can’t because its like im stuck inside myself and im helpless and I can’t move or talk. My dad told me the same thing it is daemons that attack you while you sleep. Me personally I don’t really believe that because there has to be a scientific explanation a part of the brain that’s not firing right. It is terrifying when it happens now I dont feel like a crazy person now that I know other people have the same thing.

  24. Avatar of Liz Liz says:

    This is actually one of few sleep related ailments I haven’t yet experienced. I have heard about it before, but I did not understand it very much until now. I completely believe that this is a scientific phenomena, as are all things. hope this is no longer an issue for you, Morgue. -Best regards.

  25. I have only ever experienced this once, I was about 10 years old when it happened. I was asleep on the floor when it happened. I was in a peaceful sleep when I randomly woke up. I was uncomfortable so I decided to roll on my side but soon realized I had no control over my body. It was like I was paralyzed, all I could do was move my eyes around. I decided to just close my eyes and see if it would pass, but I started to feel breathless and my chest felt very heavy. I looked forward and saw something sitting on my chest grimacing at me. Let me tell you, that is one of the scariest experiences of my life. I was panicking and all of a sudden I bolted upright but it was gone. What the hell?

  26. Avatar of monique says:

    i have been having these night terrors since i was 9 years old and i am now 21. i told my stepmother of these experiences and called them night terrors/ witches ride… and that’s when witches/demons sit on you try to find a portal into your body.. i have also talked to many therapist about it and they say it is from a stage of sleep where my body is woke but my brain is not.. i don’t know.. but all i know is that my baby sister never wanted to be in my room because she was always scared and my stepmom would constantly bless my room… she said and also a chaplain told me that it would happen even more the closer i get to God because the devil is mad and wants to get to me.. also it happens when i feel emotionally weak and i am most vulnerable.. what happens is, i will wake up in the night and i am more than positive that i am woke so i know it isn’t a dream.. i feel a heavy weight on top of me and sometimes i can literally feel hand around my neck and i struggle to breath.. i try to move but it is as if i am paralyzed.. i can open my eyes and moved them but i try to scream for help and nothing comes out… only one time did i actually see something and that was when i was 15 and first entered foster care.. You can say that made me very emotionally unstable and vulnerable.. but i woke up to the feeling and about four feet away standing in front of me was a figure that resembles the grim reaper.. it was dark where the face was suppose to be so i don’t think it had a face but still i was sure that it was looking at me.. i remember not being scared even though it was different that time because i don’t normally see things when i have my night terrors, but still i was not scared because by then i been having night terrors for six years at that time and i had learned not to be scared because i knew they couldn’t hurt me and they never have in that whole six years.. now it’s too the point where i can feel it coming on before the entity can feed of my energy and grow stronger and i wake my self up.. it if i can’t i just wait for it to pass by… i learned that the entity feeds off of your energy.. so when i am scared it stays longer and i used to get mad at it and try to fight it.. but that doesn’t work because all i was doing was feeding the entity more energy.. and the more they feed of you the strong they are.. so i don’t get scared anymore because i know they are only as strong as i allow them to be by the energy i feed to them… i am 21 and still have them to this day and i can say that in the whole 12 years this has been going on they have never been able to actually physically hurt me.. in the book of job it explains how sometimes God allows things to happen to you just to show the devil you are stronger than that and he can mess with you but he cannot destroy your faith.. and by these demon visits called night terrors it is the devil testing you and trying to find away to enter into your soul.. but he can’t unless you allow him.. so when these things happen you just pray… which I’m not going to lie it doesn’t always work because i am not able to call out to good because i am not able to speak… so i pray in my head.. it doesn’t work right away because the devil flees in mention of the Lord’s name but he can only hear what you speak.. so he will not leave when he doesn’t hear you pray.. but i know that God is there anyway and won’t let the devil hurt me whether i pay to good or not..

    • Avatar of Jul Jul says:

      Hi. We have similar story. I also saw the grim reaper with a scythe and always pray when this happens. You are not alone monique. ;) Read my post for some info.

  27. Avatar of Jon Jon says:

    well I seem to share the same problem as most of you. the first time I was sleeping and I woke up and I couldnt move at all, I mean like I was pinned down and something was sitting on my lap, I panicked and used all my strength and it worked and w/e was gone in a blink of an eye. 2 weeks ago I was falling asleep and out of nowhere I felt something digging into my blankets, trying to find a way in. I pretended I was sleeping for a bit cause I wanted to make sure I wasn’t actually sleeping and dreaming all of this.. when I was ready to act I threw my blankets off and kicked at that spot as hard as I could. but nothing was there. the third time it was last night, I literally just laid shut off the lights and I felt something puching against me but this time I just turned on my tv and it seemed to keep w/e that was away lol…idk what to think about all this, crazzzyyyy shit

  28. Something does keep happening after I watched your freaky insanity drug video where I Wake up inside a dream and I can still move(barely) and everything in my room is exactly the same including the time, as when I went to sleep, but I can’t talk or make any sounds from my mouth. And then I wake up and it happens again. This happens a few times before I wake up for real. I watched your insanity drug video for the 47th time yesterday.

  29. Avatar of Andrew Andrew says:

    So, this just happened to me last night. I went to sleep just before midnight. I become conscious, and I was still dreaming and in my bed. Some kind of paper or book about aliens appeared in my hand and I tossed it to the bottom of my bed and thought to myself, this has nothing to do with God(I often wonder if aliens are real or just demonic, or made up, who knows?). Suddenly I was pushed against the wall and toss to the bottom of my bed and onto the floor. I was on my back with my legs up and pinned down. I felt like I couldn’t move. This dark figure was above me and seemed like it was putting pressure on me and holding me still. I struggled to move and couldnt. I tried to unleash all of my energy to move this thing off of me but couldnt. I thought to just give up and not try to move for a moment, then I said to myself “our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…” I pushed again and couldn’t move. I unleashed my energy with a “roar” push off again when I had thought of God and Jesus and I suddenly moved the thing off of me. I woke up in my bed instantly with drool on my bed. I was laying right where I was when the book or paper or something about aliens appeared in my dream.. I woke up and it was 2:22am, I repeated “our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” many times. All of my hairs on my body stood up for many minutes. I feel like this moment was quite realistic, and I have never had a dream like this before. Was I visited by a demon and then an angel? I’m trying to research on similar experiences. Mine was strange because I was dreaming but in the exact position and place where I was in reality. I had thought I was awake because my surroundings were my room.

  30. Avatar of kasie kasie says:

    this happens to me at least 3-5 times a week with the same black figure that stands over me with a sickle.

    • Avatar of Jul Jul says:

      Hi. Same happens to me. The black figure thing with a hood? So very black. It chained my and he always has his reaper. I call him the Black Grim Reaper of Death… You are not alone. it happens to me often. But everytime he will reap me I woke up… Read my post for info…

  31. I’ve had it happen to me a few times….. however they were accidental and they weren’t as crazy as a lot of the ones I’m reading about. It started out like anyone else’s, I was paralyzed and unable to move. At first I was like holy shit this is awesome then I felt something on my chest. It was like a hole was opening in my chest. Well anyway that was the first time and then it happened again with just the paralyzing feeling. I’ve been reading up on it lately because I’ve been actually doing in purposely. I relax all my muscles completely and lie in bed. 10-15 minutes go by and I start to get that paralyzing feeling. I’m tired of course but I keep myself awake. It’s crazy but its kind of interesting. A lot of the stories I’m reading about have people saying its demons or evil spirits. To me that just makes me wonder why I can do it on purpose. Thoughts?

    • I’m not sure if I apply to this, but on July 5th at 3:00 am I had went to sleep. So I woke back up around 10 o’clock am then, I went back to sleep and woke up at around 1:00 pm. I was waiting for my dad to get my phone because he was going to be the Dj for a party. I was so sleepy I had took a short nap. Last thing I remember was me looking at the wall and I fell asleep. So I saw something black (Note: it wasn’t a figure) but it was coming towards me and it hit me and I jumped up out my sleep as if it still felt as i was still hit but okay. A couple of months ago I was actually researching about stuff like this. So can anyone tell me something so i’ll know whats going on?

  32. Avatar of kaisha kaisha says:

    I have had multiple experiences. My family and I are christians, believe in God and satan. I believe but was never really into church or anything like that. My sister died in early 2011 and ever since then crazy things have to my mom and I. Mine started when i moved into an apartment shortly after her accident. I was sleeping one night with my door open and light on in the hallway for my 2yr old son to see from his bedroom next door. I was awaken by a dark presence standing in the hallway, It was huge , i thought someone was in my house i tried to get up i couldnt move i couldnt speak. I was screaming from within. It seemed as if it was trying to go into my sons room. i was speaking in my mind leave him alone! u want me ? Im right here!, and it worked it came towards me pinned me on my chest all i could think to do was pray, i have no prayed so hard in my life. it worked it went away i was released. The next day my mom prayed over my house and it didnt come back. I moved again couple months later , i had it happen again, only this time it was during the day, i was taking a nap , but i wasnt asleep yet, i had a mirror right across from my bed, i see my blankets being pulled off of me, again something was sitting on my chest ,i screamed but nothing came out, this time i was pissed off that this dark entity came back and was messing with me, i prayed it back to hell and in my mind said I am a child of God you will not win, Go away! This time it took longer for it to go away but it did, i told my mom again she prayed over the house and it didnt happen again to me, instead it happened to my mom she was sleeping and a dark entity awoke her and pinned her arms and feet down, now my mom is a more of a christian than anyone i know , prays all day everyday. So when she told me it what happened i was convinced it has to be demons attacking us. Its been two years since i have had an attack. I think about it often though , because i just couldnt believe it happened to me.

  33. So, I have had several experiences. The first several years ago when I felt like I was being ‘rolled’ of my bed. I say rolled because it was as if I was on little wheels. There was the feeling of a hand pushing down on my face, and another on my hip.
    I was lowered to the floor when I managed to push myself free. This took a massive amount of will power, as I was absolutely terrified.
    I was on the floor, which is odd in itself, as if I had been dreaming, and simply fallen out of bed, I would have hit my head on my bedside cabinet.
    The next was a few years later, and in a different place that I was living in. I felt my ankles being pulled on, and I could feel the light shade on my face. My eyes were closed the entire time, however, I could kind of tell what was doing it looked like, I was too scared to look for sure.
    Last night I was asleep in bed, with my face towards my wifes. I woke up, fully, for no reason. This is the second night on the trot where I have had interrupted sleep. The night prior, nothing happened. Last night, I felt there was someone in the room with us. My wife, completely asleep said the words “Be careful, watch out for the man behind you”.
    Needless to say, this has freaked me out. We’ll see what tonight brings.

    • Avatar of kat kat says:

      Oh no!! what your wife said in her sleep is really freaky. that is a whole different subject what she did, but if my husband said something like that to me, I wouldn’t sleep for a week! good luck!!

  34. Okay so this happened to me for the first time last night lol! But it happened a little differently. My girlfriend was over for valentines day and we spent the day together so she went home around midnight. I come back to my room which is in our basement and my little sister is right next door to me. I end up playing some Dota 2 till about one and went to bed around 1:30. Well maybe 30 minutes-1 hour later i wake up and i hear my little sisters music playing and i look at my wall and where my door is supposed to be but it was pitch black and there’s always a light on outside my door and i always leave it a little open but closed before I woke up and i felt as if i was in a dark void and all i see is 666 just fading and moving along my wall so i sit up and look at it I was like wtf and i shook it of and layed back down the moment i layed back down my body locked up and started to tingle and gradually the music from my sisters room faded and i started to hear a loud ringing and it got louder and louder then it stopped and my body was free the moment I could move i felt something there with me. to be honest i thought it was pretty cool lol but the light came back to my room and everything was normal so I was like awesome then went back to sleep. then 30 minutes later it happened again but this time my door opened and I saw a hand grab the door once i saw that my body locked up again and the tingling came back I’m like wtf again really and was like what ever still cool then i felt an uneasy feeling coming from my closet where my sword is I was thinking about grabbing my sword and was like eff it, its’ probably ganna grab me if i try to reach so went back to bed like nothing happened. I’m an atheist and this happened to me i wasn’t scared or anything but i was like wtf! So can someone tell me what this means or am I just going crazy? :p

  35. Avatar of karen karen says:

    I’ve been dealing with this since a young child. When I get that pressure of being held down I don’t fight anymore. I just start to pray. I’m not scared but I wonder, why me? I’m glad to know there are others.

  36. Avatar of Ivy Ivy says:

    Last night it happened again… I had sleep paralysis for the second time in my life. The first time I was alone and in my old house. I woke up, unable to move or breathe due to a suction over my mouth of some sort. What I hallucinated or saw was a skin colored evil blob like demon that was forcing its way in my mouth. I fought it and clenched until finally it let go after a minute or so. The next day is saged my room and it didn’t happen again until last night. Except this time was a bit different… I just moved into my new apartment with my boyfriend, who i love very much. But he says he’s had a spirit following him for years. I woke up at 6am suddenly scared and saw my boyfriend was awake next to me and before he could explain why he was awake, I clenched his arm and immediately noses went off through our home (water bottle popping noise by filling up with air), (something small knocked over)…. He held me back and I i knew he was in fear as well when he said, “Nobody has experienced this with me.” Immediately I had him turn on the lights but there was still an erie feeling in the room. Also might I add that, the room was above warm. and when all of this was happening, an owl was outside the window hooting.
    I finally fell back asleep but woke up from vicious night terrors resulting in sleep paralysis. This time, I did not visualize the demon over my mouth.. I could only feel something holding my mouth open by some kind of energy that was blocking my air flow. Like before, in a minute or so, I was released and sat up quickly but yelled, “THIS IS MY HOME!.”
    Any help?

  37. Avatar of Elijah Elijah says:

    & I thought I was alone out there………glad to know I’m not alone but sorry to all you who suffer from this condition cos I find it downright scary!!! My condition is very similar to a lot of people here,I am completely awake after falling asleep of course,and then I awake,all except my eyes,but cannot control any movement whatsoever and I can’t stress this enough to anyone who has not experienced it,but you wouldn’t wanna experience it because it’s fucken scary and horrible!!! I feel as if someone/something is trying to take me,some form of entity & it’s there but I cannot see it and am not sure if I even hear it but I know it’s there,right beside my bed or right at the end of my bed sometimes just standing and waiting and other times trying to psychically take me,I’ve had this experience multiple times only I can to seem to breath while it’s happening so I’m telling myself “breathe breathe..wake up” and never can voulantarily,I just seem to bust out of it breathing rapidly and heavily and regaining my breath. A couple of times I’ve felt more than one entity only they were small like dwarf children,only cloked little demons but more like skeletons with skin if that makes sense,now I know ur thinking this guys crazy,but I’m a normal 34yr old father,two kids,with partner,I’m very skeptical on demons and ghosts,so I’m trying to explain this with a sound reasonable attitude but I’m open to suggestions,although I’m really leaning toward medical because of this is real then…….well I don’t want to think about it. I was brought up religious but have had my faith halted and sometimes I’m not sure if this is a medical matter or paranormal matter. But ultimately that is my question,what is the general consensus here? Do people believe it’s possible this could be paranormal or are we all suffering a medical condition? albeit very similiar ones!

  38. Avatar of Austin says:

    So, after the occurrence I had 2 nights ago, I looked this up and found this site. I have had this happen to me many times through out my life, mostly in my teenage years til my early 20′s. I have not had it happen in years until a couple weeks ago and it has happened climactically until Sat/night Sunday/Morning. Up until the other night it has been pretty mild I open my eyes and am wide awake and can feel there is something there with me. I don’t see anything but am positive of it just as the sky is blue. I cannot move, or yell for help . The fear is so bad that the sweat pours from me. These usually happen for anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. Most of the time when I am released I get up and go get something to drink and smoke a cigarette and then just go back to bed. A little bit shaken up, but still go back to bed pretty easily.
    Saturday Night was completely different. Just so you all know, I am 32 years old and do completely believe that there are many powers out there that we are oblivious of. So anyway, Saturday night I go out with some friends which I do not do very often because I am a single parent and my hardcore partying days are way behind me. Needless to say I had a great time and got pretty drunk, danced with a ton of girls and really just had an Amazing night. I got home at about 2:45 am and got a drink of water and went up to bed. Got undressed smoked a cigarette and turned off the light. I was pretty drunk so passed right out, but next thing I know I have woken the whole house up telling them that we all need to get out of the house NOW! Completely frantic… I was in fear for our lives. I could tell that it stemmed from the sleep paralysis because I had that same familiar feeling but this time was more strange. I try to recollect ecactly what happened in the moments before running into the hallway but it is just a blur. My son says that he heard talking coming from my room, like I was cussing at someone but it sounded muffled. I have always remembered these episodes quite clearly until this one. Something scared me really badly… I do not scare easy at all!
    Since then I have had this constant overwhelming sensation that there is something with or in the room with me or right behind me sometimes. I will turn…and nobody is there.
    Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome, I will post if anything else happens.

  39. Avatar of Rasheedah Rasheedah says:

    I had the type different types of these dreams but it is pretty much the same. The first one I awake to someone dragging my bed out my room and i can’t move but i was able to tell my niece that it was the devil & she tried pulling me back. The second one really creeped me out this little demon thing was on my rack (bed) and had my had; i was really scared & half awake but i couldn’t say anything or had no knowledge of whether I could move or not. I’m a pretty religious person so it kinda freaked me out

  40. Avatar of Cedric Boyd Cedric Boyd says:

    YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. It has to be spirits. God bless you guys!!

  41. Avatar of Cedric Boyd Cedric Boyd says:

    my mother has had a horrible bout with sleep paralysis and we almost had to institutionalize her this week. My friend was suffering from the same thing and cured it. He spoke to an older native woman and this is what she told him. He told me to buy white sage, light it, pray and walk the inner perimeter of her house. There is no way my mom was going to let me do that so I had to wait for her to leave and sneak over. I did it yesterday and called my sister this morning. Low and behold my mother slept through the night, no talk of demons coming out of her skin, in the food or anything like that. You can say this is all bullshit but I saw it for with my own eyes. Dont ask me how it works, it just works. Apparently people have been burning sage for thousands of years all over the world but I had no idea. Try it, you have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work, you spent 10 dollars. If it does, you get your sanity back. Glory be to god!!

    • Avatar of Austin says:

      If this happens again to me, I am going to try this. It has me very disturbed.

    • Avatar of kat kat says:

      it does work. I believe because I had a fight with the Jamaican couple below my apartment over their loud music that played all day adding to my headache, that they caused something to appear in my apt. I was seeing shadows, hearing strange noises and it was causing tension between my b/f and I. during an argument over something stupid, I looked back at my b/f and his face physically started changing and distorting in front of my eyes. I was scared, but feeling that this was part of the neighbors doing, I got angry and yelled” you are not welcome here, this is my home, get the hell out NOW”….his face changed back to normal and he felt sleepy and immediately took a nap (I guess it drained him of strength). I was advised by a close friend to use sage and the lord’s prayer, along with other prayers while walking around the apt. and I tried it. I noticed a change in the air, it felt lighter in the apt. Nothing strange happened after that and I avoided even looking at the people below my apt from then on.

  42. Avatar of claire claire says:

    Last night I had a horrible experience, which I have had on a few occasions, but something was different this time. In the past, I have had “dreams” where I felt like I was awake but couldn’t move or speak no matter how hard I tried. When I woke up my heart was pounding and I had to catch my breath. Last night, I had that feeling, but it was accompanied by the feeling that someone was behind me, shaking me violently as if trying to push me over, or wake me, and there were mumbling voices. I was terrified and tried to move my right hand and make myself wake up, but couldn’t, then, when I did wake up, my heart was pounding so much the bed was pulsating under me. I was terrified and it freaked me out so much, I had to leave the lights on in the apartment. It took me about an hour or so to get back to sleep, which made it worse because I was so scared to be awake, alone in my apartment after that experience. I am not schizophrenic and do not hear voices…I don’t really believe it was something demonic..but it sure felt like it at the time.
    I do believe it has to to with my sleeping patterns, diet, and state of mind. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I read about how the mind can be awake when the body is still sleeping, and I am sure there are many other factors. I get the paralyzing feeling a lot lately and it makes me afraid to go to sleep.

    • Avatar of kat kat says:

      I agree with you that it has to do with how your physical self is feeling at the time of sleep paralysis. I, myself, am going through menopause which is causing so much stress on my own body while I go through my changes. I think that is why I experienced this last night. I am not on any medication, do not suffer from deep depression, but I do need more exercise in my life….which will probably help me sleep better.

  43. Avatar of chasity chasity says:

    I not sure if I’m going crazy or what the hell is happening to me in my sleep it happens so often I hate to sleep.. I fall asleep pretty fast but as soon as I do I go into a panic trying to wake myself up but can not get my body to move during these times different things happen sometimes I feel as if someone is grabbing my sides and the side of my neck when I wake up I’m in pain and have found bruises. I have had times where when I’m laying there unable to move I have seen a shadow in the doorway and felt someone run there fingers down my face and kiss me on my cheek when I did wake up I asked my husband if he kissed me in my sleep he just looked at me like I was crazy.. I’m sure what I say next some ppl will think I’m crazy its hard to explain here lately I have felt something touch me sexually when I woke up my husband was asleep so I know it could not have been him. I can remember when I was a little girl I use to ask my mom who is that man and she would tell me she didn’t see anything when I was little I could feel someone run there fingers thru my hair but I was never scared till now something changed I no longer see anyone but stay scared of whatever is with me now.

    • Avatar of Actright951 Actright951 says:

      I now the feeling you feel….trust me ,I used to be scared as hell, as if I was in it….bit since I get these night terrors so much !! I just learned to cope with it bcuz there’s no way of stopping it…it’s crazy for me bcuz some nights I can predict if it decides to show up for me and sure enough it’s this feeling I get …but here’s a simple trick to try and calm yourself while it happens …….when it does happen again just apply these 3 steps 1. Remain calm dont panic ( it’ll feed from your fear). 2. If yours eyes open ,close them ..if you hear voices. , talk over them in your mind (try singing one of your favorite songs). 3. Laugh at it as if you think it’s a joke , stand your ground (mentally )

  44. Avatar of Actright951 Actright951 says:

    Finally a place where I can share my experiences with y’all !! It’s cool seeing alot of similar stories …so here’s mine based on a day by day occurrence …im 28 this year and as far as I can remember the first time I’ve had a night terror /demon , was when I was 15 , had a couple then but didn’t feel nothing like when I got older .. Here’s how my scenarios start ( all mostly between the hours of 2am and 4am ) and what comes out to play during those hours??? So after work and a meal , I relax on my leather futon watching t.v until I feel myself having a argument with my eyes about what time they should close LOL …so before I doze off to sleep ,I have one more cigarette , then flip my futon into a bed , flip my light switch off then doze off watching t.v…….eyes get lazy….and then….ZZzzzZZzzz….zzzZZzz…..zzZzZzZzz…………suddenly my eyes are open…I’m aware of my surroundings dark room with the moon shinning through the closed blinds in my room ( imagine that scene) I try and get up to drink some water CAN’T move I try and talk CAN’T talk , the numb feeling slowly creeps from my toes up to my neck…I’m not gonna say I can feel something holding me down bcuz my whole body is tingling from being numb , I don’t panic it’s more of a curious feeling of what’s going to happen next …sure enough the lines of moonlight that shines thru my blinds aren’t there no more the room is pitch black , this distorted voice starts to talk with a very deep tone ,kinda like a record player playing a record in reverse but slowed down , I don’t kno what it is saying but I get instant goosebumps …so know this demonic ass voice I’m hearing is talking to me and I still can’t move or talk , now I’m getting kind of freaked out, this will last about a solid 10 minutes , in a sense it does feel like something is grasping your whole body ..what I hear sounds very demonic and threatening but my body feels so euphoric , relaxed and GOOD ….just put it like this I’m so used to these night terrors that its a routine for me . When I was 15 and BAD I first experienced this ..that was a time where I went to jail , had probation along with other problems , back then it would come and visit me about twice a month … that I’m 28 and doing GOOD in life it seems a regular routine for me and my night terrorist !!! Now we have conversations about 3 times a week !! Constant ..,I may sound crazy right now but we do have conversations lol, about 2 years ago I just got used to it, before then I would literally get freaked the hell out jumping up after I was able to move sweating, turning on all the lights and cover my whole body with 2 blankets lol…put it like this , it seems like the more I would get the bejesus scared out of me , I get a sense that this voice and figure that I hear and see , gets a kick out of seeing me so frightened , kind of like its visiting me and reminds me of my bad past , like its saying “hey remember me” “How you been” ……I believe in religion and the afterlife …so I’m in the median between those two , I really don’t believe what doctors call this experience and don’t believe it’s scientific …bcuz to us ,we only really know what we’re dealing ….back then when I had the night demon confront me …in my head I would be yelling soooo loud that I can’t hear nothin!!! Cursing at it with every bad word in the vocabulary!! And it would just laugh at me ….nowadays when it happens , as soon as my eyes open and my body can’t move I know what to expect so I’m no longer freaked out, it’s more like I’m welcoming it , my eyes open and I’m lookin around for him……….I spot him in the room , remind you the room in pitch black blocking the moon out , I just kno it’s above my tv on the corner of my ceiling .how do I know? Bcuz when my eyes first open up that’s the area I look strait at for no reason , as soon as it laughs with its deep ,toned ,slowed down laugh ..I laugh along with it in my head , so we go back and forth for a couple minutes , it knows I’m standing my ground mentally bcuz I’m not able to stand physically , then it tries another approach and I kid you not I hear several demonic voices rallying around me like there skipping in a circle ….at this point I’m feeling good from the numbness all over my body , so I kno that when these voices see me relaxed and laughing at them ….they slowly reap what they saw and fade away…when I do recover from what just happened , I sit up take a sip of some water and say to myself “I’ll see y’all nex time”. That’s just a small fraction of sharing with y’all .and how I deal with it , I used to see it as some crazy ass demon and trip out , now I just cope with it and I actually built a relationship with it ladies and gents, If any of y’all have night terrors/demons …it’s all good , it may seem bad but if you learn to cope with it your own way ..and you will figure out a way to deal with it if you have a normal occurense like me ….I honestly believe its lost souls or another spiritual world trying to make sense of us beings in this world …I’m glad I stumbled upon this website , I read alot of y’all stories and I’m right there with y’all!!! Till the next time I meet with my night terrorist which may be tonite LMAO y’all have a good sleep…. Any questions just email me. Peace

    • I’m not sure if I apply to this, but on July 5th at 3:00 am I had went to sleep. So I woke back up around 10 o’clock am then, I went back to sleep and woke up at around 1:00 pm. I was waiting for my dad to get my phone because he was going to be the Dj for a party. I was so sleepy I had took a short nap. Last thing I remember was me looking at the wall and I fell asleep. So I saw something black (Note: it wasn’t a figure) but it was coming towards me and it hit me and I jumped up out my sleep as if it still felt as i was still hit but okay. A couple of months ago I was actually researching about stuff like this. So can anyone tell me something so i’ll know whats going on???

  45. Avatar of vnonia vnonia says:

    There is an answer and remedy to these attacks. I’m speaking from experience.if you want to be totally free from these attacks you must first accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour (become born again).fill yourself with the Word (read Bible). Pray without ceasing. Ask everything in the name of Jesus. Every night cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus,surround yourself with walls of fire, ask God to command His Angels to surround you, read Psalms 91 out loud. Anoint your house declare it as the Embassy of the Kingdom of God because citizens of the Kingdom dwells there. Most importantly ask God to purge your life with hgis Holy Ghost Fire. Close all the doorways(fornication,adultery,masturbation,pornography,certain kind of music with demonic lyrics) that gives demons access to you. For parents monitor your children’s tv programmes,type of friends,video games etc. Know the people you surround yourself with(their beliefs etc). Ask God for total deliverance. This is not a joke these demons are real and they mean business. They cause divorces,sickness,poverty,deppression etc. You need to do this persistently until you get your breakthrough. May the Lord be with you as you decide totake charge of your life and render these demons powerless in Jesus name.

    • Ah, I sure hope your not trying to shove religion down his throat. Because he might not want that. And besides not everything that’s supernatural can be solved with conventional beliefs,religion,faith,etc. The same goes for science and medicine. Not everything can be resolved in a conventional way.

  46. Avatar of Kevin Lynch Kevin Lynch says:

    What makes you guys so sure there are ‘evil’ forces at work, I have suffered the same type of thing recently but am a little sceptical to cite the devil or evil forces, am I being short sighted??

  47. Avatar of Sarah Sarah says:

    I have had this problem for years and I am now 32. It is a horrible experience and when I went to the dr they told me it is panic attacks. I see myself sleeping can’t move I am above my bed watching myself. I see and hear and feel horrific things in which I have always felt were evil. When I awake I would only be asleep for five minutes to ten. This only happens to me at night and I take sleeping pills to sleep as I am afraid of what is there. I used to think I was having outer body experiences. Nothing cures it except for meds. If you have experienced this you know how it feels. Have a great sleep!! F/32/NC

  48. Avatar of Jenny Jenny says:

    I have always been skeptical of demons but had a crazy experience about a week ago that I can’t shake….in fact, I believe I am experiencing health repercussions from it. I was woken up around 3 in the morning by 3 strong magnetic forces holding me down. I felt fully awake during this experience and could hear my dad get up for work. I called out to him but I was unable to speak. I could see these dark forces that looked as if they were made of gas but had a face made much like a skull of smoke. They were whispering to one another but I could not understand what they were saying. They were taking turns rotating in and out of the upper right side of my body while holding me down. I tried to think of my body resonating white light, which made the beings go away, but left me with this terrible pain in my chest. I have no history of chest pain and am a healthy young adult. I also feel lethargic and terribly depressed, which is very out of character. I would chalk this up to holiday stress, except for the fact that I haven’t been stressed out at all lately. I’m worried for my health and well being. I feel as if there’s a force or energy inside me that doesn’t belong there. Does anyone have any suggestions to rid myself of this feeling?

    • Avatar of Steve Steve says:

      Ive had something simuliar happen to me and its crazy and hard to try to know whats really going on. Ive actually have had something perch on my side and i couldnt move but my hand was down to my side under the covers and i felt a small hand with long fingers almost like a racoons hand press down on mine and hold my hand and i finally was able to move i rolled over and heard it say some weird sounds and i heard it hit the floor and it was gone, it was intense. If you are up for chatting about it ive found out allot of info on this stuff its really kinda scary.

  49. Avatar of kryst says:

    So I am in my twenties and never in my life have I had any type of nightmare until about 5 years ago. I can see myself sleeping in the exact bed, room, and house I am in in that moment. Demons talk to me in a language I do not understand. It almost sounds like they are yelling at me. One time they shook my bed like crazy, another time loud music was playing. I am unable to talk or move, even after I wake up. It has happened 3 times in 3 different houses. I am so confused and wondering if any one has had this happen.

    • Avatar of Steve Steve says:

      Ive had simular things happen and its scary ive moved all over with my line of work and it seems to stop for a bit but starts again, its almost like itloses you for a while and has to find you again. Ive done alot of research
      On this and have found out some really scary stuff if you want to chat get back to me, maybe i can help

  50. Avatar of dave dave says:

    …I had this a few times as a teenager it has been almost 40 years and I had a bout with sleep paralysis last night. I can see where one would confuse the episode with the paranormal or extraterrestrial, but it is neither just a sleep disorder. A scary one for sure , mine seems to be along the lines of an extraterrestrial abduction, but I fight the little bastards so much they give up ( tongue in cheek) . I do not believe it is demonic or alien orientation , I believe it is a nsleep disorder and that is all.

  51. Can some one please help me understand what is happening to my husband. This last year he has been experiencing something out of the ordinary; and not sleep paralysis. He wakes to something he can’t explain, feeling of someone or something holding him down. He said he tried calling for me over and over but can’t get out a word except…. sometimes mom. But my mother-in-law does not live here I’m trying to understand this any answers?

    • Avatar of Danielle Danielle says:

      maybe it is a lucid dream. His brain isn’t asleep, but his body is. I don’t know a lot about lucid dreams but I believe their mostly bad and the person who is in the lucid dream is being attack or some thing like that. Or maybe some trauma has happened to him in his past. Look in to lucid dreams and you might find your answer I hope this helps.

  52. Avatar of Omouri Omouri says:

    Sup guys im new to this whole site thing, anyways im 15 and I have been having these weird reoccuring dreams it started last year 2012. I was staying at my older sisters house when I was sleeping In a wide open space in the lounge room when I fell asleep. I was sleeping on my side when I woke up my vision was cloudy when I realized I wasnt able to move, I struggled but it was doing nothing yelling out for help was useless too at that time I was getting more and more frustrated when i could a feel a chill travel through my body. Then I could feel a single finger slide my back repeatedly this went on for minutes. After that I could move my body. After that first time it a happened plenty of times so I was getting used to it, and it didnt really bother me I would just lie there and let its run course until recently when it changes completely im sleeping then I wake up vision cloudy, the room is grey the I feel like my whole body is being sucked into a back hole. There is slight movement In my head so I slowly look to the right when I see a shadowy figure about an arm length away from me so I try to force my arm towards it. My arm looks as if it is I was in slow motion and then noting i haven’t slept since it happened(2 days ago)

  53. Avatar of laura laura says:

    jayson, you can email me. those are two zeros. i have been going through this a long time, im 24. they are demons for sure. ill talk to you about it. it just happened to me this morning again! its scary stuff. they want your fear.

  54. Avatar of jayson says:

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I would like to add to your experience s. Today, 12-18-2013, between 3:00-3:30 p.m. I experienced this paralysis three times in a row. I have had this happen before but not three times in a row. Well, on this occasion, my mind was awake but my body was not. I was laying next to my wife and I could hear the TV and see it, along with seeing my wife but I could not move, I fought this all three times but it got worse every time. The first time I fought and could barely move and then fell back to sleep. Immediately after falling asleep, I awoke a second time in the same state as the first, and I struggled even more, but this time I was able to moan and grab my wife’s arm and tryed to tell her to wake me up, but she didn’t. Immediately I fell back asleep again, then I awoke for the third time fighting harder than the second. I was trying to yell and I started to feel my arms move, I then woke up, but very weak and disoriented, as if I was going to fall asleep again. That wasn’t going to happen. My proceeded to ask me if I was having a nightmare, because she said I was screening and yelling, but I could not hear myself doing this, I just knew that I was trying too. To be honest I was a little shaken up, so I found you guys with similar experiences.
    I have one more experience to tell you about, it may seem a little far fetched, but I assure you its not. I fell asleep one night about two years ago, and awoke to the same symptoms as described above, but a was freezing cold and couldn’t move, but I could see and hear. I felt a cold whisper in my right ear telling me to “go to hell”. I felt the whisper in my ear and the pressure on my body, I felt fear and anger at the same time. I awoke from this, pissed off and scared. I didn’t fall asleep immediately, but when I did I woke up again to a shadow standing at the end of my bed. The next night I awoke with four to five shadows moving around my room as if some of them were trying to hide from me, I ignored this and fell back asleep with no more problems for some time. But as was said by others, fear seems to be the avenue. If anyone would like to comment or give me advice, please do. Thank you for listening and reading.

  55. Avatar of Sanity Sanity says:

    What I am about to tell all of you is 100% true and has been researched and experimented on in my life.***
    From the time I was born, I have been attacked by demons as witnessed by my parents. My parents are Pentecostal Christian, as my father is a pastor. I myself do not hold on to this religion as per my personal opinion. What information i have taken from the religion is factual not based off faith.
    Now since that is clear, these demons come to take you somewhere in the night as light is their weakness. Some say they want to take you to hell, purgatory, their dimension, etc. I do not know why or where they want to take us, but what I’ve come to know is they want to make us miserable and afraid.
    I am 19 years old, above average intelligence and have been suffering with this affliction known as ‘sleep paralysis’ since I can remember.
    The most recent cases have been the most memorable, and I will share them with you. November 11th, 2012:
    About to fall asleep around 1-2 am after finishing an illustrated sketch. As my eyes close, they catch me in their dimension or spirit world as i like to call it. A demon that calls himself Caveltus appears in my bedroom again for the 3rd time. This time he has 4-6 other black faceless figured demons standing around him. He himself is 7 feet tall wearing a cloak and a black hat. From what I’ve researched many people have seen him as well. The reason they come for me is to take me to hell is what they tell me. Every incident is worse and worse for me but I’ve learnt ways to cope with them.* As they stand there surrounding my bed, I am laying on my back with my head against the headboard. I did not go to sleep like this. Caveltus extends his hand on my chest, I feel extreme weight on my chest but feel a different pain, not physical pain. The only way I get out of these incidents is to fight it, suck it up, and shove the fear somewhere inside. This is how i get out of his hold and wake up. In reality, i can still feel their presence standing there, so i go downstairs and stay awake til the next night.
    I’ve learnt ways to fight them, keep them away, and prevent these attacks. What brings them in is fear, they feed off it, it’s what drives them to come for you, once this factor is gone you’ll see a significant change is the amount of attacks. Sleeping on your chest is an open door for them, is allows them to pull you into their world, I don’t know how or why, but from what I’ve researched, 75-80% of attacks happen when you sleep on your back. What I am about to tell you next is very important. Do not expose your eyes to them, once you stare into the ones that actually have eyes, a connection is made and they tend to follow you around. If your going to sleep and your afraid, cover your eyes and sleep on your chest and shove that fear so far up your ass that you feel invincible.
    Lets say you fall into their realm and your afraid, just assure yourself that you’ll be out of it soon and keep your eyes closed. Once they catch you, they want you to feel afraid so they can stay and feed off it in order to accomplish what they want.
    They come in many shapes, forms, sizes and some come with a fear that makes you feel like your about to die. If you last in their realm for more than what you think is 5 minutes, your facing a really heavyweight motherfucker. If you can get up and walk around, you’re astral projecting is layman terms. Having the ability to walk around in that state is a gift really. Many are stuck facing them in their bodies helpless as I am.
    Some attacks will evolve the more and more they hang around. Such as more and more things will appear, people around you will look horrifying, and you’ll feel more and more helpless. The ONLY way to get rid of them is to get rid of the fear inside you. It takes time, but if you can’t feed them, they stop showing up. Dealing with them my whole life, I know this, because my life is “demon” free for the most part. This morning Caveltus came back because my eyes were exposed to the corner of my room, he pulled me in, but since i wasn’t afraid of it, i snapped out of it instantly.
    If you find yourself speaking words that you didn’t know existed; I don’t like to say possessed, but it has an attachment to you. I don’t know how to get rid of this sadly, but I’m researching.
    June 4th, 2013: Been experiencing an incident a night for the past two weeks, don’t know why around this time they’re being so persistent. I catch myself speaking words and phrases that i didn’t know existed but I fight it. The man with the black hat visits and asks me to join him and his “legion”. The legion is disgusting and horrifying. Imagine one faceless black figure covered with worms and combined with 100 more in a horrid dis figuration. I go crazy around 3 am and write the phrase with a picture “Vletimein-In.” I immediately search it up on Google and what I find is terrifying. The search corrects it and “letmein” shows up, I rephrase it to “let me in.”
    I am still being attacked to this day, it’s a fight for your soul. You might not like to think we have since it relates to religion, but apart from all prejudice we do have one. These things want it, and they won’t stop, so develop ways to fight back, or else they might take you one day, as they did my older brother…
    My number one rule… protect your eyes, and don’t look at them. You’ll find yourself dealing with them for years after that.
    If you’d like help, or some advice, or even proof, don’t be afraid to give me a message. I can and will help as much as I can offer.

    • Avatar of Omouri Omouri says:

      Yea I have been having these weird dream too but im not sure if they are real or not im 15 and this has been happening since I was 14. I have had heaps of em I can fight it off pretty easily most of the time I kind of learned to control my emotions while im frozen. Until I saw a shadowy figure(no eyes) I managed to regain movement in my arm and kind of tried to hit it. It felt like my body was being sucked into a hole I havnt slept since then haha im fuck….

    • Avatar of Kaydence says:

      So I am so glad that you have shared your experiences because something happened to me last night I can’t explain. I went to sleep about 2:00am like normal. I don’t know what time I opened my eyes and could only see my hand in front of my face on the bed (I was sleeping on my stomach), and I could not move. I felt something applying pressure to my back and moving my body around like a rag doll, at one point I felt my whole body off the bed. My blankets were ripped off of me and I heard a harsh mans voice front the bottom of my bed just saying HEY..HEY..HEY..I focused on trying to move my hand and wake up because it was the only thing I could see. I was trying to scream for my dad to wake up but no words were coming out and I was completely paralyzed. It was like I felt something out of this world trying the enter my body but somehow I kept calm and kept telling myself everything would be okay. I am now petrified to go to sleep that this will occur again and maybe it will be worse this time. Just keep my eyes closed and keep calm or fight it?

    • Avatar of Faye White Faye White says:

      It have happen to me a few times n d past years but it have came back some days after xmas 2013. My best couisin spent the nightn I gave her my bed I took the sofa. Days later I was sleeping n my bed at night on my back n it came I could not do anything it grab both my hands n put them n front of me n I seen a black vision no face but I could c a smile like it was lsughing. I rember trying 2 scream n grab my remote n this is when it grab my hands I can hear my self crying or making a moaning noise n some how I awoke I prayed this thing scared me yes it did so I immediately thought my couisin brought spirit’s into my room. And before this thing got on me I heard a noise by my dresser like a cracking noise. Then thats when it jump on me. So it never came bk until 2 weeks later last night Saturday I was feeling low down n I shed a few tears just life issue’s well I heard the noise by my dresser a little earlier then once I fell Asleep it came this time I think I was on my side or back n it lasted fora minute I could hear myself moaning loudly n I couldn’t move but I guess my eyes was open this thing grab my hands again tight then I look to the right n a face appeared it was my boyfriend I look straight into his eyes I seen his face plainly n he was smiling n then I felt a grab a feel on my private my vagina. Now since this last one happen it is making me think my boyfriend is behind it I may b wrong but first he loves hands when ever we ride or something he grabs my hands he smells them he kiss them he hold them next to his chest. The same night before this happen my boy friend call me yes he was out at a bar watch n d football game he was a little loaded he said I love u so much I thank u 4 loving me u not gone 2 leave me I said no although I have been trying 2 break free.from him but he insist we r soul mates he think we have a connection were he can feel me if im distess even if he dont talk 2 me he thinks he can read my mind. He also ask me if we could go have our palms read together so he can c how connected we are I told him no its against my religious. Then he ask me all the time why do he love me so much then hessay were is that dust u sprinkle on me. But he try 2 say it like he is joking so I ignore him. We have been dating 1 year not very long n still learning each other. I always get confused about him one part says no leave him another drags me bk no matter what I think. He crys we cry.2 gether he kiss my tears away. Now his 27 year old son got kill 2 years ago he was shot 7 times n d stomach n once in the neck his son was n a gang 2. So he died a awful but quick death. He crys I cry because I feel sorrow 4 him. We dont live 2 gether recently he started bk in w his sons mother who is from Louisiana and they had a violent bad relationship. Then he leaves her he say he cant take it but feel 4 her n I wander if its her with this. This past Monday he came over n I was sick flu im n bed I told him no sex im not well n he said ok I just want 2 lay down n hold u so he took off his pants n he had on long John’s n he layed he left later 4 home. I decide after he left 2 shower once I got out d shower n got n pjs n comfort able I itch itch itch like my skin was dry I put on lotion even vase line ir didn’t help I had 2 sleep on my other blanket on top of my covers n d itching kind of stop n I fell asleep n as d days pass then Saturday came that’s when it happen. Wandering if I’m doing something 2 start this. I know he had 2 send a spirit but I would have never thought him

    • Avatar of Steve Steve says:

      Wow thats intense, ive had some of the same things happen and a few other crazy things i cant explaine but i know it has alot more deeper things to deal with then just some sleep disorder. Not long ago i had a intense experience and it was so real, i was almost asleep when i felt something crawling up on my side almost like a medium sized animal i couldnt move or speek but i could feel little hands like bones walking across me and then i heard a weird flaping noise like wings and weird sounds i couldnt make out, i tried to move but i couldnt and was stuck laying on my side. My hand was under the covers and i felt this thing put its hand or paw on my hand and hold on to it kinda like a child holding on to your hand and it felt boney like a racoons hand with long fingers but a small was really weird i finally built up enough stregth to roll over and what ever was on my side i heard it flutter then hit the floor with a thud and make some weird sound and the it was gone.i sleep with my light on the rest of the night. Ive had other experiences happen and there super intence and very much real, and im glad i found this site and your story. Ive done allot of research into this and found out some really crazy things thats really scary. If you would like to chat and talk about this maybe you can help me with my research and find out more about whats going on. I have talked to allot of friends of mine and just people i dont know and there all starting to have these things happen to them so i am stuck wondering why is this getting so big. My roomate jyst woke me up at4 am freaking out that she couldnt move and there was something behind her in her room so i started doing some research on line and found this site. I also have moved around alot for my job and i find it stops for awhile but it comes back almost like it loses you for a bit and takes time to find you again, its really freaky. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great night.

    • Avatar of Jul Jul says:

      You are not alone guys. I also saw this black reaper with sycthe and black hood. I call him the Black Grim Reaper of Death…

  56. Avatar of Steve Steve says:

    The intruder part 1 and 2…

    So the night before I dreamt that I was in bed about to wake up and speaking a weird language which was incomprehensible. I was able to move freely, however it was with great effort, thus I made my way down to my bathroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror. What I found was a face black like charcoal, black eyes and a darker spikey hair which reached down to my ears. At that moment I woke up in my bed wondering what I just saw. It was 3:48am..

    Well, it looks like spikey hair decided to pay me a visit tonight also, the same thing happened, I was speaking a weird language again and this time I couldn’t move my body. I was pissed off and I started yelling at “it” to get off me and leave me alone. I felt my body regain control after a few minutes of struggling and I was so angry that I went into the bathroom and expecting that thing to be looking back at me in the mirror again. I realized that it had left when I saw my reflection and that’s when I woke up. It was 4:12am..

    The doctors call this sleep paralysis, I call this an annoying **** that doesn’t know when to quit.

    I’ve had this happen to me many times over the years and I’ve gotten quite good at getting rid of it. The last time before these 2 incidents, I was in bed and I had the same feeling as the rest of you, I imagined my body become a ball of pure white light and I felt myself get released almost immediately. Pesky spirits or whatever doesn’t like the light, this took many years for my sleeping mind to be able to control my waking dreams.

  57. Avatar of spaz spaz says:

    i have experience many of this attacks. i think john b has added more sensation to his story than other. we cross in the spirit realm when we these attacks happen. in which is the kingdom of darkness. the demonic host bound us down and it feel like a heavy weight on us. you can hear and see but you can’t move. time is not exsistence in this realm. one attack on me they told me was going to get my friend daughters. its frighten to face with a demon in their realm.

  58. Avatar of JohnB JohnB says:

    Hey thanks for the posts guys.. I am SO GLAD this is common and i’m not losing my mind. This happened to me for the first time last night and I had never heard about it or read about it until now. Its so relieving that others have experienced it too.
    My experience is a little different though and insanely terrifying to me so I wanted to see if others had insight on it or had similar experiences..
    So I was lying in bed staring at the moonlight through my window and I started to get a very dark and very petrified feeling. I felt that a very evil presence was coming for me and I knew right away that it was Death. As I lay in bed, I could hear/feel it entering my house and moving towards the bedroom where my wife and I slept but I couldn’t get over the feeling that I expected it and that my wife and I had been waiting for him. Moments later I felt my wife nudge me that it had entered the bedroom. I turned to look at it and it was the same dark cloaked figure as most others described but “he” was impressively large and stood over my wife’s side of the bed. At that time I turned back away from him and stared at the moonlight and was overcome with such an insane amount of fear and shame, to a degree that I had never felt. (side note: I am large man, 29 years old, military academy grad, combat veteran, and life-long rugby player.. I have never felt fear like this) Then I felt a very large hand on my back (I was lying on my stomach, different to most other accounts that I have read tonight) and it felt as if it was sucking my life and forcing me into hell. I could hear and see hell beneath me so I tried to scream and wrestle free but I couldn’t move.. this is when I realized I was paralyzed. All I could muster was a grotesque gurgling sound. Moments later it was over.. Once I regained feeling I forced myself up and leaned toward my wife. (The strangest part and the reason i’m probably not going to sleep tonight) She was facing me and she leaned toward me but her face was completely contorted – round and misshapen, i can only describe it as resembling the Scream painting but a grieving woman – at the time she looked to me like a nun. I paused to look around the room, I thought I had died, and I looked back and she held the same position with the same face.. Then I sat up in the bed and stared out in fear toward our open doorway for what seemed like hours unsure of what was happening to me. I didn’t look back at her until it was daylight, but by then everything was normal. We both got up and went about our day as if nothing had happened.
    Now, I know there are scientific/medical attempts to describe this occurrence. I know that someone is going to tell me that I have repressed issues or that i’m sleep deprived. But no one is going to be able to explain to me the intense feeling fear, shame, or dread as I felt; nor the feeling of accepting my fate as “he” was approaching. Lastly, my back is still sore from the intense feeling of pressure like being forced down onto the bed.
    Anyway, I am REALLY glad to see that this is common. Please comment and let me know if your experience was uniquely similar or if you have insight.

  59. Avatar of Ccimone Ccimone says:

    I get this ALL the time. Sometimes this will happen more depending on who’s House I’m sleeping at. Its doesn’t bother me anymore because I know I’m a child of God and theses demons cannot hurt me. Im only 23 and this has been happening since i was 9. Obviously i was so freaked out as a child and it would last over 5min(or so it felt like) once i was truly saved and understood the power God gave me over the devil It will try to stay over me but i just stay calm and plead The blood of Jesus over me. Another thing, DONT continually talk about it 24/7 bec it will happen more often. Demons dwell where you allow them too. Im obviously Christian and this is what has helped me. This is just my thought and I’m not afraid anymore and i know its because of my faith. Just pray because we are children of God.

  60. Avatar of Jason Kish Jason Kish says:

    The first one I had was on my back. There was a demon tugging at my feet. A few years later, it was a demon hovering over my face. I mumbled as loud as I could, “Get the F away from me”, over and over again. Since then, it’s been burglars, breaking into my house, and me, wanting to jump out of bed to bum rush them, but I can’t. A few nights ago, my mind felt like it was buzzing, then my whole body was vibrating. Almost as if a resonant frequency was taking over my body. I was able to shake my body awake from it. Tonight, just now, it was someone, something, pulling my ankles, and my whole body, upside down so that my feet were above my headboard. I cried out/mumbled to my wife, and she shook me out of it.

    I have been consuming a lot of caffeine lately. Has anyone ever explored the idea of Sleep paralysis/caffeine correlation?

  61. Avatar of tracy tracy says:

    I have had this frightening experience at least 3 times in my life.I am 43.Each time it was exactly the same.I would suddenly become aware of a great weight on my body.I felt totally numb.I cried out for my boyfriend,but I could not make any sound ,I kept trying and trying and what ever it was kept getting heavier then just like that my voice came out and the weight was gone.I was sure that something bad was responsible.I have told people about it and they have never heard of it.I might add that at these times in my life I was under extreme stress.

    • Avatar of kat kat says:

      that’s exactly how my experiences happen. I am thankful, while reading the other stories, that I have not heard anyone/anything speak and I pray that I will never. I am in charge of my body, sleeping or not, and I get pissed when sleep paralysis happens. I think that’s what helps me wake up, the deep feeling of anger that is.

  62. Avatar of Raz Hadar Raz Hadar says:

    Hey all. I am 16 and this may have happened to me before. I have to be completely honest about hat just happened. The time right now, 3:45. About an hour ago, I was dreaming about a discovery around the world about a ship like parts discovered, Noah’s arc I think. The compony I was with (I guess) was having troubles and there were spies. The spies gave people a sort of white pill think that if dabbed on the mouth you couldn’t breath and it was hard to breath. In the dream I never saw anyone die of it, but it was assumed. Since I wake up a lot of times when I sleep to move positions, I woke up and my legs were crossed wile they were straight but I didn’t think I needed to move them. I heard a noise kind of move across the room which was a creek in the wall I knew. I never payed attention but I was breathing very shallow. I felt my chest press in on me as if I was being sat on. I needed to call my brothers name, who sleeps in the room right in front of me, about 5 meters away. He was asleep and I wasn’t loud enough (I guess). It was super hard to call his name and it never sounded right when I called his name. I tried and tried but even if I called my dads name it came out easier but I only managed to yell his name once. I felt very scared like Im in danger but I knew nothing could hurt me (maybe I was overconfident). I remember twitching if I tried to move which was extremely hard. I felt it was because I was scared to move that I wasn’t. I was opening my eyes sometimes but I felt creeped out, like REALLY creeped out if I did. I remember seeing someone walking by my room waring grey slim jeans, a darker grey loos shirt that swayed when he/she walked by my room (I think it was a guy though). This freaked me out, so I was really trying to get someones attention. I think I tried so hard to yell my fathers name I almost cried, I mumbled hard enough that I felt like my adrenaline was kicking in. I remember my cat coming into my room after maybe 5 minutes after this started. he came and sat on my chest and I pet him for like 3 minutes straight to calm my self down, it worked just enough. I gave him those temptations treats that were behind my head the whole time and that made a crackling noise. I turned on my lamp and I grabbed my cat and called my brothers name again 2-3 times which ether way I said hi name it sounded a little wrong, so I called y dads and with the cat in my hand I walked towards my parents room when my dad came out of his room and I yelled a little because I thought he was going to look like the dude I saw. I told him what happened when I was in my room and then he went back to sleep. I took my computer and am still awake now at 4:15. I was researching sleep apnea and sleep paralysis. Something I never realized until now is that everything that happened including the dream actually happened to me. I heard a noise, felt my chest press in (my cat latter), gargle (calling names latter), saw someone (saw my dad latter). This is no joke, this is exactly what happened to me, I hope this happens again because it was quite the experience. Nov 6 2013

  63. Avatar of Jeffery Bost Jeffery Bost says:

    okay I have a similar story… one night I was laying by my girlfriend and I swear I felt awake, well I was awake. And all of a sudden something grabbed me, something twisted and something evil I still to this day have no idea what happen to me, all I know is I tried to grab my girlfriend but something was stopping me from moving at all. its almost like my body was actually paralyzed I even tried to scream and nothing would come out. But like I said previously it was something I have never experienced. This wasn’t normal, something so dark and angry had taken over my body that night. Its hard to tell anyone this story because everyone looks at me like I’m out of my mind when really im just scared that it will happen again.

  64. Avatar of kara kara says:

    I think I have had sleep paralysis since I was a little kid. But from reading other people comments I am not sure if it is. Does anybody know what it is? This is the only information I can find that’s even closely related to my experiences. When it happened to me as a kid, just about every night, I used to hear voices and I think there was static I also used to twitch. Now when it happens, which is rarely, I cannot move or open my eyes all the way. I cant speak or scream. the only thing i can manage to get out is just moans, while trying hard to wake myself up, try to open my eyes, or just move. The twitching still happens. While trying to open my eyes I manage to catch a glimpse of a shadows. These experiences scare me even though they are not as bad as the others I have read about. Is this sleep paralysis or something else?

  65. Hello, I have a story to share. I would like any help or explanations no matter. Im an open minded person so all information is good information. Its Thursday night. I started having weird feelings and like someone was always with me on Monday. I could just feel it around.. I still do kinda. The first time I did this I had an accidental OBE I woke up and felt like I was floating. I looked down and I could see myself physical body still laying on the bed. I was freaked because at this time I had never heard of anything like this. Anyway, when I looked back up I noticed a black like real thick smoke floating right by my window with red eyes. I freaked out and fell back in my body. Then when I woke up I looked up and it was still there. It stayed there all night. There was a terrible feeling in the air but it didnt seeem like it wanted to hurt me. I finally just turned on the light and it was gone. Then I started researching everything tuesday and learned all kinds of information. Then Tuesday night I was sleeping on my side and suddenly I awoke and knew it was there. I turned and looked and sure enough it was there. I was fully awake then.. Then last night I was sleeping on my back I woke up scared I was having a heartache.. My heart was beating so fast it was more of a hum. I was freaking out and then I hear a voice he sounds totally cool like hes trying to help calm me down.. “woah woah man.. Chillout. Its okay bro. youre good… Then it changes tone and says ‘ youre not from here ‘ ” please calm down” I was just sitting listening to this voice with no body.. Then I started felling crazy.. I saw an array of lights around me but very very dim.. I could just barely see it. And the voice says. “Calm down were gonna take you” I said “No what? Is this real? Prove this is real or im yelling for my mom cause I’m having a heartattack” I started to move around and he says ” stop moving or we cant take you” They weren’t saying this aggressively… They were just kinda asking me to come. But I moved to much and my heart beat immediately but the voice stayed just saying “calm down Calm down” I just kept saying “Prove this is real. Prove this is real”. Then something took the shape of a mans face in the corner but no more voice after that.. As I laid there I noticed it looked like I had strange letters and designs tattooed all over my arms I was examining it and it seemed to have a metallic green look to it. Shining in the little bit of light in my room. so then after looking at it for about 5 minutes I turned on my light and it was gone. I still feel like something is with me.. I’m not exactly scared just curious as to what this is all about. Can anyone give any insight? Sorry for long post. I wanted include a lot of of detail. Please help me understand whats going on. Should I stay still and let them take me next time?

  66. Avatar of Adam Adam says:

    The 1st time this happened to me was around 8yrs ago now. I had just moved in with a friend of mine, when I got there, the room she gave me was the big room with an attached ensuite, while her and her partner were sharing the smaller bedroom, this struck me as odd and when I asked why, she said she got a bad vibe from the other room, this didn’t bother me at the time. I had been there a couple nights and while watching tv late at night, I noticed something out of the corner heading towards my room, but when I turned my head there was nothing. This happened a couple times over the next couple weeks but I thought nothing of it. It wasnt long till things got a little stranger. Over the next couple weeks after falling asleep on the couch, there was 4 or 5 times where I woke, unable to move or speak, my friend asleep beside me, as hard a I tried to call for help, I could do nothing. Each time it seemed to get worse and was really starting to spook me out. Not 2-3 nights went by without another paralysing experience until one night when I finally made it to my room to sleep, I awoke laying on my back, unable to move or scream, the was a cloudy figure of a very evil looking old man with his knees on my shoulders and his hands around my throat, I struggled to throw a punch but count move, it was terrifying, finally my hand freed and it disappeared. I moved out soon after without further incident. I still vividly remember the visio of his face to this day! I’m writing this now because last night, for the first night since, I awoke from the most vivid dream, where I could levitate and was being chased by a demon like being, when I awoke I was on my stomach and could move nothing but my eyes, I know I was not alone, I could here murmurs in my ear I couldn’t understand and it felt as if something was kneeling over. I struggled so hard but nothing, I said a prayer in my head and with that felt like a lite breeze flow down my back, it gave me instant shivers, a terrifying feeling.. I’m not looking forward to sleeping tonight..
    I noticed a lot of posts on here, but no answers. Can someone please shed some light or help me with this?? whatever it is does not seem to have good intensions.

  67. I forgot the description of whatever it was that I saw, I apologize. In addition to the dimensions, it probably stood erect to be about 5/11-6ft. Thin. Very dark ragged robe. And hooded. Face indistinguishable but it had darkish skin, almost as dark as the robes, eyes are piercing and dark. I know it sounds impossible to have dark eyes to be visible in a dark hood but although they couldn’t be seen, you knew they were staring right at you. It was a very dark and malevolent presence it cast. By far, the scariest thing in my life and I wish it was just a nightmare, but it’s prevalence with everyone else suggests otherwise. I hope I never experience it again. This occurred in nov 2012.

  68. I do not accept the causes for these encounters but I believe we are being victimized by an unknown, supernatural entity while we are asleep. I’m not a nut. I am a practicing attorney. I have never believed in ghosts, UFOs. That all changed one early morning upon awaking to something in my bedroom. I don’t know if it was my subconscious or my instincts, but a strong presence had awoken me. Laying on my back (common to most encounters) but facing left, I looked at the clock and then to the space in front of me. my eyes became focused on a large dark mass on my floor about 3 feet from the edge of my bed (another common feature) that was 2 feet, five inches in height x two feet in width. Because it was out of place in my room (I’m a neat freak), I began to determine what it could be. Since it had a rough appearance of my laundry basket, I thought maybe my gf had put it there while I was asleep. After recognizing that the object could not have been the laundry basket bc it lacked a rectangular shape, I became frightened because I realized that there was something in the room with me and my girlfriend that did not belong and we were in a vulnerable state. My initial thought was that it must be a home invader there to rob or attack us. However, my fear grew extremely worse after realizing that it was not possible bc of the secureness of my home. At this point, my body Still has not moved and my gf was sound asleep, but my eyes were fixed upon it. My fear quickly changed to panic as my mind moved to the next and only remaining possibility- something that defies explanation; something that simply cannot be; something that has to be supernatural since it is in my home and hasn’t even alerted two dogs. At that point, as if my mind had been read, I started to experience the greatest fright that I have ever felt in my life because of what happened next. As my brain is trying to come to terms with what I am looking at, it is also trying to prepare me for what is ever so clear to me now: I have been wrong all my life, all those alleged nut jobs were right, the Ufos, the bibles, and everything else that nobody, including myself believes in that deals with ghosts, aliens, angels, demons, are real and I am about to find out for myself. I didn’t know what it was or why it was there or what it was going to do, but I knew it got inside my house via untraditional means, it was an event that was only going to concern me, and I didn’t know how it was going to end. I felt like I was all alone with no one to help me no matter what I did. It was that fear that every human has in the back of their mind but doesn’t talk about, and does not want to accept bc they cannot see or touch it, or haven’t heard of it, and now it has come be and it is my time. Based upon the energy and power that you feel and now know exists, i knew I was powerless to do anything but to accept whatever is going to happen. And bc of the way it has come to be in my room, it cannot be good. These were the thoughts and feelings going through my mind and body because of what I had seen: the thing that I was looking at and now realized was looking right back at me is some kind of being. It begins to stand up from it’s curled up position starting with the bottom region with its upper torso remaining unchanged. It’s eyes focused on mine without interruption. As it becomes erect at its legs, like a machine, it upper torso now begins it’s extension from its position with the lifting of the head as the final act of becoming upright. It is now standing fully erect with its gaze still fixed upon mine. I now realize that the dark mass on the floor was this thing crunched into a ball with its butt sitting on his feet, and his torso bent over his legs and it’s head tucked into its mid center as if hiding from me hoping not to be seen before getting up in a way that is unlike any human would when it knew I had seen it. My body having seen this is completely paralyzed and no matter how hard I try i can’t even move a finger. It now comes at me with no movement as if it glided on air. I try to move backwards away from it but are unable to move anything but my eyes. As I try to squirm into my gf hoping just to be able to bump her so it would wake her so she could help me, I also try to scream but I am unable to even get a sound out. It now has it’s hand in front of it as if to grab me and just as it gets on top of me, and puts its face next to my face, I close my eyes to avoid the sheer fright that this thing is. I reopen my eyes and it is gone. Fully conscious, My body is covered in sweat but in the exact same unusual position it was left in after trying to reach my gf. I never seen it again. That’s my story. Make of it what you will. But, I will say this. I now sleep with the door open, a night light. That’s how real it was. there are far to many of these experiences from all walks of life for hundreds of years and are too identical to be coincidence. If I had to guess, I would say this: you can deny the existence of demons and aliens as I did, but until it happens to you, everything you thought was impossible will change for you.

  69. I’m 20 almost 21 and I didn’t experience sleep paralysis until I moved way to college. The first time I experienced it I was 18 and in my first semester of college. The way our dorm room was set up was fairly privet. We all shared a living space, but we each had our own rooms. I went to bed early and not even 10 min after I fell asleep (or at least I thought I fell asleep) I woke up to what looked like a black male figure at the end of my bed. I felt a horribly strong presure on my chest which made it harder to breathe. I struggled to yell out to my roommates for help, but nothing came out. So I tried to move hoping I could escape the room, but yet again nothing happened. I was absolutely terrified. Apparently all 3 of my roommates could hear me moaning like I was in pain all the way in the living room. When they came to check on me they found me laying on my back unable to move, but my eyes were open. One of the girls shook me and broke me from the SP. It didn’t happen again for almost a year, but this time it was even more terrifying than before. I was living in a dorm with 3 other girls (different than the first set of roommates) but this time I shared a room with one of them. Andrea was laying on her bed watching movies on her laptop when I decided to go to sleep. I wasn’t asleep for more than maybe 10 mins when it happened AGAIN. I woke up and I could see the dark male figure standing directly next to me. Again I couldn’t speak or move and it felt like I was gasping for air. I could hear Andrea say my name and she sounded scared, but I was unable to respond to her. It didn’t touch me, but I panicked. Again I tried to escape, but nothing happened…no movement…no sound. The next thing I remember was sheer pain. I felt as if I were floating in mid air and all of a sudden my arms and legs felt like they were being twisted. I tried to scream out in pain, but still nothing came out. Shortly after I came too and I sat straight up in bed. Before I could say anything Andrea asked me if I felt a presents in the room. I started to cry and explained to her what had happened. She told me that she could hear me moaning in pain (just like the roommates before) right after she felt a VERY strong presents in the room. What is this and what’s happening???

  70. Avatar of Korrigan Korrigan says:

    I have sleep paralysis most of my life probably an average of 1 in 15 nights I sleep that I am aware of. Last night, however, was the most disturbing in some years. I was trying to wake up and I couldn’t open my eyes or move but I for some reason was fooled into thinking I had one eye open and I saw a demonic spirit creature and it was telling me to leave it alone and go to sleep I wasn’t needed. It was very frightening to me. My vision was blurred and I kept trying to get my husband to help me wake up when I finally woke up I realized it had all been imagined and I was the only one awake but I remained unsettled. I was very disturbed by the dream. I’m not religious but I do lean towards the belief that good and evil spirits do exist. I have not had such an experience since I was a small child. I can’t explain it.

  71. Avatar of Daniel Daniel says:

    This happened to me last night. I was plagued with dreams like this as a child but not so much as I got older. I’m a combat vet and most of my nightmares come from war and are very realistic. Last night I was in a dream or what I thought was a dream and I could wake up, move or talk. First I felt something was on my chest woke up and saw a creature sitting on top of me. It smiled but look demonic. I tried to move but couldn’t then I tried to wake my wife but couldn’t talk and then I heard a voice mocking my attempts to call for my wife. After what seemed like an eternity I was able to talk (scream) my wife’s name and she woke up. I saw this has happened to others. What does it mean? Just a dream or something darker?

  72. Avatar of Dale Dale says:

    I’ve only experienced something like that once thankfully, where I was awake and felt a dark presence behind me but couldn’t move. When I did manage to turn around there was a dark shadowy humanoid robed form hovering in the corner near the ceiling. Then I woke up properly and it was gone. I attributed it to being a nightmare, I don’t believe in spirits -evil or otherwise.

    I often experience a floating sensation before I fall asleep which I find very interesting. I’ve experienced this since early childhood. I discovered somewhat recently that it’s intensified by getting stoned before going to bed, very funky feeling.

    On a different note I find it somewhat funny how many people are saying that turning to religion helps their night terrors on a site that condemns religion

  73. Last night I had one these episodes. They seem to get worse as time goes by. I have had them since I was a child. I can’t even remember how long ago. This time I had them 3 times this week. It always starts with me falling alseep and than something pulling me into that scary zone. I try to escape before I fully become paralysis. Most times I get out of it in time. But this will repeat for another 3-4 times until I manage to full into a normal sleep. When I can’t escape and become paralysis I can see everything in my room just as it is. I can see myself alseep trying to wake up. I feel scared and I panic. I can feel a negative vibe trying to get to me. One time when I was 18 I fell alseep and I saw them. The figures it was 3 of them. Two were dark and I couldn’t make them out but the other one was all fire. They stood looking over me in my bed and they smiled and I heard them but didn’t understand anything. I prayed than woke up. Last night it was worse. I feel alseep on my boyfriends chest when I realized I was paralysis I tried to tug on him and I called out for him but he wouldn’t move. I hoped he would wake me out of the stage. than I looked around my room there in the corner of my bed was only one dark figure as I tried to wake up I began to shake my head so fast like I was possessed. I saw my boyfriend looking at me and I kept thinking why is he not waking me up? than I jerked and was awake he knows my dreams and shook me asking me if i was awake or dreaming I told him I was awake but scared. when I told him what happened he said “I did look at you how did u see that? I was about to wake u when u jerked.” than he said he saw it, what ever it was, was in my room and he felt it leave when I woke. What is happening to me?

  74. It just happened to me today…. It been happening to me since I was seven, but this one was different. I woke up standing in front of a mirror and something behind me was aggressively touching and rubbing my butt before the person behind me got a chance to perform sexual intercourse I woke up and I then couldn’t move the only thing I could move was my eyes. I heard my grandmother in the other room talking and I tired with all my might to get up and I finally gave up and screamed for help usually when this happens I can’t talk but it was something different does anybody have any suggestions

  75. Avatar of Takeza Webb Takeza Webb says:

    I just woke up from one. I have them almost all the time. How do I banish them?

  76. Avatar of Apologetics Apologetics says:

    well I can recall at least three accounts this year where I woke up and felt a dark shadow trying to choke me or scare the life out of me (really scare the life out of me) all the while whispering things I can not recall or tell me I don’t deserve to live that I am no good. This same dark shadow will also manifest itself in my normal dreams trying to poke its ugly head out and get me. It does kind of scare me ( and I am praying I don’t have to deal with it tonight) but I find screaming back “I am not afraid God is by my side” will not only push it back but allow me to wake up. I have read and researched this whole thing and I am not buying the garbage science is trying to tell. There is more to it than sleeping habits and nutrition.

  77. Avatar of Edward Edward says:

    I’m 15, and I’ve recently experienced some type of sleep paralysis. One night I was falling asleep… And suddenly I felt like if I was dreaming. I knew I was awake ( my brain was awake, body asleep ) and I heard myself talk in a different language! I believe it was Latin, because I remembered some of the words I said, and it turned out saying the words ” never ” , and ” get out of here “. I’m really, really creeped out about it. Any help on what to do, or anything that helps me understand what the hell happened will be appreciated!

  78. Avatar of leann leann says:

    Im 22 , also ten weeks pregnant (so try not to scare me too much) but i literally just woke up from a dream i couldn’t get out of . i tried waking myself up like three or four times but only found myself waking up in my dream, the last time i tried i saw a dark figure of a person standing at the end of my daughters bed , then i suddenly got a falling feeling but not the fast type that wake u up this was slow motion and very strange it was almost as if my brain was trying to jolt me awake0.o now im staying awake this is only the third time in my life this has happens but this time was definitely the most intense !

  79. Avatar of Shatara Shatara says:

    Im 24, and this has happened to me since I can remember, I mean, it happens alot, I stumbled across this topic bc this morning it happened to me but, not like any other yime, usually when it happens I hear things, like whispers and I feel somethings there, and I pray my way out of it, but this morning it happened and I was molested, whatever it was fingered me, and I felt it and it was very uncomfortable. Im worried bc what if thats just the beggining of something horrible, but hopefully its all in my head, but I felt it…

    • You should definitely get a rosary bead. It really helps me. I’ve been have sleep paralysis for as far back as I can remember. The only way I can wake up from it is by reciting “The Peoples Prayer”
      (Our Father who art in heaven,
      Hallowed be thy name.
      Thy kingdom come.
      Thy will be done on earth,
      as it is in heaven.
      Give us this day our daily bread.
      forgive us our trespasses,
      as we forgive those
      who trespass against us.
      lead us not into temptation,
      but deliver us from evil:
      Lean this prayer and recite it the next time you find yourself in a sleep paralysis…

  80. Avatar of Milly Milly says:

    I’m 28 years old, and my third experience happened this morning. First time my husband was next to me. I had woken up naturally at about 2:30, could not go back to sleep. When I did, I fell heavily; then was awoken in a panic and intense pressure of. Could not move, felt paralyzed, I was trying to open my eyes, and even tried to scream and nothing came out. A squeezing sensation, then a warm breath whispered into my ear, and spoke an evil like language. I finally came to and sat up in terror. My husband still laid asleep. Not sure what to make of this. I have had 2 other experiences like this before, though has been a long time, and not like this. That is when I stumble on this page, and started research. Definately makes sense of sleep paralysis, but not the intense scary whisper. Seems possibly much more than that.

  81. I am 32 years young and For as far back as I can remember I’ve had these dreams, only recently something deferent happens. A very sinister grin starts to form on my face. Fucking freaky is not the word… I couldn’t make a grin like that if I tried.
    Yes it usually starts when I’m starting to fall asleep. (I was under the impression that one goes into rem-sleep when one has fallen deeply into sleep, witch begs the question, why does paralysis happen to us as soon a we start to fall asleep and not hours later when we are in a much deeper state of sleep?) yes I get the feeling of pressure, yes I have a terrifying feeling of helplessness but recently this new much more scarier aspect of the paralysis has me shook.
    The only way I can wake up is by reciting “Our Father Who Art In Heaven”… And so on…
    The grin feels evil, it feels sinister. All the muscles in my face are activated to complete this grin, to complete this evil smile. I bear my teeth as if I was a wolf or a dog and much more recently it is accompanied by growling as well as snorting.
    Last night was really bad…
    Tonight I will set my iPad to record my face. I must see if this is really happening or if this is all in my head.
    Wish me luck…

  82. I’m 29 years old, this has happened to me on a number of occasions, the feeling of being awake but unable to move or speak. As I’ve gotten older the stronger it seems to get. It only happens while I lay on my back. I’m a Christian so when ever it did occur I would always say ( In the Name Of Jesus) and almost immediately it would let me go…when it first began I had a dream of a thin frail dark figure pushing me around with such aggression I was terrified…ALL evil and demonic forces ARE subject to the name of Jesus…these evil spirits HAVE to obey the name Jesus because there is POWER in that name…but you have maintain a spiritual and prayer life to keep the enemy at bay…

  83. Avatar of JustMe JustMe says:

    I had no idea this happened to anyone other than myself. I just turned 30 years old and iv been having these horrible nightmares while I’m awake. Sometimes 4 days a week. It always happens as im falling asleep. Suddenly I get this horrible feeling throughout my whole body. At first I thought I was dreaming that I was awake because I can see my whole room exactly as it is. But a few months ago, I fells asleep with the tv on. I started to have one of my nightmares, I was paralyzed and I was trying to move and scream and while i was doing this I could see the tv. I struggled and and struggled and when I finally was able to scream I talked that I had been watching the tv the whole time because I was still watching it. It was the worst feeling to realize I’ve been awake thru all these episodes. Sometimes they happen 4 or 5 times back to back before I actually get to sleep. Once it happened so many times that I gave up and stayed awake all night because I was so scared to go thru it one more time that night. What’s weird is I only get them at home. I had one again tonight. Which is how I ended up here. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  84. Avatar of Wolf's Song Wolf\'s Song says:

    Though I’ve suffered for years, tonight’s episode is what caused me to stumble across this page. It’s always happened when I was on my back, then the sensations start – the panic, the not being able to breathe, the goosebumps because something is pushing me down, holding me, making me stay and not be able to move. Its always been the same,, my eyes are open and I’m just trying to scream, because that will end it (it always did). This time, I fell asleep on my stomach…and I knew it was coming when I heard the movie I had been watching. It started at my shoulders and lay down on me, then, the goosebumps. Gripping my pillow, trying to pray that God will exorcise the demon (always worked). Then, the laughter. The sounds of something in the room, more than one something. Laughing at my helplessness. Then…being pulled off the bed. Terrified that I’m gonna fall off, hit my table and my laptop. Wake my daughter. It lets go, so I scootch back over. It pulled me again. No tug on my pj’s, just me sliding across the bed. Can’t open my eyes, can barely breathe, fighting to stay on the bed as the things laugh and scratch noises. I tried to pray, I couldn’t form the words. Apparently, I was able to text my roommate…he walked in as I finally sat up, clutching my pillow and bawling. I’ve never cried before…this is the worst episode I’ve ever had. Usually I yell a name, it breaks, and I sit up, grab a drink, go back to sleep. This time, I’m shaking and had to turn the light on, all the while trying to explain this to my roommate. Its becoming more frequent, and apparently, worse in the delusions. Everything that happened tonight is a first. 12 years I’ve had this affliction, sometimes once a week, but usually once a month. Its happened 4 times this month, closer and closer together, with this new battle tonight after my usual 3 days ago. Does anyone else have these sensations? As I’ve mentioned, in the past it was always the same – goosebumps, pressure, opening my eyes, trying to speak, and that breaks it. No noises, complete awareness, just a bit of panic then prayer to get rid of the ‘demon’. What happened tonight?

  85. Avatar of May Lin Khin May Lin Khin says:

    I’m 17 and i have had sleep paralysis ever since i was 10. It continued until i learnta new prayer. It has been more than a year since i say that prayer every night before i sleep and it worked for me and i no longer suffer from sleep paralysis.

    Growing up my household, i was familiar with evil spirits and supernatural occurences and i stronger believe that evil spirits are responsible for this.

  86. Avatar of Kristalee Kristalee says:

    Hi I’m 19 and Ive had sleep paralysis For years. It started When I sai that i wasnt scared of the devil out loud , I was 14 or 15 then It was a horrible experience I couldnt move, speak or open My eyes abd I heard an evil laugh of a demon or the devil itself. Afrer that I had sleeo paralysis during the day too and once it happened with ny eyes open and i could see my room moving. After a long time it had stopped but Today I came Home and took a nap in the afternoon and it happened but this time it was harder to wake up. I was praying in My mind but nothing happened and while being under the paralysis i felt as if someone was.squeezing My hips harshly it hurt a lot but i couldnt do anything until iwas able to move My fingers and legs it was so hard. I dont know what it was, does anyone knows or have experience the same as I did? I would like some help please.

    • Hi, demons are very real, demons are fallen angels that have lost their first estate in heaven along with Satan and they will attack and taunt…I’ve had the same experience, but once I called and the NAME of Jesus the demonic force backed off.. you see demons are subject to the name of Jesus…TRUST ME…

  87. Avatar of joe joe says:

    I’m 13, ive had this almost every other night my entire life as far as i can remember its terrifying. Im a Christian so i do think its like a demon or somthing . somebody help me

    • Hey Joe, yea its a demon, or demonic force, it wants to possess you and control you…Please understand that by you being Christian you have POWER over the entity…Just simply use the NAME of JESUS…the demonic force is subject to that name…it wants control while your young and destroy the path god has set for you.. pray my brother and be strong in the lord…let god use you for a greater work….

  88. Avatar of Beng Beng says:

    Not a week pass that I don’t experience this, at least twice a week maybe. And I don’t mind. They say it’s unhealthy, but it’s kind of relaxing.
    I know I’m awake, but my body is “dead”, staring blankly on the ceiling, figuring out where,and when I’m at.
    I rarely dream, so I know this is not caused by nightmares or such.
    I have my room pitch black at night, no light is on, curtains are heavy and thick, sometimes I don’t know if I have my eyes open. I like it that way, not knowing if you are awake or not. Uncertain if I’m moving my body or is it all in my head.

    Sometimes I do experience sexual activities, I woke up (or I think I am awake) not being able to move arms and legs, and that feeling of someone having me, I will regain control after sometime, and end it with a mourn of satisfaction. This maybe caused by my subconscious.

    Believe in your brain. If you experience this again, try to concentrate, your brain maybe still communication with the rest of your body. I suggest that you relax and focus your energy on moving a certain part of your body, the one furthest, like your toes.

    • No, not your subconscious at all. That is a bit unnerving I may add. :/ People have shared experiences of this kind at the same place and same time for thousands of years. Why the same, shadowy types of entities? There are hallucinations I must agree with you, but aside from hallucinations; for the most part they are most likely in-organic inter-dimensional beings created by the illusion of reality itself, and not your subconscious. Science has intertwined sleep paralysis and shadow people, which are for the most part completely different altogether (Although they may share many of the same symptoms, they are not the same thing.) Just be careful is all I am saying! :-)

    • This is very important for you: An incubus is a demon that is related to European folklore more than any particular religion. Its name comes from the Latin word “incubo” which can be literally translated as “nightmare.” These demons are always male in form and like to lie on sleeping women in order to have sex with them. Most of the time they do this in order to make the woman pregnant so that they can be a father to a child; however, all of the legends hold that repeated interactions between an incubus and a sleeping female will result in severe deterioration in the woman’s health or even eventual death.

  89. Avatar of Share M. Share M. says:

    I bumped into this page because I have been unable to let go of something that happened to me when I was 18 years old. It started when a psychic lady stopped me at the mall one night, I was alone. She told me she wanted to talk to me but I told her I had no money, she said it’s okay but that I had been cursed and that I was going to get very sick but wasn’t going to die. She told me who and why they cursed me (but I cannot disclose that information), and that they did it with the help of a friend. Well, after my encounter with her I went home and kept thinking about what she said, I had been feeling really sick during that time. I started to pray a lot before bed, but one night I woke up to this intense, heavy weight on my chest, I can’t recall if my eyes were open or closed but I know I felt a strong black energy that felt so negative, mean, and hateful. I couldn’t move my body and felt like I was in a panic, it felt like a hand was holding my chest down and like it was trying to get into my body. Immediately after I was finally able to move my body I made a prayer to God to protect me from evil spirits. I felt so violated and will never forget that night. It was the only time that happened to me. Well a few weeks later, I had to go to the ER because I was sick and almost died, I was in the ICU for two weeks. At the time I wasn’t thinking about everything the psychic lady told me or the incident that occurred to me that one night but looking back at everything it just seems weird. I wish I knew if a dark spirit was trying to bother me that night or if there is some scientific explanation for all this.

    • Avatar of Beng Beng says:

      This is called “The power of suggestion”.
      Just like religion!
      It’s all in your head sweety, and you’ve became a victim of a very bad prank for a long time!

  90. Avatar of Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    I’m 16 and I think I just experienced this a couple of minutes ago. I got scared so I searched it up and found this. I was sleeping and I saw this black fog circle around my eye. Next thing you know it was trying to get in my body. I was paralyzed and couldn’t move. I tried talking but I couldn’t. I’m a Christian so i thought i was being possessed or something cause seeing black fog trying to go in you is kinda legit. I was saying “God I’m yours forever, take me” it felt like there was a weight on my chest. My eyes were open (at least it seemed like it) and I was just trying to move and fight it. Suddenly a couple of seconds later I was able to move. To be honest I was so scared that something came in me and I was going to go haywire like the movie insidious or paranormal activity. After laying in bed and just thinking of that horrifying moment I searched it up and here I am. Scary.

  91. Avatar of alexandra alexandra says:

    Hello I’m 16 my boyfriend is 17 he always tells me about this dark shadow that comes upon him at night , yesterday he informed me of it again so far it has been 2 months since this thing has messed with him before it only came to him when he layed face up so he decided to lay face that worked til now the thing is back he said it came on.him with great pressure and breathed on his neck what the hell does this mean… Why is it bothering him can.anyone answer me is something out to get him or is he being overtook

  92. Avatar of babis vovos babis vovos says:

    Hi i am 17, student that has a high knowledge about metaphysical.A night before i saw a bad dream.It was a blonde face with chinese eyes above my head and i couldnt move but close my eyes.I knew it was bad because i petrified from the fear and while i knew that if i pray this thing would disapear i didnt and it kept being upon me i dont know for how long because i closed my eyes..when i found out that this thing was upon me when i was sleeping i freacked out and im still….just for you to know if something appears to you you must pray for god to help you. then this thing will burn.

  93. Avatar of Boom Pow Boom Pow says:

    I am 18, an insomniac with undiagnosed ADD. I am an odd-duck and I know it. Alrighty then , So last night was my first* bout with SP. I couldn’t move my body, only my eyes. It scared me not because I felt I was unsafe, but because I heard (plain as day, and i can still hear it clearly) a woman screaming my name. Now this is odd because my name is a weird one (Ayrian). I wanted more than anything to get up, to run and help the person, but I couldn’t. I could do nothing but lay there. After reading on, I think i have experienced it twice before, but not a SP experience. I woke up one night and saw spiders, in an army formation, marching towards me from my wall. I jumped up (I sleep butt-naked by the way) and ran all the way into my kitchen. Everything was shaking. and I just kept repeating to myself, ” None of this is real.” But it was, and I know it was. I think this is our minds way of making us face our problems and fears. In my case, i feel it is telling me that you can’t save everyone. Death is imminent. I am going to try to go into SP again tonight, and explore a little. Hallucinations do not really bother me, because when I am in ANY dark room or dark space, Shadows move and form things. My vision goes completely black and fades back in. The weird thing is is that it is always the same it just changes depending on my location. I also have a “liquid feeling” in my head and strange thoughts. For instance, if something drops for no reason, or i want the dvd player to start or something, and it happens, I instantly have a thought of magic or aliens or some unknown invisible force. Anyone else like this or can relate? Like I said, I will try SP again tonight and post my findings and thoughts. Until then, happy sleeping.

  94. Avatar of Melissa Melissa says:

    As a child, this paralyzed feeling would happen to me often..
    It would always happen when I was alone and I would see a “blue man”.
    I would be laying in bed super relaxed and then I would just get a gut feeling knowing he was coming for me- just then I could not move at all. He would come out of the weirdest places-mostly out of my ceiling light. He was very intimindating even with the lack of features but had the shape of a man with blackish hair and blue texture. He had no face and would often move very fast. I could never repeat the voice or even words he has said to me (being all weird and non-english and all) but I would always understand him and the threat. A lot of the times I was even afraid to lay on the ground in fear he would come and I would be pinned and immobile. Since then I have had the sensation ONCE again about a year ago and this time he came out of my closet and as he came out he was at my bed directly and choked me..then after panic rose higher and higher he was gone and I was gasping for air..
    Has anyone else seen this thing?? Is it even a thing??
    People have assured me I just had nigh terrors or sleep paralysis or something more ethical but I still am unsure if its something along those terms.. I need help.

  95. Avatar of Jeane Jeane says:

    I’ve experienced this several times before. Thankfully, it’s been a couple of years since my last experience. Every experience was exactly the same, with me waking up totally paralyzed. I was barely able to make a sound above a whisper. It felt as is there was a ton of bricks sitting on my chest, making it difficult to breathe. I remember feeling as if there was someone or something else in the room with me. When I finally could move, every movement was labored and in slow motion. I finally was able to roll out of bed and run out of my room, painfully slow, when I woke in my bed. Glad to know others can relate.

  96. Avatar of Laura Laura says:

    I found this website as last night this happened to me for the first time. I fell asleep at my usual time, in my sleep I felt awake at this point, I was lying on my left hand side and something was holding me, like with their arms around me from behind! When I tried to escape the tighter it grabbed me. Strange thing is at the time I wasn’t scared I was just desperate to escape! I could see the room I was in and I was struggling on the bed moving about to try and get up but couldn’t. It felt like I was drugged and had no energy to escape this whatever was holding me! Another strange thing is it was thrusting behind me in a sexual manner!!! When I finally “woke” there was nothing there just me and my covers unusually messy as I normally sleep in one position through the night as my covers are almost perfect each morning. I am totally spooked by this and can’t stop thinking about it! I have had life like dreams before but I actually felt I was awake and could do nothing, when I looked whilst “asleep” behind me when as being grabbed thre was nothing there but it was very strong! I’m glad I came here and found a lot of others have experienced similar things. I am sooo scared now to sleep as I never want to experiwnce this again!

    • Be careful: An incubus is a demon that is related to European folklore more than any particular religion. Its name comes from the Latin word “incubo” which can be literally translated as “nightmare.” These demons are always male in form and like to lie on sleeping women in order to have sex with them. Most of the time they do this in order to make the woman pregnant so that they can be a father to a child; however, all of the legends hold that repeated interactions between an incubus and a sleeping female will result in severe deterioration in the woman’s health or even eventual death.

  97. Avatar of AmyLeigh AmyLeigh says:

    First of all, I’m relieved I’m not the only one going through this.
    I’ve been getting this since I were 17 just after my dad killed himself. It first started with me seeing my mum, felt like she were in trouble or something, but I couldn’t move to get to her. I still can’t explain the feeling very well; like I’m being possessed, or something taking over my body. I then started to see a shadow in my room, it started off small and in the corner, but each time this sleep paralysis has happened the shadow got bigger, closer and formed more into a man figure.
    The feeling I get isn’t a good one, its a, ‘this is bad and I need to wake up now’ feeling. I’ve also felt this “person” if you will, sit on my bed and stroke up and down my leg.
    I get this very often and would really like it to stop, any suggestions on how to help?

    • Avatar of babis vovos babis vovos says:

      hey man i have also similar dreams.if those things happen to you , you have surely opened a gate for it or someone has opened for you, and maybe your dad because it is a sin that he killed hisself.Now you are in a position that needs much try to get out. All the people have a gaurdian angel. try to talk to him as you would talk to your friend ( you must have a close relationship) at nights call him to help you and offer you a good sleep protecting you. you must also pray before you sleep. there are several strong prays. :) i am sure it will help you but only if you do these.

    • This is what you should do: when this is happening you need to make yourself Aware of the situation. So, say to yourself in your head since you cannot speak during these situations of Sleep Paralysis ” okay god I know this is happening and I ask that you help it to stop immediately in your name amen” praying will help, and BREATHING is very Important. Take DEEP breaths that are the same distance apart. Breathing will keep your mind calm instead of panicking. Also try to move. It’s hard and scary to try but I have sleep paralysis Very often and teaching yourself how to move time will help you to come out of the situation more quickly. Hope this helps; I know it helps me!

  98. Avatar of Anabelle Anabelle says:

    Four years ago, I had a very strange dream. Actually, the strange thing is that it didn’t seem like a dream at all, and still doesn’t.
    Usually, I sleep with the door open, getting the light from the hallway (as I don’t like to sleep in the dark) and my head is always turned towards the door. That night, I went to bed as usually. I felt very tired, but not stressed our or anyhting, i felt perfectly fine, just very tired. I never sleep on my back, but that night I fell sleep on my back. When I started dreaming, I saw myself in my room, the door opened to get the light, everything the same, but, there was a figure standing above me. It was a grey figure in a shape of human, except that it didn’t have eyes, mouth, fingers etc, just the shape of human, and of grey color, the rest was blank. That figure was holding it’s hand on my chests, pressing mildly..I wasn’t afraid, but I felt a strange energy going through me, and I couldn’t determine whether the energy was good or bad, it was just the “energy”, and a slight pressure on my chest. I woke up, that is, opened my eyes, and everyhting was the same, my position in bed, my door opened, simply, my room and me sleeping in it. Except that the grey figure was gone. I was just lying there, calmly, still feeling the tinkles through my body and slight pressure on my chest, but I just closed my eyes and continued to sleep, didn’t even change my position.
    The next day (and next four years) I still remember the dream in detail, the image of my room, and him standing above me, his hand on my chest, tinkles, pressure, I remember it so vividly, as it happened and not as if it was a dream.
    I don’t think it was a dream, I think this figure visited me on my sleep, and did to me exactly what I saw it doing to me in my dream, but as I opened my eyes, it was gone.
    I think about this dream from time to time, I feel like I need to discover what it means and why that figure came to me. I cannot, however, figure out whether the figure was evil or bad, or that the energy and pressure on my chest I felt was good or bad, I just cannot determine, it was more like “neutral”.
    I tried to search about my “experience” on internet, but nothing came out. I would like someone to give me their own insights on my “dream”, why did he come to me, and what does it mean ,and why do I still think about it? I really feel like something “important” happened that night and I need to find out. The figure never came into my dreams again, by the way, just that night, four years ago. I wish I could find out more about my dream and who this figure might possibly be? A deamon or..?

  99. Avatar of Sarah O.M. says:

    I haven’t experienced sleep paralysis but I do occasionally have hypnopompic hallucinations. When I’m particularly sleep-deprived I wake up in the middle of the night and see things. They’re almost always people that are either standing beside me or at the foot of the bed. Its terrifying.
    Basically, the state of consciousness that occurs when I transition out of sleep rapidly leaves behind random images that my brain can’t make sense of. This causes me to hallucinate. Even though I know why it happens and that they’re not real, its still scary.

  100. Avatar of Persephone says:

    This happens to me a lot. I’m a lucid dreamer.

  101. Avatar of Daniel Daniel says:

    And it’s 3.00am not 6.50

  102. Avatar of Daniel Daniel says:

    Ok I don’t Usually do this, i am a 23 year old lad ,beleave it or not I have just come out of a 7 year relationship with my first young love, she left me two weeks ago.. Any what I’m about to say goes against anything I believe but if it didn’t just happen to me I wouldn’t be on this site!! I went to bed half an hour ago. i live in a very quiet new houseing complex in the highlands of Scotland, i usually fall asleep with in a few mins but for some reason something was different tonight, ok here we go 5 mins , after slightly drifting of I felt myself being pulled slowly to the end of my bed by my feet when I tryd to wake up I was put in some kind of spin and was being shaked like I’ve never felt before , it felt like I was going to die . the only thing I could think of was my ex girlfriend and I even said to my self ” i love you beck” as soon as I said that it was like I was let go !! I woke up properly and shook my head I couldn’t beleave what just happend , I kind of said to myself it was just a bad dream because of everything that’s being going on latley so then I layed back down and started to fall asleep imediatly then the worse thing I’ve ever experienced in my life just happens which is why I on here, i was half awake but couldn’t move and something that was growling like a dog but a lot scarier was pulling me of my bed by my head , whatever it was had my head in its mouth and was growling really loud , I tryd to shout and even bite it but nothing was working I was helpless just has to bear it!! It finally let me go and I came straight through to my sofa were I am now with tears running down my face ( I never cry) I feel cold and shivery and now and not alone … what should I do please help!! I will not be going back to sleep tonight ! Any comments will help me out thank you

  103. Avatar of Courtney Courtney says:

    Since i was 14 ive encounterd sleep paralysis and i am 16 ,well my first encounter was when i was on the couch, asleep, i could remember leaving the pc on and tv, well i opened mi eyes and i see my mom i try to say somthing but nothing wouldn’t come out. s i sawher walk up to me and she kissed me and went on to work, like seconds whn she walked out , i saw a tall black figure walking in, i closed my eyes and opened em bk and i could move. My next one happened my freshman year when my sister let mi skip i was asleep

  104. I think there is a lot more to this than science can explain. This has been happening to me since i was 13 and now in my 20′s i am convinced that it’s the same thing visiting me. It happens once or twice a month now, i wake up from a sleep but can’t move anything but my eyes, there’s always pressure on my stomach or my back like someone is lying against me, even when am on my side, and whatever is there is toughing me or kissing me. When i wake up am shaken and feel violated. I can’t sleep in the dark, cause i feel that something is watching me. The first time i had enough courage to push the thing away it felt like i was touching a hairless bald male with doughy soft skin, i remember my hand touched its mouth and i felt sharp teeth. Since then i’ve always pushed it away so i can really wake up and i feel the same features. A couple of years ago i have also realized that it speaks. The man whispers something very fast in a different language to get me to fall asleep, and it’s always the same words, it’s almost like a chant. Last night i had another strange encounter, this time when i tried to get it away from me because it was kissing me, it started to chant to make me fall asleep, when i tried to push it away i felt its face and it was crying. I don’t know what to make of this. I know people will think that maybe am assigning a physical being to my terror in order to cope, but am not. I did not make this up, I don’t think that I can ever dream this up in my worst nightmare. Can anyone explain this?

  105. Avatar of Candy Williams says:

    When I was a kid, this happened to me just once. I had hallucinations too. I thought I saw a short dark figure with a mowhawk walking into my darkened room from the lit hallway. I must have fallen back to sleep after that. It scared the living hell out of me. It upset me so much that over the years I wondered what it was, what happened, what could have caused it. I thought maybe I had been abused, maybe I was sick, maybe it was just a horrible dream. I was glad to find out years later what sleep paralysis was, that there was a reason for it, that I wasn’t crazy (well..)
    I think that part of the reason people think it’s a succubus or demon sitting on their chest could be maybe a bit of sleep apnea? In people whose throats close up, or windpipes collapse during sleep, whether a little or a lot, if they are also in a dream state these two factors could combine. The brain always tries to ‘fill in the blanks’ and make sense of things. Hence, scary religion based figures sitting on your chest having sex with you. I guess they would have to be
    Anyway, maybe something before sleep that helps you relax would lessen the frequency or stop it altogether. Hope it gets better soon, Morgue.

  106. Avatar of sorrow sorrow says:

    i never had this happen to me but i have woke to 3 black figures standing over my bed. they would look at me and disappear. then to this day i can hear a man’s voice calling my name in like a whisper. i thought it was my imagination till one night i was sleeping and i felt my hair move and a hand running down my side. (I was sleeping on my side.)

    When i woke i could feel the presence but no one was there. i think why this happens is becasue i grew up in a house that was built on an indain burial ground then a funeral parlor and then houses on the land. The home had poltergiests and very evil spirits. even though i moved i think becasue my mind is open to these spirits. but i dont know.

    • Avatar of anatome anatome says:

      not too sure where they are from but watch out for the three dont know what to call them but they were extremely violent, i have had three night terrors three different demons or spirits whatever their called each time but the second night terror, was the three they took turn’s slamming me across the room laughing the whole time i woke up the next day on the floor feeling like shit but not a mark on me. i had a coffee table in my room at the time with two glass panes when i woke up it was upside down with the glass panes still perfectly in place. if it wasnt for that table upside down i would have wrote it off as my worst nightmare ever

  107. Avatar of Dsntmatter Dsntmatter says:

    This happens to me and it scares me just talking about it. It only happens to me when I sleep on my back, so I try not to do that anymore. I feel really heavy and unable to move at all, and I try screaming for help but can’t. I’ve never seen anything but I sure do feel as if I’m being watched, or like someone’s in the room. One time it felt as though my body was slowly being levitated and spinned. I can never manage to fall back asleep after these because of how frightened I am. I think it’s caused by stress or lack of sleep. I’m not sure, but I really wish there was a way to stop these..

  108. Avatar of eve eve says:

    i am hoping someone can give me some answers. i have been together with my partner for 6 years this years, we live with his family. the first incident happened at a rough guess 3 years ago?? now it dont happen all the time maybe once or twice a year but my patner wakes up in the middle of the night screaming his head off and running out the door claiming that he has seen a demon like thing looking at him? sometimes he may have the odd nightmare that he sees something but never runs out or screams?? im just wondering can anyone maybe relate to this or give any advice we dont go to bed angry or sad just normal, some times we may go to bed late but we always get enough sleep so it cant be tiredness? i dont come on here often so i wouls appriciate it if you could emial me im very worried as when you watch this like paranormal activity is my partner going to get tajen over like she did in the film??? i can say im much of a believe of demons but i believe in ghosts, and i live in the uk so you dont really here of these things over here as you do in america and other places. please help if you can sorry this was long.

  109. Avatar of krista hilla-wigley says:

    I this at least four times a week never knew what it was thank you revernd morgue you may save this freak race in the end so to me you are my reverned

  110. Avatar of zaria echols zaria echols says:

    This is a commom thing for me. It happens at least once a week. I have gone to th e doctor plenty of times before but he said there was nothing he could do about it. a few nights ago there were at least three strange vivid dark shadows in my room one above me and the other two next to me. The one above me lokked to be holding somthing. when i awoke in the morning my body hurt. i do not know what to be expecting, all i know is that it keeps happening

  111. Well, I’m Not Really Sleeping When Those Types of Things Happen, I’m More Awake. It probably sounds weird to other people, but who cares! haha! I read you see a faceless figure, so do I, But more of a black shadow. I’m Not Extremely Sure what it is, but I’ve made records of whenever I see it and what happens when I do & when ever I see it an Animal or person tends to die, and Exactly a week after I See it! It’s weird cause I’ve seen a cat too, actually a couple of times, but not a black one, It was more dark and mangled looking one & the other one was just like a regular cat piercing in my eyes coming out from under my bed it had piercing Green eyes & just vanished into thin air! I could go on for hours with all this stuff and more! But I’ll just mention these experiences for now! :] You’re INCREDIBLE MORGUE! <3

  112. Avatar of Deleted User Deleted User says:

    I always thought I was a freak and never understood what was happening to me. It was like something had taken hold of me, I would go into such a panic. The only thing I was able to do was look around the room. I couldn’t do anything other than panic so I would force myself back to sleep telling myself it’s just a dream. The worst feeling in the world is to lose control of your self. Back then I didn’t even know there was a term for what was happening to me. I wasn’t until a few years back my friend explained it to me and I have yet to meet another person that has suffered them. It’s only happened twice that I recall, once when I was around 14 and once back in 2008, but that is enough for me. The silly thing is I honestly thought something was trying to possess me and I don’t even believe in that sort of thing, what a silly teenager I was, then again it didn’t help that the first time it happened was in my dad’s old Victorian home that use to be funeral home in the 1800′s and I had an overactive imagination ( I’m sure if there are such things as ghost they won’t want to haunt a funeral home, anyways…)The mind and body are truly amazing and powerful things. Well I’m done, I won’t elaborate anymore because it still freaks me the fuck out.

  113. I just had a terrifying episode, I recently started trying to get closer to God. This is the second night in a row I’ve prayed before going to sleep. I was dreaming then all the sudden I couldn’t move, my whole body was vibrating and there was a loud rumble inside my ears. Something grabbed my arm tight and would let go, I could feel it there standing next to me. I prayed for God to protect me and my son who is only 2 months old sleeping next to me. It wouldn’t let go, I screamed and pleaded with God, but nothing. For a moment I actually thought maybe I was dying and my soul was being sucked out of my body. I tried my hardest to shake out if it and eventually did. When I awoke I can still feel where it was grabbing my arm. Was this a demon trying to test me because it heard my prayers before bed?

    • Avatar of Jess Jess says:

      So glad to hear I’m not alone in this. I’ve also had similar experiences and it usually occurs when I start going back to church and am committed to following a better lifestyle. I believe they are demons trying to scare/stray you from God. I have also had dreams where they are banging on my door and screaming or a loved one is possessed and I try to pray but nothing comes out I’m just left gasping for air..with the dreams I think it may also be a resemblance of the personal demons/struggles we may be dealing with. After awhile of really being committed to God and staying on the right path I feel that those kind of experiences go away…I think maybe they just give up and move on.If your able to speak during these kinds of experiences I usually try to say a prayer and tell it to leave me alone…if you are unable to speak just start praying in your head and I find that helps alot. Hope that helped…it’s unfortunate to hear that you are having those type of experiences but its nice to see a post I can relate to.

  114. Avatar of Meg says:

    I’ve experienced this before a few times, when it happens I usually see a big dog or wolf and sometimes shadows. The whole part of not being able to move my body drives me nuts because I hate being out of control over myself. I almost experience the same feelings I get when I have strong anxiety attacks, I even woke up sometimes with tears running down my face. When I would get them when I was younger my Father always told me it was just too much sugar -_-. I don’t know what causes it, I never really did too much research into it I just kind of accepted it. I am glad I’m not the only one to experience stuff like this. I think they could be possibly related to stress in a way, I seem to get it more when I have been stressed out about something for a while.
    Thanks for the read, seeing everyone’s opinion and experiences on this matter is intriguing.

  115. I just had one of these things. I’ve had them before but this one was the scariest. I dreamnt of a guy I actually know from school he was trying to rape me he closed my mouth and then I was back at my bed (in my dream) exactly how I really was and I still felt someone trying to keep me from waking up I screamed at my mom as loud as I could but I couldn’t get out of the dream until at last I did and I saw online that it sometimes gives you bruises and lately I’ve been having unexplained bruises in my feet and in my chest and in my face I’m really scared because I am not religious It’s not that I don’t believe in god but I don’t agree with him

  116. Avatar of Kristen Kristen says:

    So I just woke up from one of these terrors, did some research and ended up here. I’m looking to see if anyone has had a common experience or has any advice. I’ve had something involving mysterious “people” twice in my life. The first time I was having a hard time sleeping, had the tv on and all of the sudden felt my covers being pulled down along with my feet being pulled towards my opened closet. I barely had any strength in my legs to fight this but knew I had to fight to stay away from the closet. I then woke up sweating with my covers pulled up and my closet door closed. I quickly feel asleep and went back into the dream but this time I was being pulled to my bedroom door. My voice couldn’t scream louder than a whisper, but somehow my small kicks of strength helped me to stop the intruder. I never saw the person doing this. I woke up again determined not to fall asleep but did again, and this time was running through my house, trying to close doors to block “them” out but the doors didn’t work. This was the end of that dream.

    This new dream started with me having a hard time sleeping. I was in the same position I’ve been lying in but my covers were almost all the way off the bed. I started shaking violently as if cold. All of the sudden a hand I couldn’t see reached up to almost tickle me. Then I saw a black head at the end of my bed (my tv was on so it was almost a shadow) as I tried to scream it put one hand on top of my thigh and one underneath my leg on my upper inner thigh. All I did was stare at it and think in my mind “I’m not scared of you, I’m sending love and light” but it only tightened its grip, not uncomfortable but just tighter. I eventually woke up with my covers fully on my bed and at a comfortable temperature.

    I wake up completly disoriented and confused. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts about what this means?? Thanks!!

    • Avatar of anatome anatome says:

      same here i was watching white noise and at the end where the three attacked him it was the exact same as my attack so started looking it up to seeif anyone else had the same and just like u im all signed up now. i can still remember the feeling of my warm tears rolling down from my eyes to my ears unable to move and hearing them talk like they were inside my head and it said your god cant help u

    • Avatar of DJ DJ says:

      I’ve had the same experienceI have attacks where i feel like im being sexually assaulted.. I would be laying on my side and see the figure come up but I cant move or talk at all.. Then voices would swirl in my head.. Telling me things like “I’m a faliure, You’re noting” as the assault would continue. So eventually, I just learned to deal with it and wait till it all ended. Now they sometimes come out when I’m awake.

  117. Avatar of Bridget M.C. Bridget M.C. says:

    I think it has but I can’t really remember but I have twitched in my sleep when my eyes were open and I didn’t know if I could move my body or not I just wasn’t thinking about it. Not only that for one month I talked and then screamed in my sleep twice. I don’t know why it started then and didn’t come back since but it fukcing bothers me! I remember the dreams but I have had way worse so I’m not sure if that was the cause. The worse part was that the people in my houser heard me and said that I told someone to: “Get Out” of my room. Was these the demons I was speaking to?

  118. Oh this sounds like something I experienced once but I am not sure if it is the same thing, but one night when I was like 13 I was in bed asleep all of a sudden I woke up and I saw what looked like a fella just sitting there, kind of in front of my television, I felt like something was making me soooo heavy to the point where I couldn’t even move my finger tips, but since I was laying on my side I could keep looking directly at the fella who never moved from hos spot by the television, I glanced to the doorway and I saw some figures passing by my door, by this point I am pretty confused and getting freaked out, so I shut my eyes tight and the next thing I knew I fell asleep and I awoke the next morning fine lol. :) but is this sleep paralysis? Or something different? Because I could move my eyes but my body was unable to move like I felt heave.

  119. Avatar of Crystal Crystal says:

    Have you guys considered the possibility of ”Astral Abduction”? have had these same experiences you guys have since the age of 4. However, some are accompanied by visions of Nordics and extraterrestrial origins. I always dismissed the demon theory even though I have seen some horrific entities while in this state. Sometimes I’m in bliss with a spirit before this ”grip” happens, or off world, or and invisible malevolent force, or a force that lifts me into the air, like say during and alien abduction. These creatures have shown me medical advanced procedures and animals out of this world. I have seen things and travel machinery that would blow your mind! It can be awesome, but I’m writing because I had another one last night and the term ”Sleep Paralysis” came directly into the dream. So I typed it in first thing this morning and now I’m here with you guys. One thing if I may suggest, is trying hypnosis therapy to get to the bottom of it. It may never go away as I believe these things follow our bloodlines, (I’m rh- bloodtype and so is my mother and many other relatives who share the same dreams, premonition, intuition, and strange kinetic energies) But at least you can better cope with it and once you know the source (demon, abduction or otherwise) you’ll then be able to take step through meditation and using affirmations.before sleep. Hope this helps <3

    Astral abduction BTW is when ”they” abduct your astral body instead of your physical body, and the re-assimilation can feel like a tight vice, or demonic grip as our human brains perceive things as threats of which it cannot control. There is not much literature at all out there on it, but here is a good start. : )

  120. Avatar of Sommer Rae Sommer Rae says:

    I would also like to add,I see this figure in the day sometimes for but a brief second…so, umm, not sure what to think other than I suffer from slight insanity,I see things others don’t(and hear), and I may be paranoid; issue with all these, I’m clinically sane (though I’ve never gone to actually see some doctor for this). Funny thing is my sister doesn’t see any of it and she is absolutely terrified of the darkness, whereas I embrace it.

  121. Avatar of Sommer Rae Sommer Rae says:

    It’s frightening but intriguing. I always see an apparition of a dark figure standing alone simply watching me at which point he comes into focus and I can move; though as soon as I move he disappears…it’s a natural response to move though so I have no chance to watch the figure longer. Disappointing really seeing as how all hallucinations are created subconsciously by the mind and are usually seen for a purpose.

  122. Avatar of Geneva Geneva says:

    This rarely happens to me, however the phenomenon/event itself has inspired my main fictional character, who is a half succubus :D I like the pre-scientific excuse of spirits!

  123. Avatar of Denice Denice says:

    This happens to me all the time. Science or spirits? Doesn’t really matter to me anymore, I’ve just learned to live with it.

  124. Avatar of Angela Born Angela Born says:

    I have this happen all of the time. I was raised as a witch my whole life by Mom and Grandma (not Wicca, I’m s natural witch practicing what is much older and very much nature based). My Grandma always told me this phenomenon has to do astral travel. She said you are trying to get back into your body after waking up too soon. You get to see images of your true self (most people think its a scary nightmare but going in through the mouth is easiest on our frail bodies.) You also get to see into other dimintions and they are similar and different all at the same time. At least that’s what my ancestors beleived.

  125. Avatar of samantha samantha says:

    This happens to me often and can be very scary

  126. I have done this more times than I can honestly count throughout the last 20 yrs. It started out with a feeling of having a weight on my body then progressed to either having a brief vision of a faceless man standing in the room or feeling like I was outside my body. There have been times that my entire body has started to violently shake before I have fully awaken. This seems to happen wherever I sleep,so I try not to fall asleep around strangers.

  127. Avatar of Richard Richard says:

    This something I had an unfortunate pleasure at least 83 times over 7 years, I do not over exaggerate. Just thinking about it makes my heart race faster and a strange feeling throughout my body. Mine are usually never accompanied by visions though….just darkness. Alot of the time it starts as it feels like something grabbing my legs then the grip slowly grows until it encompasses my entire my body. Unable to move, sometimes I’m unable to move then the grip starts or other times no grip at all. Then I feel like I’m being lifted into the air and then dropped. Sometimes I feel like i’m being thrown into a wall or dragged off my bed then levitate back onto my bed I feel everything literally every minor movement. I feel the air rush past me everytime I fall even feel as my entire bed bounced/shook at the force of my fall. I learned to break out of it, takes a great deal of mental will…it all ends when I turn my head until an ear is complelty covered by the pillow. Easy right? Wrong. I cant even find a analogy that will properly illustrate the effort it takes. And sometimes soon as my eyes close I’m caught in the vice again sometimes it can happen back to back 5 times in a row easily. There are few times this is accompanied by visions and those made me question everything about reality and existence itself. I need to stop at this second I cant handle talkin about this anymore one last thing. Its like something is determined to torment me or maybe my mind just torments itself willing or unwillingly I think constantly unable to figure it out. If you want to hear more I’ll tell later but for now I need to stop

  128. Avatar of Kelly Kelly says:

    Hello everyone,

    JESUS is the answer!! Whenever you are under ANY attack, not just these kinds, He will deliver you. The next time this happens, declare “The blood of Jesus! Jesus help me!” and keep repeating it until it goes away. Also, make sure you remember to say your prayers before you go to sleep at night. This is not a game people. This is REAL and the devil and his demons are busy. Feel free to add me on facebook ( I’m here for you

  129. I just wore a virus of my experience. I have an episode every one or 2 months. It’s really stressful.i have Narcolepsy which is a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucination, and frequent daytime sleep attacks. Other than that I’m I really good lucid dreamer. In one of my dreams I dreamed I was being chased by a thing (I dont remember I was 8) and I thought to myself. I’m in a dream so I can change everything. I stopped, closed my eyes and hope for something else. The thing turned to a green cartoon like witch. XD and I’ve been dreaming every night for as long as I can remember smh

  130. Avatar of Shanna Moon Shanna Moon says:

    This usually only happens while I’m at school, but it happens a lot there. Thes best i can figure is because I’m overloaded with stress/ I’m somewhere I don’t want to be/ I took something the night before. I usually see bugs and spiders crawling down my walls but I can’t move away from them.

    • Avatar of mustafa mustafa says:

      I take it that it does happen in your home, but less frequently. If that’s the case, your school is probably haunted by spirits, and thus they disturb you in your dreams. And occasionally they might travel to your home. Anyways I hope ur ok, apart from this.

  131. Avatar of Dahlia Dahlia says:

    I have had this happen a few times throughout life. One time I thought there was a figure in the corner of the room, and another time that I could remember a hand was around my throat. As I got older and was diagnosed with epilepsy and we confirmed that my epileptic episodes could be triggered by severe anxiety, it made more sense to me that I was more than likely having a slight epileptic episode while dreaming. It makes sense to me seeing how the brain is asleep yet the body is awake.

  132. I’ve had this happen to me twice, both before I had any idea what sleep paralysis was. I remember opening my eyes and though I could see, I felt like I was being smothered and there was a tightness in my lungs like I couldn’t breathe and a rushing sound in my ears. The second time it was the other way around, and I was trying to fall asleep and stopped being able to move. Both times it was terrifying for me because I was so uneducated on it.

  133. Avatar of mustafa mustafa says:

    Hi again i forgot to mention that because I’m a taxi driver, I sleep in the car a lot. On some nights or even days I would be sleeping in my car and then I know I’m in that state where it feels real and my car would suddenly drive off I won’t be able to open my eyes and the brakes dnt work. This is another form of the sp which I experience. And I thought I’d like to share with u.

  134. Avatar of mustafa mustafa says:

    Hi everyone, I’m mustafa 34 years old and a Muslim. First of all I would like to say that We Muslims believe that spirits co exist with mankind and they like mankind can be good or evil and are accountable to god for their actions. The reason why I’m telling you this is because I’m not a good Muslim, I pray on and off, and I have noticed I suffer from so called sleep paralysis whenever I start praying. I’ve read most of your stories and find it intriguing to hear that some of you guys actually see a demonic spirit or shadows. I can believe this, but this hasn’t happened in my case. Now ill tell you the real reason why I’ve written here. It is to tell you that although science tries to provide an answer for everything, sometimes it cannot do that. Science calls this assault ‘sleep paralysis’ but it hasn’t provided us with enough clear explanations why it happens. Now ill tell you my story and the reason why I’m sure it is not scientific but an evil entity had something to do with it. I’ll try not to bore you because its going to be quite long. I all started when I was about 13 or 14, one night I dreamt that I was in school having fun in the playground, when all of a sudden all hell broke loose. There was apparently a bogeyman killing all the children, and eventually as I was running for my life it can grabbed me from behind and gave my hips the biggest squeeze you can imagine, and suddenly I saw myself in my bed with that thing who’s face I could not see still grabbing me and squeezing my life out. I was in the half asleep state and the squeezing of my hips felt very real and painfull. It lasted for about 30 seconds and I managed to wake up. Since that first episode I have experienced this over 100s of times maybe over a thousand. Like u guys I have seen myself floating with that thing in the room while its still strangling me. I’ve been strangled, squeezed on my hips, waist, other parts of my body which I can’t clearly remember now, but I know for sure its happened. I’ve been sexually assaulted, while its been on top of me, on my chest and back. My teeth and my gums having excruciating pain, and until reading your comments I didn’t know this, some nights I woke up and felt a shortness of breath like something was pressing on my chest. This is the only feeling I’ve had in a real state and Not a dream. Like u guys I can hear and see people although its usually a blurred vision and as always they never hear me scream. Its happened to me at early days just b4 I woke up, then its happened in the middle of my sleep and also as soon as I sleep. It’s actually the most terrifying in the middle of the night. Over the years it happend a few nights a week, some times 4 or 5 nights in a row and then it would not happen for a while. A week or two later it would start again. I’ve always had plenty of sleep over the years. So its not a lack of sleep. I did however listen to many scary stories my dad used to tell me, I used to enjoy them but I was scared at the same time. I’m not scared anymore nowadays and I’m also gone used to this so called sleep paralysis. When I was around 18 years old, we moved to a new home and our neighbour had a dog. Them days I usually came home from work at midnight and used to sleep at 2ish. I can still remember the dog barking during that time on they days I used to suffer from sleep paralysis. I’ll let u decide why u think the dog was barking. Also most importantly I have 6 brothers and apart from one, all the rest have experienced it and 3 of them still do occasionally, actually frequently. I am however the first to experience it, and my brothers experienced it atleast 8 years after I did for the first time. My other brother regularly has dreams he is fighting ghosts and my mum also used to have regular nightmares. When we have sleep paralysis it seems we have it on similar nights. On 1 night 3 of us might have it, next night again 2 or 3, so forth, and then nobody might not have it for 2 weeks. This suggests strongly that a demonic spirit visits us. Otherwise why would we suffer from sp on similar nights. Also on these same nights my mum has her nightmares. My mum has been having these nightmares where she can’t scream and move, since one of her close aunt died over 40 years ago after she was pushed into the pond by a spirit. She was very close to her and she drowned because she could not swim. It maybe that these spirits which lived in my Mums aunts village are harassing us. U might not believe some of this stuff which I have told you, but remember only when it happens to u then believe it , just like some people who probably did not believe u when u told them about your sp. I’ve just written this to tell u guys it is not scientific. I was also just wondering if any of u guys suffer from any unusual pain in your body which the doctors cannot diagnose. Let me know please, my email is, and remember don’t be scared it seems harmless, just ride it, that’s what I do nowadays. Thanks for reading and sorry 4 it being so long, god bless u all.

    • An incubus is a demon that is related to European folklore more than any particular religion. Its name comes from the Latin word “incubo” which can be literally translated as “nightmare.” These demons are always male in form and like to lie on sleeping women in order to have sex with them. Most of the time they do this in order to make the woman pregnant so that they can be a father to a child; however, all of the legends hold that repeated interactions between an incubus and a sleeping female will result in severe deterioration in the woman’s health or even eventual death. Try to get some help, sage and fire helps. Light a candle.

  135. Avatar of Kara Marcum Kara Marcum says:

    This happens to me quite often i would say every 1-2 months, Occasionally I see thing , most times i don’t, when i do its typically still a dream like state that i can manipulate, and sometimes i cant. I have never seen anything in my room that i can remember. As for the second question i personally believe that it is probably scientific.

  136. Amazing. First, I’m glad know I’m not alone. For awhile I thought I was odd and didn’t want to address someone about the events of my dreams. Second, when I seen the photo in the upper right corner my heart dropped for a moment. when I was a child I had drawn that photo to a T. creepy for me. My experience with this is similar to others. I’ve had them a number of times and it’s the up most terrified feeling. I can see everything around me. can’t move. can’t open my mouth and scream. feel like an elephant is on my chest. complete darkness in the corner. then there is always this loud sounds that is almost like putting your ear up to a fan. I’ve gone to the point of saying and praying to God. oddly the sound will get as loud as it can and I’ll feel like I’m on fire for a short minute. then the feeling of lightness and waking up freezing but able to breath normal. I have also visions of a faceless man and a older woman. when I start praying their faces will almost get mad and come very close and then fade off into the distance. the feeling is horrible and its close to being completely paralyzed.

  137. Avatar of Strange says:

    I’ve only had this happen to me once, and I’m fairly certain it was brought on by a medication that had been given to me. But just reading through a lot of the experiences I’m seeing, it would also jibe with the things that occur during the experience of the hypnogogic state.

    It is surprisingly common..from what I gather a good portion of the population will experience it at least once during their lives to a greater or lesser degree, but it can also be brought on by sleep disorders, and certain types of epilepsy. So if it happens too frequently it may be a good idea to get checked out.

    Some of the symptoms include:
    Pressure on the chest or the feeling of being suffocated or unable to breathe, a sense of fear or impending doom, sensing a presence (usually malevolent), hearing voices and footsteps and various sounds (a loud booming noise is often described). Seeing lights or people or shadows moving around the room, less frequently feelings of floating or having an out of body experience.

    In essence hypnogogia is a form of lucid dreaming and since it involves brainwave patterns, as with lucid dreaming, some people have apparently figured out how to induce and harness the state to aid in creative endeavors..which I think it pretty interesting. I play around with lucid dreaming often, but my own encounter with hypnogogia made me feel more helpless than in control..can’t say I much cared for

    Anyhow, just figured I’d throw that out there as food for thought too :)

  138. Avatar of katsa lake katsa lake says:

    yes i have had them alot but i know where they are coming from and the figure that is scaring me and i am wondering do you also hear things that are not there cause that happens also usually my mother and father screming (my mother has been deceased for 10 years and my father abandoned me). think about if this has any relation to you life like the black cat did you have a cat as a child or the blacked out face could it be you imagination fusing slenderman and another object together so just think about those things and i think if you had the sexual hallucination it would most likely be unpleasent

  139. Avatar of indiandemon indiandemon says:

    Hi guys
    I am from indian i feel something last night that i want to share

    I wake up around 4 am in the morning i went to washroom after that when i came back to my bed

    I feel some air sensation in my ear i tried to put my hands but my hands were not moving
    not even my legs
    then suddenly after few seconds it suddenly start moving i was awake and feeling the paralysis
    after some time i feel someone moved my bed and i feel current and again i wake up and saw some shadows in wall

    I was scared to death it was a real demonic possession

  140. Avatar of Cody Cody says:

    My name is Cody. I came here to day. To share my story wit you all. Hope it helps sumone. As I set here reading story after story. I find my self not feeling not so much alone. As I can relate to you all. I truly can. Cause more then often. I go threw it often. As for myself my story is this. paralysis. If that is wat they call it to make it sound a little better to those that think they are smart. But it’s like this for me. As I fall a sleep. It always starts wit a bad dream. An my dreams are scary. I’ve seen the world an all who are in it die. An I alway try to save it. But it’s like a movie. You no how you see a person that needs the keys to there hand cuffs. An there jus out of reach. Well that is my dreams. Wit death an pain an no remorse. I have learned threw the year. How to wake my self in a dream state. It’s in that moment I go threw paralysis. But unlike sum. Never a sex thing. No wait on my chest. I can’t move. I cant talk. I can mumble at best.An move my eyes it takes every thing in me to pull out of it. Most times when I do. I get up an leave the room to go out side to have a cig. It’s after that a often see it. Not sure wat it is. No face. No voice. No color. Jus a shape of sumthing in the dark. It dosnt hurt me ever. But it is always there. You see I get up 15 to 20 times a nite. an that is after I take sleep aid. A lot of sleep aid But anyways. wat ever it maybe. I’ve search my thought an came to realize its been there is I can remember. This thing would control me as a child. It would walk me out of my house in my under ware. block at times. An I would never remember. An for years I thought I was alone. So I got tired of feeling fear. Almost numb. well about 8 years ago my mother started studying energy. An I came to see that these thing. Feed of your energy. As we all no. we as ppl can control our energy. I’ve learned how to control mine so when it happens at random. It dosnt suck me dry an leave me feelin lost. Or scared any more. Sumthing as much as a bathroom light can come in between the entity an your self. something else to feed on. Im 33 years old an have fought this my hole life. an most of you. May not no it but that entity you see. Has been there longer then I think most no. It’s a battle to wake up. Most see there as they awake. I see mine when I’m awake. Always there an goes where I go. an will never leave my side. An often I find it testing my belief in god. So maybe it’s not bad at all. But we as ppl have a closed minded thought. Raised on sumone else’s belief. An threw that belief come fear based thinking cause most are afraid of stuff they don’t not no or understand if that make since. well ok thanks you all for sharing your story. Hope you find mine helpfull as well

  141. Avatar of free free says:

    i talked to some of my friends about if this had happened to them before. some said all the time and others had no idea what the hell i was talking about but there was one person who told me the weirdest story that kind of freak me out but made my life more interesting at the time because i didn’t believe what she said but i wanted to. i told her that i had the same dream over and over where i can’t move my body just my eyes and that a big stuffed tiger that i had in my childhood had came to life. that tiger smiled at me from ear to ear and walk silently tord me like if to a deer. The tiger jumped and bite down on my neck. i layed there trying to scream, but nothing happened. I could feel my throat being smashed under the weight of it head, but the weirdness thing was that my mind didn’t move, i watched as my body was being dragged into the darkness where i couldn’t see it anymore as if my body had gone to a different place. Now she told me that the reason i was having those dream was because of a extraterrestrial beings destracted me with things of my past so that i can not feel that reality of the pain they put on me, but also destract my mind with fear so that i won’t remember what they did to me. we talked about this for about hour and i thought to myself, what a crazy bitch. but “what if”? Right?

  142. Avatar of Dana Howell Dana Howell says:

    this happens to me once or twice a week now adays it used to caus me to have horible night terrors both this and sleep walking now i just relize whats going on and try and go back to sleep
    i think its purely sientific

  143. Having read now a number of different articles relegating the terror of ‘sleep paralysis’ to scientific causes, I remain, for the most part, unconvinced. The presence of an evil, malignant force is far too strong to atttribute to anything as mundane as stress, or whatever other excuses scientists have come up with to explain such horrendous experiences. I am awake, or at least partially so, when I first feel the presence both on top of me and filling my bedroom with the energy of abject hatred. I feel as if a weight is pressing me into the bed, and slowly dragging the sheets down my body. There is also a sound, that of a low thrumming, similar to that of distant machinery. I feel as if an entity is in the room with me, trying to force me back to sleep. I imagine getting up, through a sheer force of will, going to turn on the light, only to discover that the lights dont work. Then, in a blink I am in my bed again, with the pressing weight on top of me, and all the terror that accompanies it. Once again, I imagine myself forcing myself from to turn on the light, only to discover once again that it isn’t working. This happens up to 6 or 7 times, the feeling of being attacked not abating for an instant. Somehow, I am eventually able to actually get up and turn on the lights, (which now work, thank god) and I quickly flee to the living room and turn on every light source there is.. More than likely I will spend the next 4 nights sleeping on the couch, once again with all the lights on. In closing, I want to believe that the scientific explanation is correct, but the experiences are just for too terrifying for me to do so.

    • Avatar of Tiny Tina Tiny Tina says:

      I had the exact same experience with the lights :) (how cool is that) but nothing was pressing me to the bed… the experiences range from really psycho things to nothing special but the inconvenience of not being able to wake up… so I didn’t really come to a conclusion what causes it… but to me it only happened at night… it’s been long since it last happened, but I rarely sleep at night, so I don’t really know if it’s over or what… if there is something paranormal going on, I don’t think it’s always only evil… like you and me, we don’t do just good or just bad things… if something scares the shit outa me, that doesn’t necesserily mean it wants to harm me I think… p.s.: I’m not religious… I actually love science, but reading this makes me wonder what’s really behind SP… (try burning some sage it helped me once at a friends place and it helps if you don’t panic xD)

  144. Avatar of Tristan Tristan says:

    First of all I would like to say that SP sucks and is caused by demonic enities. I know this because it happened to me and it took all the power I had to get rid of Sleep Paralysis. I live in Savannah, Ga one of the most haunted places in the world and I have been interested in the occult since I was a child. SP started for me after my friends and I started going into this old abandoned haunted house known as 12 West Olegelthorpe. It is known to be haunted by the demonic in Savannah. I had been their many times with some of craziest experiences of my life happening in that house. The last time I went their I took some friends that had never been their and didn’t beleive that kind of stuff. We were their for probably ten minutes and nothing had happened yet when I became pissed off and began cussing and daring the ghosts to do something. Thats when everything started to happen. A chandelier started rocking back and fourth, two of my friends stated something just grabbed them, and I started to feel like I was tripping. One of my friends became very angry so we decided to leave. Usually I was smart enough not to go directly back to my house but not this night. The next day I found out that one of my friends beacme very ill. I thought that something might have followed her home. Three days later shit started to hit the fan for me. I was watching tv and two of the lights in my house stopped working within minutes of each other, I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye, and I would get goose bumps constantly. That night I went to sleep I had a dream of a tall, slender dark figure with peircing yellow eyes staring at me for what seemed like hours in my dream. From that point on I was only averaging maybe three hours of sleep a night. This is when my first sleep paralysis episodes started. The first time was the scariest for me. I went to sleep and woke up within 5 minutes. When I woke up I tried to move but couldn’t. I heavy pressure encompassed my body and I tried to yell for help but couldn’t. I could see the tv which was on mute and the remote still in my hand. Over the next couple of minutes I was finally able to hit the volume button with my finger and I was able to start moving again. This freaked me out. At this point I knew that there was something in my house. For the next week week every night I would have sleep paralysis, very lucid or horrifying dreams that would wake me up, or I would start to fall asleep feel like I was falling which would jolt me out of bed. Needless to say I was afriad to go to sleep. I bought sage and would burn after each incident to no avail though. I decided the best idea would be to not let this get to me and to fight back. I started taking lots of sleep medication which helped but I was still having crazy dreams. At one point when I realized that I was dreaming within the dream, I was able to control the dream myself by either forcing my self to wake up or controling what I did in the dream. One night I was finally was able to fall asleep when I woke up to find a dark mist figure in my apartment. I started chasing it through the apartment and finally caught it by my fridge. I started choking it by the neck and I remeber yelling “gotcha”. I instantly woke up and felt like the presence had finally left. Since then I haven’t had any episode of sleep paralysis and can finally get more that five hours of uninterrupted sleep. I still have horrifying lucid dreams every now and then but i know feel at peace. My favorite lucid dream is when I feel asleep and woke up to my chair rocking back and forth by itself and my house looking like somebody had torn it apart. This frightened me so I ran outside. It was dark outside and I could see my neighbors light on. It then began to rain very hard. I remember looking at my arm as the rain was hitting it and realized that I was dreaming. So I ran back in the house to see if i could see myself sleeping. I couldn’t but could see the impression my body made on the bed from were I was sleeping. So I started shaking the bed instantly I woke up. My favorite sleep paralysis story is one night I feel asleep. While asleep I heard what sounded like the tv and ac turn off and turn on again which woke me up. As i started to get up I became paralysied and started to see a black cloud devolp on my ceiling. At this point I became pissed and tried with all my might to move but couldn’t. Then the cloud started to move to the far wall in my room. When it passed through the wall I was able to start moving again. The point of this article is if you don’t fight back you will never get rid of whatever is haunting you. If you have any questions email me at

  145. Avatar of Joanne Joanne says:

    my sleep paralysis occur is following an out of body experience where when I sense fear a demon will arrive and scare me back to my body then sit next to my bed and then I can’t move anything except my eyes happened since I was a child once a month

  146. I first experienced this around the age of 16, since then its happened on a week to week basis, i’ve become so used to it that the fear that used to be associated with it has been gone for some time now, i can now use it as a means of seeing and moving into what ive began to call the dark places, here i have seen and corresponded with entities that i call (for lack of a better term) wake walkers, i dont know if they are simple illusions or dreams but i do know they have for told of things that later happened throughout my life. I feel only certain people are meant to experience this and if you do, please learn to control your emotions and use it.

  147. Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

    I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis about 3-4 times a week for about 5 years now. I feel like I’m dreaming, but I’m trying to wake up completely. As I’ve gotten more experienced with it, I can now sometimes speak loudly enough in my sleep to get my husband to wake me. He knows I struggle with this issue, so when he hears me talking in my sleep he wakes me. I don’t know whether I believe in demons or not, but most of the time, there seems to be some type of sexual encounter. Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe and wake up gasping for air. Is there anyone out there who experiences this as often as I do?

    • Avatar of Alexandra B Alexandra B says:

      I do, this happens to me quite frequently, same as you 3-5 a week. It feels like a really fat person just sat on me. I start to panic when i notice that my heart rate goes down almost as if i’m dying, in fact i try to breathe because when this happens i feel like i really am dying. Then outta nowhere my heart rate will be skyrocket fast, like a heart attack. Also my bones literally start to sink down on the bed, i can literally feel my hips being pushed down into my bed. I will be terrified, like someone is choking me. i can only move my eyes and just twitch my either left foot or my my right one, but never at the same time. I wonder which it is a fat incubis or actual sleep paralysis. Do i really want to know if i’m going insane or if a fat sex demon is sitting on me?

  148. Avatar of Nette Nette says:

    I have experience sleep paralysis coming up as a teenager, but I would “NEVER” say anything to anyone because I did not think they would believe me. In my adulthood, I would experience these episodes again. I explain this to a friend who said she never experience it, but she heard of others.

    Last night I had the incident to happen again, this time like before I could feel the gentle caress of the hands of a person. I could feel it turning me over. All I heard was “I can never let you forget me”. With all the scream, yelling I had done. I finally calmed down. I was hoping my husband who hear me. I laid there in the moment of being pleasured orally not able to move. I could see a dark figure asking who are you, but there was not response.

    last week,my friend was buried who was very dear to me. I really enjoyed him as a friend and I know I could never forget him because he was the perfect friend for me. I may not have been able to express myself, but I had to do it in other ways.

    After the sexual encounter that felt so real, I opened my eyes thinking I was awake, but I was not fighting to move again. I closed my eyes saying the Lord’s Prayer and calling out His name. A blurred dark image appeared coming close to me kissing me. I could feel it sucking the air out of me. I could feel myself using my hands to push it back. It feel like a suction cup.

    I never understood this, but this has happen to me off and on for years. even the encounter of the sexual encounter. It still rings in my head ” I don’t want you to forget me”. I’m to the point that I’m not afraid now I’m seeking answers. I will have to be calm the next time this happen because I just want it to stop.

    I’m have trouble sleeping habits. I will have to manage my sleep time better…my friend think it’s a spirits and convince of it. I’m been dealing with it for so long. I just would like to at once calm down and figure it out.

    • An incubus is a demon that is related to European folklore more than any particular religion. Its name comes from the Latin word “incubo” which can be literally translated as “nightmare.” These demons are always male in form and like to lie on sleeping women in order to have sex with them. Most of the time they do this in order to make the woman pregnant so that they can be a father to a child; however, all of the legends hold that repeated interactions between an incubus and a sleeping female will result in severe deterioration in the woman’s health or even eventual death.

  149. There was one time in my life so far that I think I had sleep paralysis, I say I think because I didn’t even try to move or anything, so it might not have been. I was researching and trying to experience OBE’s (out of body experiences) And once I woke up I’m guessing around 3 AM but don’t know for sure, and my I felt EXTREME vibrations, like, I was hearing an extremely high pitched constant buzzing sound, I tried to use this to go out of body but sadly I wasn’t able to. Sense then, which was a couple years ago. Well in the past 3 months really, I’ve experienced around 10 OBE’s, so far it hasn’t been anything real amazing, and I haven’t ever been consciously OBE, which is now my goal, every time I’m OBE I never realize it because I’m just doing something like waking up to use the bathroom or use my laptop (Each time I know for a fact it was an OBE because if it wasn’t then physical reality would have been different when I woke up, with my most recent one for example the power cord would have been plugged in in the morning even tho I un-plug it every night before bed, sense I plugged it in and then wen’t back to sleep with it plugged in while OBE) I haven’t had any sleep paralysis, but from what I can tell if anything I don’t need it for the purposes I would want to have it, I would imagine it’s easier to consciously go OBE with sleep paralysis, but that’s not part of my life story right now. I need to figure out what works, personally I think if I can just get myself to truthfully perform reality checks at least several times every day then in a months time at most I should have a conscious OBE assuming that I do have any OBE’s in that time. :) And I’m sure by now for those who have traded some comments with me realize that I go into great detail with everything, if you don’t like it then feel free to not read it! The reason I go into such detail is to try and help anyone who is curious get all the valuable information out of my experience possible.

  150. Avatar of Zlatan.R Zlatan.R says:

    I had this happen to me I had these 2 or 3 dark cloaked figures in my room saying in a demonic voice “weeee wiiill kiiiill yoooouuu” it was quite scary I also heard these can be deadly if they are frequent

  151. I’ve only had this happen once.
    I thought I saw a dark figure in the corner of my room and I went into full panic mode. I swear I heard a cat screeching but within about ten seconds I had fallen back asleep, and I had nightmares every night from then. I soon began having frequent night terrors, they were similar and I woke up screaming and/or crying many times. Since I moved house I haven’t been having as many issues but I still have very frequent nightmares.

  152. no one has told me i have it, but the theory has been thrown around by my psychiatrist and my psychologist. it only happens some night but it is strange and in ways it both makes me feel intrigued and terrifies me, which is not an easy task to do.

    the nights it happens start out normally, i get ready for sleep and then lay down and close my eyes, then when i feel sleep approaching i begin to drift off….though not in the usual sense of “drifting off”. i begin to feel this strange thing around my ankles, if feels very very light like the air itself is wrapping around them, then there is tugging, and pulling, all very very light but heavy enough that i can feel it, i normally shake my feet and it goes away for a while. then i fall asleep and the dreaming starts. sweet dreams, nice dream, weird dream, scary dreams, nightmares, uncomprehendible horror…., they start off as good dreams and slowly sink into strangeness accompanied by death and always always ALWAYS…there is a strange man, he has no face, he seems to be nothing but a shadow, the last episode i had i was so terrified in my dream as the “shadow man” came closer to me. now i have this ability, that i think most people do, to know when i am dreaming, at some point in my dream i realize i am dreaming. now in this last “shadow man” dream, as i do in every nightmare after i realize i am asleep, i pinched myself in the dream and that normally wakes me up. this time it didn’t. he had put his hand on my shoulder, and when i pinched myself it didn’t work….so i dug my nails into my skin, still didn’t work, so i began to dig my nails so deeply into my arm that it was gushing blood and my fingertips were in the skin. then the shadow man smiled…something he has never done in the 12 years i have dreamed of him, how he was able to smile with a face that had no features i do not know, but it woke me up….and i couldn’t move and felt this giant pressure (heavier then any i have felt before when this has happened) pressing me down, i knew i was awake now and this “wakening up and not able to move” thing had happened before so i began to relax which normally helps…but then i looked over and i saw him, standing in the corner of my room, i could see slight features on his face, though no enough to really help, and as he began moving towards me i began to scream, but my mouth wouldn’t move and after a while i could start to hear myself, all i was making was small helpless grunts. i closes my eyes hoping it was just a weird vision, which i did sometimes get after these most of them were black cats, but when i opened them he was closer and when he came up to me he knelt/squatted down ((i sleep on a futon on the floor)) and put his hand over my mouth, then he began to speak ((again something he has never done before)) and my mouth started to burn finally i closed my eyes again and in what seemed like a few seconds, had fallen back into my dream and pulled myself out again, fulling wakening up and able to move i sat up and (of coarse) turned on the light, there was nothing, but, my mouth still burned.
    im not scared of a lot, but this does scare me. i’m not sure what to think… whether this is just a medical thing or something more but either way i would like to find out somehow.

  153. Avatar of Polly says:

    There’s usually a narrator in my dreams telling me what I’m supposed to interpret. Which makes me think I’m being manipulated. They’re enlightening but I question it becaues I don’t know why they would want to. Especially with you how could they scare you and why would they want to?

  154. Avatar of pauline pauline says:

    3.00 in the afternoon.Daylight in my bedroom as i left the curtains open whilst i lay on my bed for a nap for about an hour.Aware of waking but not being able to move.Scariest thing was feeling breath in my right ear and tlking but couldent make out what was being said.Hands stroking me intimately all down from my neck all down my front.Really slow and sensual making me hot .I was petrified but couldent do anything just looking around the room with my eyes.Wishing i could sream for help but nothing would come out .The hands knew how to explore my body every inch of it to the point where i must admit i did have an orgasm.Later i woke and realised what had happened and i ran downstairs to tell my sister who revealed she had exactly the same happen to her and she wouldent ever use that bedroom .we moved soon after because i woke up 1 morning and the bedroom was on fire .a candle had been lit and burned down and set light to a chair .luckily i woke up but we couldent live there any longer.

  155. Avatar of Alicia Alicia says:

    I’ve had my share of sleep paralysis. Prior to the paralysis, I had a dream. I looked into a black cats eyes and I suddenly felt like something was sucking my energy or soul. I quickly opened my eyes and I couldn’t move. I still felt like my energy or soul was being sucked. Ever saw harry potter and the prisoner of Askaban? Well, if you have, I believe you are aware of the Dementors. They tend to suck life force or energy out of their victim, and the way it looked on Harry Potter is the exact same way I felt. It was the most terrifying experience ever. I eventually broke out of it. BUT…When I tried to go back to sleep, that feeling of deep deep sleep as if I was sinking would come back as soon as I closed my eyes and I quickly opened them again to wake myself up. I got up, walked around my room to wake my body up and tried to go to sleep again. I think it may be psychological, but I am not sure. It’s weird how the dream started it all.

  156. Avatar of barb barb says:

    So reading this has helped me figure out what the heck happened to me last night, I really thought I was going crazy or that there was something physically wrong with me, and maybe there still is lol. So for the first time ever last night I had this sleep paralysis altercation. It was a normal day for me yesterday I went to class and then went out to the bar with some friends and had a couple of beers but I was well aware of everything around me and by the time I had gotten home around 11ish I was completely sobered up. Well I was exhausted and drinking makes you tired so I was ready for bed. I had sooo much trouble trying to fall asleep and was just staring at the ceiling for hours until i couldnt take it anymore. I was definitely in and out of sleep but nothing too long like maybe an hour at a time. Well it was about 3ish Im not really certain of the time until I was awakened. I remember being awakened or what I thought to be me awake,( my thought process was fully functioning) to what felt to me like an earthquake. I swear I felt my bed tremble and I remember thinking to myself whats is going on are mom and dad feeling this right now and waiting to see if they would get up I live in PA so earthquakes are rare, and then the next thing I know I cant breath or move any part of my body. This sent me over the edge I was so terrified that I was going to die and I tried screaming for my mom but nothing was happening and then as im trying to open my eyes and breathe I felt someone watching me. I have never felt like someone was really watching me in my room at night before. IT was so terrifying I wanted to cry, I prayed to god and said my hail Mary’s and our fathers, praying this event would be over and finally what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes I could move and talk. CRAZY experience I have ever had happen to me and I NEVER want it to happen again. I cant explain the terror I felt in that moment or the thought that I was really going to die at that moment because I couldn’t breath. Im so glad I am not the only one who has witnessed this experience before, it still shocks me and scares me.

  157. Avatar of Vivek Dsouza Vivek Dsouza says:

    Hi everyone, actually me too experienced the same. Also i believe that u all observed this kind of experience only at a situation when u r not fully covered ur body while sleeping. if u fully cover ur body and sleep u will never experience it. still now searching for the right answer for this & may yet to spend more time i believe. just i want to share my thinking / findings on this webpage with you friends. Thanks!

    • Avatar of Janica Janica says:

      Actually one time I had my blanket over my head and it still happened to me only this time I couldn’t see my room I could only hear someone walking in but couldn’t move. So I guess that doesn’t work on me :-(

  158. Avatar of Ninforadio Ninforadio says:

    Brothers and sisters:

    I have had sleep paralysis before (3 years ago), but was too scared to continue with the experience, soon i hope ill find enough mental strength to get on this trip again until it fades.

    All I can tell you is that you are being victims of your own beliefs and fears, thats why the prayers, the anger, the insults and countdowns work, just concentrate in something different.

    the demon is you.

  159. Avatar of Angel Angel says:

    Hello everyone, 1st of all I would l would like to say thank you all for sharing your story & experiences! This gives us the courage to speak up and let others know that even though we are human beings with different feelings and different personalities & identities, after all we all go through a similar life experiences. As I read all the stories & comments, almost every single encounters that happened to you guys also happened to me in my life. I’m not Christian nor Catholic nor Buddhist etc. but I do believe there is a God for every other beliefs & religions that exist. Even though the Bible, Koran, Sutra’s doesn’t have 100% truth written in it, The truth is that God does exist and watching over us. We have our Gods, different Gods that is waiting for us to welcome us in their Kingdom of Heaven. I believe in the spiritual world. I believe above every religion and the messengers there is only 1 and only THE GOD whom created this earth…Jesus is the messenger of God, My God is the messenger of God, your God is also the messenger of God…There is no such thing as only 1 God for all of us…We are different people, with different race and different beliefs & religion. Everything has a meaning behind it. Everything happens for a reason! Science is not the only answer to life…Science is science, Faith is faith, and there are things in life that we will never understand and see it until we go there to see it after death. Your body might die but your soul never dies. Heaven and hell do exist! You don’t have to be religious, but just believe that there is a GOD that saves you from the darkness and the endless suffering, or There is a Hell that pulls you down to its darkness and torture you endlessly! Before I kind of gave up on God. I stopped believing God for what I was going through at the difficult years of my life. As a solution and relief I started partying heavily, drinking alcohol excessively, smoking like a chimney, sleeping with someone who I didn’t feel special about. Everything I was doing pulled me closer & closer to hell. I was pulled by demons and was following what they prepared for me at the time. Devils make you believe that this life you live, you have to live it to the fullest, don’t matter what will come later. Because we tend to say (Fuck it I’m gonna do it coz I’m only gonna live once)!…Hell NO. We do not live once. Our soul lives on and on and on!!! So to people whom are having this so-called Nightmare, Evil spirit whatever you call it, IT IS DEFINITELY A VISIT FROM THE BELOW WORLD! I was told by a Spirit from above about this. I experienced many magical and also grim things that you would not believe but also some Will believe because they went thought it. But anyways now that I’m connected to the Spiritual world, I have to cleanse my soul and let go of all my sins, never to repeat them again. In this way I become the Holy person, messenger of my God to help others. But as I am a human and young, sometimes it’s very hard to stay holy & refuse. I have many friends that likes to party and drink…therefore sometimes I ask for forgiveness and just go with the flow and go out with my friends and party. But after I always get the visit from below. Because when I do the bad things, I no longer have the Aura that protects me, basically I destroy my protection from God by refusing to stay in their protection by going with the devil’s side. If one try, faith will try for them. So I always end up getting visits from the demons. They try to take my soul. I’ve had sexual encounters, my hair had been pulled, my chest pressed down, claws scratching me, they tried to do many things to me…even possessing my body and speaking out of me, turning into the disguise of my loved ones to fool me, many things they have tried. But I’ve learnt to stay true to my Gods and get away from the Devil’s side. Now with my strong belief in my Gods and with the will to pull myself together I no longer get visits from them. But if I break my boundary and open the door – I WILL…

  160. Avatar of Macey Macey says:

    The past two years I have been going through a spiritual battle with evil spirits. I was homecoming queen, prom queen, and class clown in high school and never had a mental illness. I’m not saying that to be cocky I am just saying it to state that I was living a normal life. Then a few years ago I started having these night time experiences where you were sleeping but you wake up and can feel something holding you down, you can’t speak, and you feel fear. All I could do was ask jesus to make it go away and after a few minutes it would. It scared me at Sometimes you can feel something swinging you around the room. I also have suffered from demonic dreams. Where I can feel the Enemy doing things to me sexually or other demonic things. I can feel his claws up in my private part. Or sometimes I can feel his claws in my back pulling me up off the bed. I have sinned and messed up a lot in life. I had an addiction with sex growing up and always lied to cover it up because I was involved super much at church and had always been very religious just had an addiction with sex and never had an encounter yet with Jesus and I believe I opened a door for evil spirits to come in. They have absolutely destroyed my life the past two years. I have never had a mental illness growing up and all a sudden when all this stuff started a couple years ago overnight my mind and my dreams were bombarded with evil thoughts and words and vulgur things and the demonic dreams started also. I was seeing demon faces in my pillows and bible verses moving around on my dry erase board in my room and things shifting around on my wall. This was while I was awake, not laying down or sleeping. I just want ya’ll to know I truly believe it is spiritual. Since this stuff has started something has made me feel mute, deadened, and dark inside every single day spiritually and I really believe it is the enemy and because I opened doors by sin to let him in or allow him access to mess with me. I had to leave college when all this stuff started because I was trying to fast to make it go away and was struggling with darkness and suicide. Two years later the nighttime experiences have gone away! So many people have been praying for me and I haven’t had one of those scary encounters in over a year! I am still struggling super bad just by feeling held down spiritually and sometimes have demonic dreams still but I also have dreams of God and the enemy fighting over me. And of God’s arms reaching down pulling me up and speaking to me. I have fasted, prayed, and read my bible and nothing has taken away this darkness that I feel yet! But some of the darkness has gone away like the nighttime experiences and most of the demonic dreams as well are gone. I just encourage whoever is reading this whether you believe in God or not just to say a prayer to him and ask him into your heart and set you free from the bondage and darkness you are experiencing and also for him to be your Savior so you never have to be held down by this darkness anymore!! Even if you are thinking I’m crazy and don’t believe this stuff is spiritual, it never hurts to try and pray. God could take away those experiences like he did for me! “The enemy has come to steal, kill, and destroy. And Jesus came to give life, and life more abundantly. “John 10:10. I am not healed yet and am still struggling with feeling this darkness inside but I continue to try and stay in the Word. God has already taken some of the darkness away. God says choose life or death, blessings or curses. Sometimes when we sin we open doors for curses. I believe being tormented in your sleep is one of these things and also everything else I am going through. I am not condemning any of you because I have been the biggest sinner of all and so messed up but there is hope! God will feel you with his holy spirit that will help you choose life in your decisions everyday! That way you can experience blessings. He wants what is best for you! “And has a hope and a future for you! One to give you the future you hope for!” Jeremiah 29:11. “He loves you and you are precious in his sight”Isaiah 43:4 I just encourage you if you are going through a dark time to ask God into your heart and for his holy spirit! And to get into his word to draw near to him!! I am going through a battle myself and people have spoken into my life that had been fasting for me that said one day I was going to talk to so many kids about God and what I had gone through because of the sinful choices I was making rampantly in my life. That I was going to be a miracle showing nothing is impossible for God. Feeling like I’m in darkness right now i get scared or wonder if God is going to leave me because I’ve sinned to much. But God’s word says he will never leave or forsake you! And that once he starts a good work in you he will be faithful to complete it! I have been filled with the holy spirit and have spoken in tongues so I KNOW that God is real. I have the undeniable evidence living inside of me and able to speak in his prayer language. If something is stirring your heart or if you wonder if God is even real or want out of the darkness…take time to say a prayer to him and ask him to come into your heart and take away any darkness you’re having to go through and that you want to go to heaven and experience life abundantly on earth right now! Being tormented in your sleep in not a fun thing to go through! I tell ya’ll what others have spoken into my life because Maybe one day if I get completely better and God restores me like his word promises he will do after we have suffered a little while…maybe he will use me to help other people that I see tonight are going through some of the same things I have been through! Whether you believe in God or whether youbelieve or don’t believe this is Spiritual, if you want it gone what could it hurt to try and pray to God to take it away?! What if there really is a God who is perfect and died for you and loves you! Someone who wants the best for you! How could you turn that down? Isn’t it worth a shot to call out to God! It may take time but I urge you to pray for it to go away and to have prayer warriors pray for you too like I have had pray for me. It has helped take the nighttime experiences away from me! And it can help you too! My name is Macey Martina Smith so if you want to add me on facebook we can become friends and see how everything is going in eachothers lives especially with these nighttime experiences! God bless you! You are precious to him and he loves you! Call on the name of the Lord and be saved! Romans 10:13

    • Avatar of Anthony Anthony says:

      A very good read Macey, I enjoyed it and I’m so glad those demonic dreams have stopped. I’m Anthony, so nice to meet you and I can relate to your story because the same thing has been happening to me. All I can say is that mine has been happening when I pray out loud, go to church or simply ask God for forgiveness. I do sin, drink, party, play drums in a band but I also believe deeply in the Lord. I had a dream (or nightmare as you might say) about a couple of years ago where, I knelt down beside my bed to pray for a friend who was sick. After I layed down to go to sleep, I felt this overwhelming presence grab a hold of me underneath my arms and it wouldn’t let me move or talk. I tried to free myself but couldn’t. After I yelled(or tried yelling), the presence went away. I talked to my Mom the next morning and she told me that it was more than likely a demon that came to visit me because it didn’t want me to leave the the life that I was living. My Mother is deeply into church and told me if it ever happens again, to ask the demon to leave in Jesus’ name. Well, it happened to me again last week. I am single and I live home alone and this time I read my bible out loud for some reason and after I layed down again, I felt this presence practically jump on me, hold me down and I felt it breathing heavy in my ear. I didn’t feel panic this time and I did what my Mother told me to do and had to say it twice before it left. I do think that it’s demons trying to keep me to believe in them but I only believe in almighty God and Jesus Christ! I hope that your bad dreams will never come back. If mine ever do, I’m not scared anymore and know exactly what to do! Thanks for sharing and I will definately look you up on Facebook! Thanks again for reading my story!

    • Avatar of flynt flynt says:

      Hello macey. I had all kinds of these dreams last night. Its really the First time ive experienced feeling awake aand wanting to yell out for help or reach for my gun. And not be able to move for severalseconds. It felt as if I was being shaken by somthing. i kept seeing strange and very unusuall faces with black eyes (kind of like from the movie, Saw) and when i would look into them i would begin hearing screaming, yelling unable to understand… ya know? I havnt felt like being scratched of anything like that i hope i never will. But i had felt somewhat a feeling of “out of balance” Like you decribe.
      I was up all night dealing with it. i probably had about 30 of these dreams back to back. tried and tried to make it stop. If finaly did when i woke up, I said the Lords Prayer outloud, and prayed to my mother to make it all stop.And it finally did. I couldnt make it to work this morning because i overslept when i did crash. Another thing as i would awake. I sware i seen a set of bright yellow eyes on my closet door fade away of the the right side and shadows dissipating around them. Im a Welder. So i have a few burned spots in my retnias. but damn they scared me. lol I hope no one has to deal with this!!!!!

    • Avatar of Kristine Kristine says:

      Amen. I have been experiencing this for several years now I know it is demons and or satan.he spoke to me in latin few days ago.I immediately ask Jesus to kick satan out of my home and he immediately leaves. I also say in the name of Jesus I rebuke you and it works every time and mother always told me satan does not like the name Jesus

  161. Avatar of Lily Lily says:

    This has happened several times as through out and still is occasionally. Didnt know what it was. The first times I was just paralyzed with a feeling of a malevolent presence watching me.. Another the same, paralyzed except this time I had no fear or anything of that sort, after a few seconds, the best way i can describe is like little feet were walking on me, along my arm, not heavy but light weight instead. All through out there was no panick or fear like I said, just awareness. Not sure what to think of this since it wasnt anything evil atleast didnt feel like it. As for the latest sleep paralysis experience I had, I managed to go through with it w/o panicking and getting rid of that evil presence, demon, whatever the hell it was. Only difference is I knew what waz up. So it would be all on how you think of your current state.. When I woke up and found I couldnt move, scream or anything basically, I knew what it was and just as the slight hint of panic and evil vibes crept in I calmed myself and took control of my consciousness (eventhough i was paralyzed) Atleast in my case that worked for me. Gotta say during those few sec or min Im not sure.. no fear or ‘demon’ was present just immobility.

  162. Avatar of Jasmine Jasmine says:

    I actually had that happen to me once, though untill reading this I had no idea what it was. I awoke from what I can only assume was a nightmare, to extreme fear and the inability to move. Upon regaining movement a few seconds later (in what felt like a weird adrenaline rush) I imagine I looked somewhat like a fish out of water, because internally that was what I was trying to do with the realisation that I couldn’t move. After my initial extreame panic, I was in a state of fear followed by hours of inability to sleep and vomiting. I was fearful of the experiance. I didn’t know what it was or why it had happened.
    (I should note, hypochondria runs in my family, then again perhaps Im not the only one who assumed the worst) Irrationally I lept to the conclusion I was having a stroke. I thought I was dying… Or something.
    Glad to know it was something as simple as sleep paralysis, because I’ve always wondered. Phew.

  163. Avatar of joe joe says:

    For the past 6 months I’ve been free of the dark figure prescence type stuff but lately have been having weird moments when somethings pressing down on my chest and I feel the pain. From the start, I remember everyone I’ve had they all use to be in succession every night. I know for a fact that if I sleep facing down I’ll end up having sometype of thing attacking me, I know I’ll go into sleep paralysis, if I sleep upwards I’ll get a short dream of something pressing down on me and I feel the pain so I sleep not facing the wall (facing the wall gets me worried because I don’t know what’s behind me)
    Anyway for years when I slept in my brothers room I’d be up till god knows what hour not wanting to sleep, I’d also be in the possition facing down, off my pillow with my pillow next to me so I didn’t see anything but though I was scared of seeing something I’d end up getting paranoid about something being there and then it would happen. Some which I can remember are of something coming into my room, me hearing it and then it running out. Also an early experience I remember are of me being in bed and a black figure coming up to me and tickling me relentlessly, I’d shout for my mum and she’d say she’s coming but never did.
    After days upon days of the same old thing weeks upon weeks I ended up getting very angry because I knew they were coming so I moved room, still I was experiencing them, things jumping on my bed, things hitting me scraching me. One day I got to my wits end and screamed “Fuck off dad” (My dad died when I was 4) and it went away, and since then I haven’t experienced any at all.
    Although lately I have been having the one of actual dreams were I could see the people and they’d end up pressing down on my chest until I woke.
    One things I know that cause sleep paralysis is sleeping face down, and also getting paranoid over it, if you get paranoid and worried or scared you’ll force yourself into the situation and then be locked in a vicious circle. In the end I lost me temper and told it to go away and now I’ve been fine.

  164. Wow.. I to have this due to years of Insomnia… Never seen a cat but definitely the Shades of the human forms doing mostly violent or mischievous things . The worst I had seemed like Aeons of time had past it was as if I was watching a bibliography on my life and future.. and the Future is a big time fear of mine cos we all dont know what it holds. I’ve watched myself dieing as on old man alone in a home (wide awake) but could not move. As far as it being scientific or paranormal; I; in my opinion believe this to take both phenomenons on. One must understand it maybe genetics and this chemical imbalance in the body/mind and maybe the mutual spiritual connection with your inner you. Native Sumerians and many old world ways believe this to be true… Almost like an alchemy of the mind!

  165. Yes, it has happened to me many times. I think that the only way to find out what it is is to test it. I am pretty sure that it is linked somehow with lucid dreams, somnambulism and out-of-body experience. But I can be wrong. I don’t think that it is linked with ‘demons’. Maybe with people in the skin of a ‘demon’.

  166. the one and only time it happened to me i was in bed with my rabid wolf. i nodded out and i was on my back. next i woke but i couldnt move. i was aware of the tv being on and something stepped in front of the light of it. i couldnt open my eyes and i tried and tried. then i could feel the being bend over me as to be face to face with me. then a fear came over me that ive never felt in all my life. it wouldnt stop no matter how much i wanted it to. those five minutes felt like hours. when it was over and i was released i woke my rabid wolf and begged her to hold me. she wouldnt know of this for about an hour, for i was too afraid to talk.

  167. Avatar of L.A. Graves L.A. Graves says:

    No evil sprits. Most Everything I think can be explained scientificly. It is not some religious Phenomena. Just like when they said mosses turned water into blood, that is just caused from too much iron in the water, which would kill the fish and cause the so called plague of insects at the same time. A chain of events.

  168. I have experienced this a lot of time and I don’t think its an evil spirit… but a scientific phenomena Idk. But the last time I went through this I felt someone on top of me covering my mouth, I tried to scream but couldn’t, and I saw a black shadow with horns at the end of my bed but I think that I saw him because I had just woken up. Anyway all I can say is that it was a very scary feeling not being able to move or scream.

  169. Avatar of Xat Grey Xat Grey says:

    I’ve never had it happen to me, but a friend I used to have would go through it. She told me the only time she didn’t was when she had people sleeping over in her room. She had described it as a pressure holding her down and she saw what looked like a black cloud of smoke that hung over her. When I tried to help her discover what it was, it turned out that whenever she had it happen, it would always be a sexual dream before she awoke which led her to believe it may have been the workings of an Incubi or Succubi.

  170. Avatar of Ash Ash says:

    I first experienced sleep paralysis about 7 or 8 years ago. Quite possibly one of the scariest moments of my life – not understanding why i couldn’t move, why i could feel the most awful pressence nearby and what was going to happen to me at that point. At this point i feel the need to let everyone know that i have a very open mind as to what may be causing these strange things to happen, be it medical or phenominal. Each explanation has its valid points for me. the reason i am trying to look deeper into this some years on is that last night i had my worst experience to date with 2 incidents occurring in the same night for tthe first time, and from what i read no-one else on the forum has had such a night. Anyway here goes. Last night around 2:40 am i had my regular incredibly strong pressure on my chest i couldn’t move and in the past i have even been pushed up my headboard and put in a seating position against my will and helpless to control it, however last night i was kept lay on my back completely paralysed as usual… it passed as usual within minuites. About ten minuites later i had for the first time what another person on here described as like an earthquake but only i was shaking almost fit like behavior. I felt rapid continuous hits to the back of my head and base of my back to which i now have bruising? This is a first for me to be actually left with pain afterwards although i could feel the hits at the time they didn’t hurt at all untill this morning. I also felt as if i was being lifted from my mattress you know a feeling of suspension. I know for a fact i was awake as my first incident allways leave me unable to fall back asleep. I have read numerous articles about incubus/subbucus which relate to a sexual encounter but have never experienced such findings. I have read that general sleep paralysis can be early signs of narcalepsy but find this hard to beleive as if anything i am deprived of sleep with my unstable sleep patterns. I would love to learn the meaning of all this but fear i won’t ever find what I’m looking for unless it all stops. So if anyone else knows something i don’t i would love to know.

  171. Avatar of Matt Matt says:

    I started experiencing “sleep paralysis” a few months ago. The first 2 episodes i was dreaming i was in another home/bed. I’ve probably had about 10 of these all together and the rest have occured in the bed in which i was sleeping. I feel awake and i can see the room around me. It’s dark, middle of the night and I cannot move whatsoever. My fiance has been sleeping next to me in almost all of these episodes..and out of fear i always try to call her name for help. However, I am never able to make a noise. There is always a dark shadowy evil presence. He is either walking around the room or standing directly next to me. Last night was the first time i remember having difficulty breathing, when i actually “woke” up i gasped for air. This has had me worried, was i really suffocating? If so this is no joke. I’ve read the scientific explanations…apparently our mind wakes up before the nerve signals are sent to us that enable us to move and function normally so therefor we become in a panic and hilucinate our subconcious fears. My question is why do most people experience an evil presence? Usually a being of some sense. Most people have bigger fears of things other then things paranormal…in fact people who don’t believe in the paranormal still have these encounters. I’m not discounting science’s explanation. However, i also am open to the possibility it could be something paranormal…..

  172. Avatar of kalisha kalisha says:

    I sat reading some of these encounters last night after my visitation, prob not the best thing to do whilst in a state of fear but I needed to do some research.. it had a been about 6 months since my last encounter, I have moved house but i feel this was a diff entity, not one that followed.. years ago i had worse things happen, like being pulled thru walls etc. anyway, last night it started as a dream where a shaman woman friend of mine and i were in the ‘otherworld’, we turned a cnr and i saw a demon, i told her ‘do NOT look at it’ but it was too late, she looked and it entered her body, suddenly, she/it turned to me and started being sexual, it wasnt her anymore, it had a demonic voice, started swearing at me calling me all kinda of names then had its gross tongue in my mouth and trying to have sex with me, i became aware i was on my bed in my room and asleep so i started trying to wake myself up by yelling out “call the police!’, for some reason…. i heard myself yelling and woke up. my cat was on full alert to something in the cnr of my room. i lit some incense, grabbed my crystals and placed them around the bed to protect me, then commanded it to leave, but i was so shaken i didnt feel fully in my power to deal w it properly. it was about 2.45am, i stayed awake til about 6 as i was too afraid to go back to sleep. I lit a white candle and stared into it, trying to firmly imagine a bubble of white light around myself and extended it to around my bed, then room, then house, then drifted back to sleep safely. best thing you can do is white light yourself & smudge yourself and the house with white sage, or grandfather sage, which i am sourcing first thing tomoro. when youre in the moment of fear its not easy to fight it, but once i did, i screamed at it to GO AWAY, and flung a ball of light at it and it went and i woke up, must remember to do that next tie and not let the fear take over…. safe sleeps everyone… x

  173. Avatar of Darkened Darkened says:

    I have had it happen to me. I woke up and could not move or speak. My mind was fine and inside I was kinda yelling but of course nothing came out of my mouth. I did feel like someone was trying to strangle me and they were sort of sitting or pushing on my chest but it was weird because even though I was laying down on my back and felt that pressure on my front chest area- I felt like the person/thing strangling me was behind me and reaching around and breathing in my ear at the same time. A hot deep throaty breath. I felt really hot and I know that I was in a panic. But I tried to calmly tell myself over and over that it was just a dream and that maybe I wasn’t even really awake and unable to move. I tried consciously to remain calm and somehow eventually I just must have fallen back to sleep and when I woke up again everything was fine. It has happened only about twice to me but both those times were pretty much the same. I didn’t really “see” anything but just had the sensation or feeling that something or someone was there wrapping their arms around my body pressing in on my chest and breathing heat on me while sort of paralyzing me to where I could neither move or speak. It was scary for sure.

  174. Avatar of Heather Heather says:

    I call these “coma dreams”. You are partially awake and are aware of your surroundings, can hear what is going on around you, but can not completely pull yourself out of it for a period of time. As somewhat of a control freak, these experiences are what my worst nightmares are made of. I have had several of these in my lifetime, none accompanied with hallucinations. Although perhaps the hallucinations would make the experience a bit more fun, and distract me from the panic of being trapped in my own body.

  175. Avatar of AlouaisA AlouaisA says:

    Yeah…to me it feels like being trapped in a dead body…paralysed, can’t make a sound, I can see, but everything looks a misty grey. No demons, guess I’m lucky….or not ;)
    Amazing though, how many people experience something like this…

  176. Avatar of Dee Ey Go Dee Ey Go says:

    Oh so it’s not just me? xD. It happened to me once but I hope it doesn’t happen again. I woke up but I couldn’t move my body, and I started hearing voices and I almost shit my pants, until I finally broke free.

  177. I’ve actually experienced the night demons twice in my youth. Later in my adulthood, I remember my mother talking about the incubus/succubus legends, so I was finally able to put a name to it. She told me to never sleep on my back as I would be visited by one of these night demons for the sole purpose of having sexual intercourse. I honestly didn’t believe her and laughed it off until it happened one night. Call it what you will, but it was after that last encounter, that I remembered the other two I had had years before. I also have a lot of nightmares. I wish I knew why this was. Oh well.

    • Avatar of Dee Ey Go Dee Ey Go says:

      oh snap. so there’s an actual body position that causes this? I’ve only experienced it once, but I remember that I was on my back too staring at the ceiling and out the door. Last time I’m sleeping facing upward….

    • Avatar of kristine kristine says:

      i acually have experienced it 2 times as well,once like 6 months ago,and one just last night!!!! its really hard to explain the whole thing,Both times was someone or something doing sexual stuff to me,all i felt was my body moving up and down,and breathing all the over me,no one was there,it was like air doing all this to me.Last night i had my hair pulled,i know i was asleep,but i felt it all,and i wanted to move but i couldnt,all i did was yell for my mom,and i dont even live with her anymore lol,i dont know if it was a dream or something was really there,its very confusing!!!

    • Avatar of Xat Grey Xat Grey says:

      As I read this the dog begins barking in the living room…where I sleep. Shit.

    • Beware all: An incubus is a demon that is related to European folklore more than any particular religion. Its name comes from the Latin word “incubo” which can be literally translated as “nightmare.” These demons are always male in form and like to lie on sleeping women in order to have sex with them. Most of the time they do this in order to make the woman pregnant so that they can be a father to a child; however, all of the legends hold that repeated interactions between an incubus and a sleeping female will result in severe deterioration in the woman’s health or even eventual death.

    • Avatar of DJ DJ says:

      Usually I only have the sexual episodes when I sleep on my stomach..

  178. I have experienced this as well. It comes and it goes throughout my life; when it comes it stays for weeks on end night after night it pulls me through It’s doorway. The last “episode” I experienced was about 4 months ago and it lasted for 16 consecutive nights. The first night was nothing compared to the stretch of the last 4 nights. It would enter my room, grab me by my ankles, and pull me through the hallway into the living room. There it would spin me in circles so fast I could hardly see anything. While spinning, it was almost like I had a 3rd person view from directly above as if watching a movie but feeling all emotions. I was terrified but I could not scream or even speak at all. I felt a pressure within my chest and over my mouth, it was like having a muted voice. I remember feeling so helpless and I could never fight back against It. It could do anything it wanted to do to me, but it never became sexual in any manner. It was more like a power trip for It. The strange part was that I could never see It, I could only feel Its presence and I could feel everything that It was doing to me. I could see everything that was taking place except for Its shape or form. After the 12th night or so, it stopped pulling me out of bed and just started pushing and holding me down with a crushing force. I can remember when this happened I could physically feel a weight upon me, and again with a 3rd person point of view I was watching myself lying in bed on my left side while this demon had its claws around my right arm pushing down on me. I could not see It’s face for there was only blackness. While watching this happen it was like I was trapped behind a glass wall and I could not help myself or intervene with what was happening. I started to become so terrified to fall asleep I would stay awake in bed for hours sitting upright not allowing myself to lay down for I knew what would happen to me if I did. I was afraid of It, and It knew. On the second to last night It came for me, I actually awoke during the episode and flew upright in bed. I stopped to look around me but saw nothing out of the ordinary; however, I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to go and find something to protect me… to keep It from me. It felt almost like a life or death situation… fight or flight. I ran to my living room and grabbed a picture of my sister that passed away that was hanging on the wall and I placed it upon my night stand. When I fell back asleep, It could enter my room but It could not touch me and It was PISSED OFF! On the last night, I remember falling… falling… falling… falling down a endless black hole. It seemed as if I was falling for a very long time when all of a sudden I landed upon a floor made of stones… almost as if I were inside a castle. I remember the stone floor was very cold. Around me were stone walls, and in front of me were two victorian-style chairs with a small table in between them which had upon it a shiny black crystal ball that was hovering in mid-air. Appearing out of no-where were two “demons”. One was in male form, and one in female form. I remember their eyes were dark black as if all pupil and open very wide. They stared at me for a moment, and I remember asking them “why are you doing this to me”? The female form began to speak to me, while the other remained silent, intently staring at me with piercing black eyes splitting right through me. She said for me to not be afraid of Her, and then she said word for word: “We can take shape into anyone or anything”. Then she began to shape-shift in front of me, alternating her appearance at least a hundred times and quite fast… as if I was watching a flickering flame. Finally she took the appearance of my dead sister… but she was slightly different; beautiful long blonde hair, red lips, long sharp claws, black eyes, and sharp black teeth. She stared into my soul for a long period of time, deep within me, and I could feel nothing but freezing cold. Suddenly, I was falling… falling… falling upward or backward… back up through the dark hole I had fallen into in the beginning. I was back in my room lying in my bed alone, and I awoke. I sat straight up in bed and looked over at the picture I had placed near me the night before to protect me, and I remember having this feeling that I was lucky to be alive. This picture has not left my bed stand ever since that last night, and I will not move it. I don’t want It to come back; but like It said… It could take the shape of anyone or anything. It could be around and I may not know it, that is the most scary part of it all. Maybe It is just waiting for the right time to grab me again? I think that if it were around me that I might sense it… and I have had strange feelings or sensations from time to time since then. I know one thing for sure: when I told my husband about It, It became very angry with me and it would spin me faster and push down on me harder. It did not want to let me go, and It wanted me to Itself. It wanted me silent, as It would never allow me to speak or scream. What the fuck? Any thoughts?

    • Avatar of casey casey says:

      First of all are u christian? Second i have not exactly had this experience but i had one experience where that I was lying down and fell asleep and had a nightmare then awoke and could not move i could only feel something looking at me and seeing a dark figure wanting me to come foward and give something but i was not sure what. And also i could feel something touching my arm i looked at my arm seen nothing but looked back at the demon like figure and thought to my self i looked this up on the internet before im suppose to try to pray so i did and i asked Jesus to make it go away then i opened my eyes and seen it again fading away then i could move again i did not panic for some reason i just thought to my self that was scary but then i just went back to sleep. Any way my point is that Jesus is are savior and he can only make them go away not a picture sorry. My main thought upon the demon female saying they can change into any form is true that is stated in the bible she was warning you but actually mainly trying to scare you don’t be scared. But the scary part to me is why the heck did she state to you “don’t be scared” that is the only weird part she was being nice?
      Demons are evil they don’t care about us so i’m not sure on that one but just pray about it and please reply to me at and tell me more if anything else happens and I will try to help.

      PS:hope i helped

  179. Avatar of Jenn Jenn says:

    When I read this, I thought… so maybe that’s what it was! I had an experience, once. I was half asleep when I felt someone get into bed with me. I remember thinking it was my boyfriend, but then I remembered that we weren’t together anymore. I was awake now! And I was terrified because I could feel someone/something spooning me and touching my breasts. (I’m not making this up) I couldn’t move… I couldn’t scream. My eyes were open… and I wanted to see who/what was in bed with me… but I felt like it wasn’t human, and the sight of it would kill me. I remember just lying there, hoping it would go away. And I guess it did, and I went back to sleep. What do you think?

  180. Pharohl says:

    This is very odd, ironic, yet interesting, that the author of this article experienced a cat scratching his face because this happened to me once. As I write this, I’m so struck by the experiences that I’m reading that tears are falling out of my eyes for some reason. Its like a staunch sureness that I KNOW for a fact this isn’t something scientific. There’s no way that a guy on the other side of the country can experience sleep paralysis, feel as he is in the same environment in which he fell asleep in when he arrives in the lucid dream, and experiences a cat scratching his face. There’s absolutely no scientific explanation for that.

    The last time I got it, which was about half an hour ago, was the first time my parents were able to acknowledge I was getting it. I was trying to scream in my lucid dream, however, these screams were translated into moans in the actual world. My dad heard this, and as I woke up from the dream, he came out of his room saying “what was that noise”. He finally believes me that I get this. But now I’m asking myself, “how do I handle the situation with the person that comes and visits me”? He isn’t a pleasant person. He often makes me feel uncomfortable, tickles me in an uncomfortable way, its hard to breath, and like that, you are awake. The second to last time I got this, I was in my room. I wasn’t able to move my body enough to wake myself, thus I arrived in a lucid dream in my room. Since this has happened to me oh so many times, I grabbed a folding chair in my room and waited for whatever was coming, to come. Once it opened the door, I swung that chair like crazy at it and I woke up very very very fast. To those that experience it, turn your fear into anger. Grab a weapon when you arrive in the lucid dream and take out your anger on your visitor. I know thats harsh to say, but obviously you feel fearful for a reason right?

  181. Melissa says:

    I have seen the demon and the faceless black figure over and over. It always happens at the same time of the day..early morning like 6:30am. It’s always after my husband has gone to work and I’m alone in my bed. It has never happened when he is there. I am awaken by a force on my won’t let me sit up and it is holding my eyes shut but I try to force them open. It feels evil but I’m not afraid. It’s like everytime it comes it lets me see a little more. I feel completely awake. Everything in the room is the same as when I shut my eyes..cups on end tables, clothes draped in certain places. This is no dream. I feel as though this entity is following me. It has happened in several differnt places and even different states. I have also seen myself as a ghostly figure and I knew it was an evil thing?? I don’t understand any of this. I was adopted and I met my biological mother 10 years ago. She told me about some similar things happening to her before I told her about my episodes. I have never been afraid which is what’s weird. I feel protected almost. I feel like this thing is with me all the time. I use to be a very compassionate person before this all started happening but now I dont feel much of anything. I have no remorse and go against the norm I guess u could say. Most would never think that from the outside looking in. I am 37, married with three teenage sons but for some reason look like I’m 23 and have a body like an eighteen yr old and things come very easy to me. Do I think this has something to do with it?? Yes. This all started 18 yrs ago..I have experienced fame, fortune and lived a life that most could only dream about and still am. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this same thing. I’ve read several stories that are close but not to my extent. I talked to a priest when it all started. It begain with my first pregnancy and the was most prevalent during my seconde pregnancy. The priest told me that one of my children was going to lead mass amounts of people to god and that’s why the demon was coming. Here comes the weird part. My middle child is not 17. I do not go to church and have not raised my children that way. My 17 yr old has found god all by himself. He is the lead singer to a christian rock band and preaches to large amounts of teenagers and has a huge following. He recently tattood psalms 23 on his ribcage. He is no doubt a soilder for god. Then there’s me…so dark. What does this all mean.

  182. Avatar of Lilli Alban Lilli Alban says:

    My son, who’s 3, began having night terrors recently. I personally believe this phenomenon is a bit like astral projection, let’s call it “mental projection”. It can be a harbinger of any event (good/bad, doesn’t matter) I’ve had some success with reciting a mantra. Concentrating on the words of your own mantra may break up the fear, and the concentration you’re placing in the visual or auditory “hallucinations”. My thoughts

  183. Avatar of Shay Shay says:

    I too have experienced sleep paralysis. I think it’s awesome because I find it to be very interesting and different. I haven’t panicked during it, though. I rarely see anything and when I do, it is of some object in my room turning into something or doing things that are unusual. Lately, it has felt like I am going through an earthquake but the only thing shaking is me. lol & now I do start to hear noises. I just think that it’s because of the lack of sleep but I haven’t found anyone yet who has gone through it.

  184. Frank says:

    Wankers…. i have had sleep paralysis many times and yes it is frightening the first few times it happens. But people, there are no demons or bogeymen. Alot of you sound severly retarded. Serioulsy. its the 21st century isn’t it?

  185. Uzume says:

    Yes this has happened to me i never really sleep well anyways. I am somewhere else and there is a man stabbing me over and over again. I feel it all the blood running , and even tho i am not speaking i can hear myself scream . Until finally he no more and its all ways the same man. Never seen him before in my life but a strange uneasiness says i will all in do time.I have been having them since i was 5 and yet again the man seems to never change but the vision change and never for the better. Its kind of funny i never told anyone this before and here i am letting it spill on a website hmmm not sure if that is good or bad but in all due reality i do not thing i would ever know.

  186. Shane Hansen says:

    This happened to me when I was really young. I just woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t move or say anything. I was a bit bothered by that because I didn’t know what was going. It was pitch black in my room and felt some kind of presence looking around in the darkness. I’ve had some really lucid nightmares and probably the reasons why I don’t sleep much anymore. I’ve heard that incubi/succubi could invade your dreams which I had in one account. I was floating in a black abyss and right across from me was this naked female with very pale skin with glowing red eyes screaming nothingness at me and I screamed at it back with force making it retreat into the darkness making me wake up from the nightmare. There are reasons why we should fear the dark but also embrace it at the same time.

    • Avatar of Robert Robert says:

      I had a similar experience the saturday night. I felt some type of presence grapple me from behind and reached around and held me in a tight bear hug. I also was being violated by it. It felt like a dream and when I looked turned to my side it looked like some grey type of creature. It kissed me and did not feel like any type of human kiss that I had. I thought it was some type of weird sexual dream and dismissed it but when I woke up that morning I had scratches on my right shoulder and three small scratches on my back. I was going to dismiss this as an active imagination but I have woken up a couple months ago with unexplained scratches. I havent’ dated much in the last year so maybe the sex dream was sexual frustation but I can’t explain the scratches. I have been sleeping on my couch too but have never have had any dreams like that. I thought I was losing my mind before I read this panel.

  187. Shayne says:

    I get that all the time. It’s very annoying. I think it happens to me because of lack of sleep.

    • Shayne says:

      I’ve never had visions before when it happens, but I force myself to move as quickly as I can because I panic, and I feel like if I don’t break the paralysis soon, something bad will happen.

  188. I have always had these problems. Out of all the nightmares I’ve had these are the worst. I couldn’t move…or even breath. Then nightmares joined the suffication. There was nothing, but darkness and two blood red eyes leering at me. I got the sense that it was going to eat me. I urged my toddler body to move or scream or at least breath. Finally, my struggles woke me up. Of course I didn’t have a nightlight and so I just sat there, hoping that I would never sleep again. Thats not the only problems I’ve had with something weird. My family thought I was possesed because I talked in third person, I saw gruesome images all the time, I sleepwalked and I watched my family while they slept. Many of those have ceased, but every now and then I wake up whimpering from a forgotten dream. Some of the dreams come back with vengence, though. Actually I created a way to wake up.
    1. you have to realize that you are dreaming
    2. close your eyes and concentrate until your veins are ready to explde (the pain awakens you)
    3. count very slowly, but with determination to ten
    4. if it doesn’t work try, try, try again
    I hope for those of you like me have been able o block out these things because the mind and soul can be controled.

  189. Rebekah says:

    I have had this happen to me once, and it was rather terrifying…at first. Then I started to realize that I DID have (and still do…) a paranormal being living in my home. I believe it is a Shadow Demon, for I did a rather ignorant thing a while back. I did a Sayonse (I am only 15, forgive my spelling) a few weeks ago with my friends because I wanted to speak with my Great-Grandmother who passed away. I did not close the circle the proper way, and that, in turn, led a Shadow Demon straight to me. So…I have had REM…but the Shadow Demon was holding me down.

  190. Keya b says:

    My husband had I have both experienced and very often. This morning he experienced it 3 time the first two I was the to wake him up. The last he said he kept waking up inside of his dream only to find out he was still dreaming. Finally he actually woke up. Sometimes we have them at the same time. Buy we always hear the other person while sleeping. Which is great!! I hate when it happens. It has been something we as a couple have grown to get use to since it happens so often for us both. I only wish these dreams were full of happy visions instead of terrifying ones.

  191. invest stock says:

    That’s kinda amazing stuff. It’s weird how sometimes random Internet surfing can get me in places like this, where really cool things can be found. I’ll be back ;) .

  192. david says:

    this has never happened to me =( it has been an experience i have wished to have tho, like living through a rollover car accident didnt want that one as much but that one i actually got, 3 flips at 75 and walked away not even a scrape… here some advice relax dont panic and have a plan… in case it happens to you

  193. alexander says:

    yup, i had experienced with this. in my country, indonesia, it is called TINDI(H)EN. when it happened to me, of course i couldnt manage to move my body, as what you said, and i saw a black figure standing on the corner in my room but i didnt know what was that bcos i was so afraid. and sometimes when it happen to me i feel my body become so cold… i dont know, maybe because im so afraid of it.

  194. Avatar of drake drake says:

    u want to talk about demons in ur sleep imagine having seen them creep in the shadows fallowing u ur whole life having talked to them in dreams but not knowing what words were exchanged. i even have a picture were i was looking @ the camera facing the window n behind me on the other side of my room in the closet door peering out was a light i took the photo n put it on myspace then from their i saw the light behind me thinking their was a figure o an object reflecting light i edited it on myspace when i turned the brigghtness n contrast up in the photo it a was a hooded figure just barely peering thru the doorway standing their no eyes no face just a black figure in a cloak/hood it turns out what i saw was the top of the hood going over the dakness were the face should have been i still have this photo i still have deams with this and other things like it i dont know what they tell me all i kno is their watching waiting idk what for but i have my evidence n recolection of even waking up out of a dead sleep n standing right beside my bed it was their n a terrifying second i felt like i was dead n i blinked n opened my eyes to see nothing beside me…

  195. jessica says:

    this had happend to me not to long ago…but i felt someone on top of my back and i couldnt move at all, olny my eyes moved with panic.. i tryed to move to turn my light on and when i did i felt released and i quickly looked up and had seen a black figure on my wall and then quickly vanished…but i honestly did not think someone would ever have the same experience as me

  196. kyle says:

    i’ve gone places while in sleep paralysis. Either there in my mind or in alternate realities. The best part is I can push myself to go to those places or times. And i can sense when a demon or someone is nearby and sometimes talk to them. I was with my friend and we saw a demon turn into a black orb and take off down the street into my house. My uncles, mom, grandma, friend, and I have seen it or felt it. Can anybody else do this too? I only know one other person strong enough to travel to outer realms

  197. Brandy says:

    I’ve had something like this happen many times from childhood to adulthood. They aren’t as frequent, but I used to wake up in the middle of the night as a child surrounded by snakes, spiders, maggots.. etc. Thing was that I could still move though. My eyes would be wide open, and I could see my entire room including my grandmother sleeping next to me. I could move out of what I thought was there and lean over to wake my grandmother up. Of course, she thought I was nuts. Personally, I don’t know what causes it, but it’s made my life a little less dull in the long run.

  198. jennifer says:

    This Happens to me all the time. I have seen black shadow demon like cats coming from my bedroom walls- to gargoyle things bothering me at night well i sleep. There is times where I can’t move a mussel and i’m paralyzed. I use to be scared, But not anymore. I just kinda learn to live with it. This has been going on since I was 21 I am now 30 years old. it is getting worse as i get older… I’m not sure why this happens… sometimes I think it’s real (Demons) some times I think not… (maybe since is right) I really don’t know…. it’s weird tho. thats for sure!

  199. Laura says:

    I am a victim of sleep paralysis all the time. One time quite recently I felt like someone, (or something,) was reaching into my right lung. When I woke up there was nothing there, yet I still felt a strange pressure on the right side of my abdomen.

    This morning my experience was worse than it has ever been. I felt like the paralysis went on for nearly 10 minutes and every time I came out of it I fell right back into it. In the corner of my living room I could’ve sworn I saw an alien in a black cloak of some sort standing next a woman in some kind of red cloak with designs on it. My vision was blurry so I couldn’t really tell what her face looked like or what her hair color was. Again, when I awoke there was no one there. I’m not sure if this was a hallucination due to my fear of aliens or something that actually happened. Either way it’s a little peculiar that I never connected the two until this incident.

  200. Aleana says:

    i’ve experience this for almost 2years. its actually the most scariest thing ever. ive dreamt it, ive woken up to it. ive felt myself get pulled out and they alway put me on the floor when it happens in my dream on the same spot.. then when i snapped out i always wake up back in my bed. everyone thinks im full of it..but i believein it. like i had it the other night and while i was dreaming i felt as if my soul moved to the floor while i was trying to snap out i could here my mom txtn on the bed while mybody was sleepn nxt her.. when i snapped out i woke up and i seeen my mom txtn so i know my soul was indeed not in me it was on the floor where i dreamt it but it felt so real. i told my mom when i got up but she doesnt take me seriously.. maybe someone on here can? please contact me. bcause ive delt with the not being able to move or talk, sometime i just feel like im being watched. i hate it. email:

  201. pH34r says:

    I’m taking psychology right now, and we went over this.
    Sleep Paralysis is when you are actually asleep. It is a type of dream. You do not wake up at all during the entire experience. First, a piece of background so this makes sense. Your brain stores everything you see in non-accessible memory, far past your conscious, in your preconscious. This means Sleep Paralysis is actually your brain remembering exactly what your room looks like when you are asleep, and “displaying” it in your dream. However, Sleep Paralysis is scary because you have an unusual awareness of your body while you are asleep, yet you are unconscious and therefore incapable of moving.
    Essentially, its being a teeny tiny bit more conscious than usual during sleep. Luckily, there are no negative physical side effects, and it doesn’t mean you have metal problems.

  202. Marw Manson says:

    This happened to me a few times before. I was so scared because i couldn’t understand what was happening and I tried to scream but i couldn’t .At least i could move my eyes :O After a few seconds I was okay.

  203. melody says:

    i think maybe its something we need to face that we push aside, and if its putting out lives on hold by not dealing with it, this is almost an unconcious effort by our conscience or something? sorry for the less-than-detailed response, i hope you know what i’m trying to get at here :)

  204. Brady Meyers says:

    I HAVE experienced sleep paralysis. It has happened to many times but has no real pattern to it, though I think I’ve found out why its happened. You mentioned scientists saying it could be a cause of stress or enviromental change. Those were the exact reasons I encountered S.P. It happened to me twice when I was going to a private school, which was the enviromental change going from living with my Dad to living at a private school and it happened the first night I was there. Its called Milton Hershey School by the way. This was 8th grade. I experienced it yet again towards the end of the same grade. And again during 9th grade when I was still there. As of August 2010 I do not attend there anymore. The earliest time I can remember encountering S.P. was as early as Elementary School which again was a cause of enviromental change, I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida and now Im back in PA. I remember the first time it happened, the night I woke up I opened my eyes but couldn’t move my body. I tried screaming but nothing came out except mumbles, and as I tried harder to scream it slowly went from mumbles to more understandable words. I never saw any type of figure or shadow my first time, It wasn’t until Milton Hershey School was when I encountered it yet again. I had the same problem like my first time but instead everything got black like having the lights off and staring into blackness for long enough that it seems like its getting darker. It happened again towards the end of the year. I woke up like I usually did and had the same problems. My head was faced towards a wall and as I tried gaining control of my body I saw writing on the walls, to this day I have yet to figure out what it says. I can still picture it but the letters are too dark to get a coherent message. If only I could experience it again.

    P.S. I have experienced the heavy weight on my body once out of 3 times encountering Sleep Paralysis

  205. I remember something, and I never knew what the hell it was, so I’m starting to think to myself, pondering the possibility that this is an explanation.

    I remember once when I was a little kid, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the shadow of a ehhh, muderous Duck? coming from my kitchen, I screamed but no noise came out, screamed again and noise came out.

    A few years I woke up in the middle of the night and saw what appeared to be a rotting woman’s face behind a wedding veil, inches from mine. But I distinctly remember twisting around after staring at it for nearly 30 seconds. Don’t remember falling back to sleep, but remember waking up.

    And then theres something about a lizard man I remember very little about……lol

  206. Shannon says:

    This is very interesting, a few times I’ve woken up seeing things around me, but I have other odd occurences in sleep as it is, I carry on conversations and have woken up attacking myself. Anyways, back to sleep paralysis. Ive seen this woman who stands over me, some black thing with green eyes sitting on my chest(i could feel that), and a little boy. Are they remnants of the dream still going through your mind?

  207. Murky says:

    I used to have this all the time, from when I was an early teen until now (although it’s much less often now: from a few times a week in my 20′s to a few times a year in my 40′s).

    In my early experiences, I would suddenly start dreaming that I was awake and there was a figure (sometimes it was the ‘Blue Lady’ , other times a vague figure with extremely Long Fingers). I would try to move in the dream but would not be able to, and when it would touch me (a burning sensation) I would become fully awake, unable to move, and feel the sense of waiting menace, a faint roaring, and the irresistable feeling of falling backwards. The menace would fade as my ability to move returned.

    When I moved to my current abode, the ‘Blue Lady’ was replaced by a smaller, dark haired lady whom I called ‘Yeth’ ( she always pretended to be my wife, and when I would ask her if she was, she’d answer ‘Yeth I am’).

    Still, all these experiences would begin with a dream and end with the ‘character’ touching me (usually in the ribs).

    Oddly, I’ve never had Sleep paralysis when my wife is in the house, only when she is away.

    I had always supposed that these ‘attacks’ as I liked to call them were a side effect of my ‘Out of Body’ experiments (since those usually end in the same way, except without the feeling of fear and menace). I’m not sure that I ever believed them to be from an ‘external source’ (ie. demons or spirits or the like), but the fact that my devout christian wife seems to keep them away makes me suspicious.

    It’s good to see others enjoy the same kinds of experiences, although I really feel for those of you (like Nicolette) who seem to have a terrible time of it.

  208. Nicolette says:

    Hi I guess this is what Im suffering from , a family friend told me that this is the case im in , I used to get this feeling every other day than I went to a therapist Cause at the time I didn’t know that its a sleeping disorder , I thought it’s the devils presence .. I shake and shiver and get goosebumps all over my body and then I always hear demon like voices or men laughing at me and I hear my own moms voice yelling my name , Meanwhile she is deep asleep … The first time I thought it was an earthquake and second time I saw my grandma 3rd time I saw 6 little girls playing in my room in a circle and laughing and 4th time I herd the devils laugh loud and clear and he was breathing really loudly and I herd banging and after that when I came out of the paralysis I yelled and fainted and my mom came and helped me and bought me back to consciousness & after 7 minutes later at 1:30 a.m we were watching t.v & I saw a green face with horns and a scary smile on the tc screen and I herd the same devil laugh but Im pretty sure I was hallucinating that part because my mom was seeing the regular movie while I was seeing something else … And now it has been about 1 month , a little less than a month actually that I have been kind of okay but every now and then I always get the paralysis , Does anyone know any cure to it ? please tell me , I have experienced sleep paralysis over 25 times now & I have to say it gets scarier and scarier

  209. Sarah E. says:

    It is a purely neurological phenomena. Nothing to do with demons.

    I don’t believe in god and, therefore, demons either.

    It has happened to me during my teenage and early adult years.

    I personally believe that it is caused by something that is troubling you psychologically. During all times that it happened to me, my mental state certainly wasn’t the soundest. Neither was my home life.

    It stopped for two years and then it came back stronger than ever in 2005. That’s the year that I personally put a stop to it.

    Over the years, before the sleep paralysis would happen, I developed a face to go with the feeling of terror that I would feel when this happened to me. It was a vague female face, most likely inspired by the countless horror movies, visual art, and novels that I have consumed over the years. I would always avoid confronting this woman and when I did, that’s when the sleep paralysis began.

    I faced her and one night and instead of struggling to move my body, I relaxed myself mentally and physically. A few seconds later, I was able to move just fine. It hasn’t happened to me again since then.

    • david says:

      i dont believe in god either but demons are real… everyone carries at least one im sure of it

    • Ravienna says:

      I have had this happen to me a few times. But only when i fall asleep on my back. Its a werry creepy feeling. I feel like i am falling into the matress but a part of me is also floating up to the roof. I try to will myself to move the fingers on one hand. knowing i can waken myself that way.

      I now make shure i dont fall asleep on my back!!

  210. me___ says:

    hey. yea it happened to me as well, i saw death standing next to my bed and little devils crawling all over me,,, creepy feeling

  211. Johneth says:

    I was interested to read your story on sleep paralysis. I have encountered 2 such incidents in my lifetime thus far. The first one happened when living away from home for the first time at college when i was 18 living in rented accomodation. I awoke to find myself not being able to move. I felt a presence in the room, then behind me (I was on my side), then suddenly something grabbed my shoulders from behind and a voice said “i’m still here” and then I awoke or at least I thought I had. I was grabbed again from behind and hear the voice again repeat “I’m still here”. The shock jolted me awake again. I wasn’t sure now if I was actually awake yet or not but I lay there for at least 15 minutes before I willed myself to move. It took me a good hour or so to sleep again after that.
    The second time was the day after I got back from a music festival about 9 years later. I woke up but couldn’t move, again I felt a presence in the room. I couldn’t see anything but I could feel hands on me and they moved down me towards my ankles and then proceeded to drag me off the bed. I remember ending up upsidedown against the wall with ny head between the bed and sidetable. I believe you could say a “succubus” may have been involved. :o

  212. Ehl Malus says:

    i suffered from frequent sleep paralysis. i remember the first time it happened, i saw a man with long, blonde hair in his face, so i couldn’t see his face. he was choking me, and i could see that all down his arms were open and bleeding gashes, and he was bleeding all over me. i couldn’t breath, couldn’t move. i also suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. auditory hallucinations. yay for the wonders and hells of the human mind! we are our worst enemies. and before we can do anything about the others, we must save ourselves.

  213. Nick(Intern 344) says:

    Morgue I had Sleep Paralysis happen the other night. I distinctly looked at my clock it was 12:58am. now I know when trying to do Astral Projection often we end up in a sleep paralysis not filly attaining what we set out to do. Anyway I distinctly remember being awake my eyes open but i couldn’t move, by the time I could I looked at the clock and it said 4:30am. Now I found this odd because it had only seemed to me that only a few minutes had past not a few hours. Anyway that happened a few days ago thought I would share.

  214. angelic_crossing says:

    kinda like a visit from an incubus……ive been told its wild

  215. MechWolf2003 says:

    Things have been happening to me on a frequent basis now. Last night I could have swore my dog, which always sleeps with my daughter, jumped up on me, she’s a Chihuahua not that heavy. Then my daughter seemed to lean across me, then my wife leaned over me and was saying something but I couldn’t hear her and I asked to repeat it several times, but I still couldn’t hear her. Finally I was yelling for my wife, I had fell asleep on the couch and everyone else was in bed. It seemed like my wife came beside me, but had short hair like she did when she was younger and actually hid her face by putting her hands in front of my face. Finally I set up, yelled for my wife and went to bed. The strange thing that always happens all the time is I can never see a face for one reason or another. This has gone from happening once a year to several times a week. Can anyone explain what’s going on with me?

    • Nicolette says:

      Read my comment , worse happens to me and I have a chihuahua too and another time recently while he was sleeping next to me and I went into sleep paralysis My dog was starring at me and growling and making a very scary face and after I was able to move I saw that he was just sleeping normal like he always does.

  216. ASlasher says:

    I couldent help but ask this. I haven’t had sleep paralysis, (maybe once, but its a fuzzy memory) but I’ve had nights where ill wake up with parts of my body hurting, mostly my arms and my legs, and sometimes ill find long black hairs on my pajamas. There’s few rare moments that I can feel myself being held down and the room temprature is extremely cold, but when I open my eyes its gone. The room still seems cold but there’s no sign of anything but me in the room. Its creepy.

  217. davis says:

    What scares me the most is that I dont know when its gonna happen, and when it does its scares me so bad. everytime sleep paralysis happens to me i am still layin in my bed and I see a dark shawdow-like figure with a monster like face covered partially by a black hooded robe standing in a corner of my room staring at me and when i see him he starts to run at me but does not attack. perhaps the attempt to attack is enough to leave me breathless.

    • Nicolette says:

      OMG !! that’s so scary ! :( that happens to me too except a little different and i agree with you , you never know when it will happen and when it does it scares the heck out of me like no other

  218. WP Themes says:

    Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

  219. I’ve had multiple encounters with sexual demons or appropriations . I’ve been trapped in “sleep paralysis” only three times . The first time I fell asleep dreaming in vibrant colors of pyramids and strange symbols … in a strange realm … then the “thing” had it’s way with me despite how much i struggled to move … The second time i called to the “incubus” to lay with me in my dreams … desiring so much to have the feeling again … that night it happened and it felt more real than any sex I’ve ever had . The last time it was self-evoked . . . I believe the most loved and respected Loa ” Erzulie ” not only gave me a vision of herself when these things began but also that a “god” from another dimension wants to pleasure me and himself sexually , and must think I’m attractive (which i am very grateful for ) . he can make me cum many times without a true physical touch … I have for so long been looking for someone to share these experiences . I want to know the names of the ones that make me cum … I want to meet them . They do such a better job than any flesh and blood , man or woman ever could . i love the idea of losing control to this being … i more than often wish it would not end …

    • Beware: An incubus is a demon that is related to European folklore more than any particular religion. Its name comes from the Latin word “incubo” which can be literally translated as “nightmare.” These demons are always male in form and like to lie on sleeping women in order to have sex with them. Most of the time they do this in order to make the woman pregnant so that they can be a father to a child; however, all of the legends hold that repeated interactions between an incubus and a sleeping female will result in severe deterioration in the woman’s health or even eventual death.

  220. Expect Delays says:

    I have had this happen to me many times. Everytime it’s happened I was able to open my eyes and make noise but was not able to move my mouth. Once it had happened while i was watching Sid and Nancy high on opium. I tried to call out for my friend that was there with me, but all he could hear was these whimpering noises but noticed my eyes were open.

    Freaked the fuck out of him.

    It’s good to know there’s other people with this paralysis.

    Brap on……

  221. Avatar of Paloma Bello Paloma Bello says:

    I think I have experienced this. My case is not really weird. I remember in one of my “terrifying hallucinations” I saw a woman combing her hair in front of a mirror. I can’t remember if she was looking at me or not. My other experiences are common: I can’t move my body but my eyes are open(at least I think that).

    I have a friend who has this experience very frequently. I visit his blog and he write about his sleep paralysis.

    Well I think this topic it’s really interesting, and more interesting is what the persons tell us about his or her thoughts, what religious persons, the scientist, etc say about it. And yes, I agree with the person who said: “Though very interesting points and opinions and beliefs have been made in previous posts”

    PD: Sorry for my bad english, and greetings from Peru

  222. Katt says:

    It’s happened quite a lot to me so far. I hate when it happens but I’m becoming used to it. I think it’s neither scientific or evil spirits… it’s just our subconcious playing tricks on us…. the dark shadowed figure is probably something/someone that was in our sleep and the image of said thing/person is carried into the hallucination…. maybe.

    Though very interesting points and opinions and beliefs have been made in previous posts :)

  223. Catherine says:

    Hi, it has happened to me too.
    It’s like I am awake, but I’m paralyzed on the bed and I can’t open my eyes. It’s so scary. I always tried so hard to scream for someone in the room to hear me and wake me up but I couldn’t scream. At the same time, although I had my eyes closed, I could see the room and things in the room.
    It has also happened to a friend of mine several times. She had the sames symptoms, she was paralyzed, but she always saw a black thing sitting on her chest.

  224. Morgue, my friend, you are dealing with demons. Someone close to me has had an experience almost identical to yours, minus the cat. Also, there were several of these tall figures. In time, it will only become more frequent and worse. A few months ago, this person was physically dragged from their car to a guardrail, which overlooked a cliff. Demons are attracted to negative energy, so if you are upset or angry about something, they will come back. Because our beliefs differ, I cannot tell you what we have done to get them away from us because I understand that you wouldn’t try them. Oh yes, I too experience things of the spirit world, but that is because I do believe in God and they are out to destroy me. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, demons are real and they are deceivers. Even the US government knows of them, and there are documents to prove their existence. That is, if you believe that David Morehouse’s book, Psychic Warrior, is real. I do. His experiences hit too close to home. If his book is a lie, then I would have to say that it’s the best fictional story that I’ve ever read.

    But anyway, in your case, I would suggest trying to stay positive. Don’t let them feed off of negativity. Demons hate us. They’ll make us believe that they care for us or even love us. I am currently working to rid myself of one who has done nothing good for me ever. I believe that it’s the same one who was with me during my darker days of old. From my studies, I have deduced that demons hate all humans. They use trickery to cause us to believe that they can give us powers. They can manipulate our minds as well as the minds of others, causing us to believe that we have the powers, but they are the ones who are causing things to happen. Like I said before, I do believe in God. How can I believe that demons are real without believing that God is real?

    I’m not here to preach. I’m not here to judge either. Anyone who wants to discuss anything with me can reach me. You can believe my words or you can disregard them. I do not lie. Most people don’t agree with my beliefs, even most Christians don’t agree with my “theology”. I believe that I’ve been put in this world to become a spiritual warrior. I’m still in training, but I do recognize the presence of demons.

    Let me ask you all this. How many here have ever caught a glimpse of a twinkling light (or several) in your peripheral vision? How about shifting shadows close by? Demons. Stay positive. Try not to let anger or fear into your mind over anything. And if you know that a demon is near, think of something hilarious and crack up laughing. They hate for us to laugh and they will eventually go away if we get ourselves caught up in a laughing fit.

    Hope that helps and I also hope that my beliefs didn’t upset anyone.

    • MechWolf2003 says:

      I found your blog interesting. I was sure what was happening to me was sleep paralysis, but I’m not so sure and like you said it just comes more often. From once every couple years to almost 2 or 3 times a week.


  225. Zappa 2 Dope says:

    Hmm… that’s pretty creepy Morgue. Luckily that has never happened to me before although quite a few strange things have happened while I was asleep.. For example, a few nights ago I was over my friend’s house asleep and he said I kept repeating the word “Akuma” in my sleep… I looked it up on the internet and the really creepy part is that Akuma is japanese for devil

  226. Vikki Sixx says:

    i’ve get sleep paralysis quite a few times a week most of the time i see my dead ex-military grandfather standing in my closet or a renaissance time looking wiccan woman watching me

  227. Amity says:

    I have had this happen my entire life…the occurences are normally far apart and always vary..sometimes I feel as if some demon is trying to take my soul..most times I try to scream for help and can’t…they have been so bad before that when i finally could control my body, I have fled from my bedroom and stayed awake, too terrified to fall asleep again…only one time I experienced the Succubi…I felt a hand reaching between my legs and it startled me, but that time was not scary :)
    I believe it is demons, I dont believe there is a scientific explanation to be found!

  228. Madison says:

    This happened to me a few times as a teenager, and happens much more frequently now. I’ve had problems with nightmares since I was 5, and I’ve assumed its my mind attempting to escape from them too quickly, as I have to fall back asleep to awaken my body. I can tell there is another place where the nightmare is that is pulling me back like a magnet. The last time this happened was the first time I had a hallucination, I thought I kicked some furniture trying to awaken and heard my pet crushed to death under it. I was so distraught when I woke up later I actually went to tell my family what I had done, they told me she was fine, and asleep in her bed, I checked and she was. I’ve been very, very careful about how much sleep I get since then, I avoid naps over 15 minutes and make sure to be asleep by the early morning.

  229. peter says:

    hi after reading the comments to this update i am sort of scared by this but my mate’s sister is spritual (off the chart) and i am sure that she has experienced this aswell.

    she belives in demons and angels, she has had an eposode where she has stoped talking to her parents and brother and started to speak in anchint aribic and drew a sketch of the Incubus but the sketch wasnt compleated but it was just the outline she went to the church and showed it to a priest and he said that it was the incubus and he told her not to panic then told her an incubus may pursue sexual relations with a woman in order to father a child

    after that she started to have sleep paralysis she would dream about the incubus every night for 2 months she fell pregnant on the last day of the 2nd month she new she could not have a child and no one stoped her from having an abortion she requested the same preist to witness this act and he did because he knew then that it was the incubus who impregnated her

  230. Calixa says:

    I have experienced this too. very interesting subject. I have been reading up on this for quite some time now. The scientific explanation for this is really not a “proven” fact yet when it comes to the images people see. Here is a conclusion to an article on the subject ~

    The origin of hallucinations during Sleep Paralysis is still not clear, but many neuroscientists supports that it has some connection to anxiety. So far, many studies on Sleep Paralysis and hallucinations have been done on neurobiological level, but there are many aspects and questions yet to be discovered, explained, or answered. Why do some people experience hallucination and others do not? Which factors determine the hallucinatory images that each victim sees or hears? Are they really hallucination or evil spirits? The hallucination during Sleep Paralysis remains mysterious.

    What’s interesting to me is why are most of the hallucinations so very similar in being an evil presence, black shadow or evil face. Many people have mentioned being raped, choked and waking up with scratches on their bodies. So here is evidence that you can see – SCRATCHES most people only believe in what they can’t see but I think that is foolishness.

    There may be chemical & physiological reasons that you are particularly susceptible to these sleep related incidents but I think it has more to do with the altered conscious state we experience during sleep that makes us all more vulnerable during sleep to a spiritual world.

    Lets not be so closed minded. We need to consider all the options, not just focus on one explanation because we are afraid of the other possibility. After all, ignoring it doesn’t make it false or make it go away now does it?

    • Calixa says:

      Correction on the typo above- instead of …most people only believe in what they can’t see …I obviously meant…most people only believe in what they “can” see

  231. Valeria says:

    Hi Morgue!! Finally I found somebody that gets this, I ´ve been experiencing this think, most of all lately.

    Yesterday I was taking my beauty sleep, it was like 4 pm not too late, then I opened my eyes I was in my room ,suddenly something was grabbing me through the air, and pinching my nipples very hard.

    I was so scared, but it´s something that im very used to, it´s like a demon that likes me and comes to seduce me but in a very bad way, sometimes i can hear his voice telling me am a slut.

    It´s funny because later that night, after midnight, around 3 am something opened my drawer just like that! Even my dog was scared.

    I have many experiences like this, and as I told you , its kind of normal, but ppl think am crazy and that this thing doesn´t exist.

    There are ways to scare the demon….he can goes away if u scream or make a deep strong sound with ur mputh at the same time u woke up.

    Sincerely yours,


    Kisses Morgue :)


    Such a creepy feeling! I had it happen only once but if fucked me off. After that dream the feeling of not being to move is the only thing that gives me the creeps

  233. Feurety says:

    It used to happen to me all the time as a teen. Luckly it hasn’t happened in
    years. It’s a terrifying experience to say the least.

  234. whitewolf3001 says:

    Yes I know of this. I didn’t want to post it on facebook. This has happened to me too many times. Allot of freaky stuff has happened to me Morgue. Bed shaking as I was held down.. and hearing squeeling and growling every time I’d fight saying Jesus help lol. Not sleep paralysis for me. Objects fricken flying at me and crashing through the air. It’s called possession. I do believe in it. Since I’ve been a victim. Until you’ve gone through it I’m sure you people won’t believe me. That’s fine and dandy. I hope it never happens to anyone else. I will note why they did this to me. My aunt Kim is a Jahovah’s Witness and she kept coming over making me study her bible.. They were pissed off! Especially after she said It’s the devils fault for her fucked up life. I told her if I were him or them. I’d come after her… People or religious leaders have no right putting there bullshit sucky life problems onto them. She said oh Ang the Devil has you in his grip. I said no one has me in there grip. ;) I said I face my demons .. maybe you should start instead of blaming everyone else. We have not talked in 6 yrs since that. She needed to hear it. And I was no longer being attacked. I told them I was sorry for letting her around me. She’s worse than any devil.. Trust me lol. People like her go around pissing off all the nature gods.. Or what they like to call devils and daemons. They are only starting a war they won’t ever win. I say respect all great and small. If you go around pointing fingers.. shit will happen to you.

    Thanks Morgue for this post. Sorry I wrote so much! There’s much more that happened but too long and I’m sure you don’t wanna know.

    • godslove says:

      May Yahweh watch over and protect you & may the light & love of Jesus wash over your soul :) God Bless

  235. Brittanyka says:

    Sweet. Love stuff like this :)
    I guess no will really know what the hell goes on. The human mind and body are beyond any scientific explanation, in my book. There’s just too much we as humans can do. Most of us are just not open to the thought because we don’t consciously know how to use our full brain. Maybe you were tapping in to your powers ;D As for demons, I don’t believe in them…unless you’re talking about that little beast that lives in each and every one of us ;)

  236. TheBunringRed says:

    okay, once i had realy interesting dreams. idk if that was sleeping paralyse, but …
    i was dreaming about going to the doctor and waiting for the blood results, and at that time i started coughing and i couldn’t breathe. and that part is realy confused to me, but i remember that i opened my eyes for like 3 seconds and i was choking (then i fell asleep again). and i was dreaming again, i opened my eyes, sat on my bed and looking around my room. and because i don’t like dark much i wanted to turn on the light, and i saw myself lying on my bed, sleeping. i was just standing there and i was like: wtf?
    then something wierd pulled me into the corner, and i was at the hospital. around me were my friends that i love the most, crying. one gave me a toy (which i realy got like 3 weeks after that dreams :S ). and i was telling people that i’m not dead (doctors were around me trying to re-alive me), i was touching myself, counting my fingers, all confused, almost screaming that i’m still alive. they didn’t hear me. and then i was at the darkest place i have ever seen. i was all alone, and i started to cry, thinking about my friends, people that i love and care about, my mistakes that i made in my life; and i saw the light (like a lot of people say that they saw the light when they almost died) and decided that there’s nothing worth living for me anymore. and when i was walking to that “light”, Chester (Bennington, Linkin Park’s singer, my idol, and hero – you’ll say that i’m a crazy fan, which is NOT true) grabbed my hand and said:” you see now? you always gave up. why? tell me one good reason? don’t you see that people love you? you would just left them like that?” … then he gave me whole life lesson about alcohol (which was getting the real problem for me), drugs, and he told me things about myself that i always knew, but i didn’t want to admit it. and while we were talking i heard my mom asking me about something that we were talking last night (reality not dreams), but i couldn’t answer to her, cuz i couldn’t move or open my eyes, and Chester was like: listen to me! not her!
    later i have to say that i will be a better person and i will stop with alcohol,and after that he wished me good luck, and i was again in the hospital, where i woke up in front of my friends and they were all happy…
    when i woke up i was soo scared, but this dreams also inspired me to do something with myself, that life is good if you want it to be.

    idk if that was sleeping paralyse, but i have a lot of times psychic dreams about what will happen, and they always came true

    lol i wrote a lot! :)
    and sorry about my bad english :/

    - TheBurningRed

  237. Jen says:

    My boyfriend experiences frequent sleep paralysis especially before we lived together. The fact that it happened more before makes me think it might stem from paranoia or vulnerability. He also had his unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic brother living with him at that time as well, so maybe it was some kind of transference between them. I’ll try to have him come visit your blog and comment his experience. Much love to ya.

  238. Mike says:

    If you want to stop them, setting forth a regular sleeping pattern, cutting intake of stimulants (like caffeine), and meditative practices should help. Of course, if you’re like me, and won’t do all those things, sleeping pills could help.

  239. Avatar of Morgue Morgue says:

    In response to someones question, I am not sure how to stop them. Judging by the comments it seems quite a few people have experienced this! Or are my subscribers just a touch insane? Haha good.

    Anyway, I find them to be inspirational.


    • JustaGirl says:

      I was recently raped by a demon… 50 times… it sounds insane but I was wide awake and taken advantage of. I know people who have been raped in their sleep by demons… it is possible. I believe this is what happens in sleep paralysis that a demon comes and harasses you. Of course there are other reasons but, I’ve seen far too much in my life to say every reason is scientific

    • Avatar of DJ DJ says:

      JustaGirl.. EXACTLY!! I agree.

  240. Mike says:

    Sleep paralysis has also been attributed to be the possible cause of the sensation of being abducted by aliens, as the visual and audible hallucinations accompanied by an inability to move describes the phenomenon very accurately. Problems with REM sleep can develop into brain chemistry imbalances, though, so be sure to get at least a couple nights of sleep in which the demons remain in your dreams, not on your face =]

    -Intern “Necrophiliac”

  241. Psycho Ladi says:

    Wow… So THAT’S what happens to me. I have had many strange things of that nature happen. I , however , have seen thee face of Death. . . Surreal. She smiled and danced before my eyes. Sleep Paralysis.. Hmm, makes alot of sense now. Thanks for thee enlightment dear Morgue. -Stain it RED.

  242. ilaria says:

    I experienced it a few weeks ago in the morning (somentimes I sleep ’til 11am :) . I felt a little robot under my bed moving and turning it and asking me “what do you want?” a few times. I couldn’t see it but I knew it was a robot. As you said my eyes where open but I couldn’t move, so I closed and opened them again and after a few seconds I was completely awake…it was really weird.

  243. Kuri-suten says:

    Morgue, I am very intrigued at this phenominon (sp?) and I will admit, i have had something very similar occur on many occasions. You see, my grandfather on my mothers side passed away when i was 7 years old, and since then I have been experiencing Sleep Paralysis. I ususally do not feel a weight on my chest, but once or twice I could not breathe. It felt as though i was being suffocated. My grandfather used to do unmentionable things to me when i was a child, so i believe the paranoia of him returning from the grave as a Night Daemon is the cause for these Paralysis episodes…If you have any suggestions on how to avoid this feeling please help!

  244. Beka R. says:

    1) Ok Morgen, I’ll be sure to cut my black cat Sebastian’s claws so when he cuddles up to you, or kisses you he won’t accidentally claw your face!
    2) I’ve had Psychology of Dreamsm for my Spring ’10 semester, interesting that you brought this topic about. It could be “demons” within you you have to work out, but only you know what they are. I’ve only recall having this happen once or twice. Once from when I first drank alcohol when it seemed to do this same effect & when I was a kid, but only pick up on it dreaming or in the dream state. I couldn’t call it a type of astral projection but interesting if it’s something you could manipulate at your control.

    • Mike says:

      @Beka R, though it could be a deeper psychologically seated dream, a sleep paralysis state (as I understand it) is more just a problem with continuity of the brain wave pattern associated with REM sleep, usually caused by the reasons Morgue mentioned in the blog. The hallucinations are generally just a realization of one’s deeper fears. The reasoning behind this is simply that, when one is in a state in which one is disabled contrary to one’s expected state, and then the brain is still in a malleable sleep state, the fear of inability to act calls out one’s deeper seated fears. It can be caused by previous trauma, phobias, etc. but sometimes it can just simply be whatever the person experiencing it finds to be truly frightening. Because a dream state is thought to be essentially a psychedelic state attributed to DMT release in the Pineal gland (see DMT – The Spirit molecule by Dr. Rick Straussman for more info, incidentally I’ve recently learned it is being made into a movie) it can often very closely resemble a psychedelically induced panic state, commonly known as a “Bad Trip”. Very interesting stuff =]

  245. McKenna says:

    I’ve had unregular sleep patterns my whole life. I know why. The part of the brain that was damaged at birth because I was born very early and have Cerebral Palsy. Is the part that makes the seratonin. So, that’s why I get up in the night, etc. Cuz, I don’t have enough saratonin. I also have anxiety and depression. Because of this. However, I’ve never had anything such as seeing black cats scratch me on the face or what not. I think I know why. I would stop breathing 20 times a day when I was a baby from Sleep Apnea. One time my mom and I wew up north and a funny moment in a movie we were watching happened and I started laughing and I was drinking pop at the time. When all of the sudden I stoped breathing for 15 seconds my mom told me that she thought she was gonna have to do CPR on me. She told me that I was turning all kinds of colors black,blue,purple,white. When I finally came to I thought I was dreaming. So I just layed there until I woke up. But then I realised that this wasn’t a dream. That it was real. So I stood up. I know why this happened. Because of my Cerebral Palsy my left side of my body isn’t as strong as my right side. So, I guess it was to much for my heart to take. So, that’s why I went into cardiac arest and stoped breathing. I’m not afraid. If it happens again. I won’t be afraid. Cuz, I know that He will be there to save my life from death. He was there to save my life from death all those times when I was a baby. As well as in the trailer. So, I know He’ll be there again for the millionith time to save me yet another time from death. As I always say: “Miracles Happen To Those Who Believe”

  246. ηехх says:

    I have never had a sleep paralysis without being able to control my body. I have had experiences of me sitting still and getting into a deep trance, nearly paralyzing my physical self. In such cases I have visual and auditory hallucinations which’s description would be highly similar to the one in the article. I was at all times still fully awake and I could pull myself out of the trance, but the vivid hallucinations are more powerful than you would get with any kind of drug. And to think I only used my body for this… simply odd.

    Has anyone else here had deep trance experiences involving extremely vivid and pleasant hallucinations?

  247. Peyton says:

    :O dude i think this happend to me a few times before. I have memories of waking up but i couldn’t move and i’d try to shake myself cuz i’d be seeing somthing horrible in my room. but it was hard like i was stuck. ive seen a girl with black eyes hiding and watching me as well as tall forms. oh gosh this freaks me out now….. but at least i have a name for it?

  248. Tim giroux says:


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