sleep paralysis and a shadow man

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Two nights ago I had an out-of-body experience. I have never had one before and obviously, a little freaked out. I saw myself, just as i was, sleeping on my bed.  I wasnt floating? i dont think.. but i seemed to be taller than usual. Maybe I was floating, idk. My attention was drawn to the hallway outside of my bedroom.. and it was a black man figure. No features.. just could tell it was a man.. he didnt walk.. he floated fast towards where i was sleeping and hovered over my body… Then.. i went back into myself and could feel him there still. I couldnt move.. i think i made noise. Once I DID finally wake up.. my heart was POUNDING.. i was sweating and could not sleep for the rest of the night.  I need advice! Has anyone had this happen before?  I have been googling for help but not finding much with all that i experienced that night. I appreciate any advice or tips.

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  1. Avatar of Violet P. Violet P. says:

    Just last night, I experienced something similar to that. I was in my bed with my 4year old daughter. I slept flat with my stomach. My bedroom and bathrooms lights are broken so the room was pitch black. Normally I open the door to get light from the outside light in the yard through the dining room. As I slept, I saw myself in the kitchen and it was as dark as my room. I was standing by the sink and I wanted to reach for the kettle however, this figure blocked me, then I realised there is someone standing behind me. I stretched my hand to feel this person behind me, In my head I’m thinking its my mom however as I feel their arm, it was so thick and strong. I could not move my body, I moved my head to feel if they have breasts, that’s when I knew it was a man and a strong man for that matter. He pinched my bum and I could feel him rubbing his hand up and down as if he wants to take my panties off. He held my hands so tight and now this man was sleeping on my back as I was sleeping flat on my stomach. I turned my head to bite his arm, he was so strong my teeth couldn’t penetrate his skin, he shook with anger and I apologized to him saying I was dreaming. His whole weight was on my shoulders and I started praying , I rebuked him in the name of Jesus, I told him he doesn’t belong here. He left as I was praying, I felt light again and woke up. I got off the bed and kneeled down to pray. I prayed and called upon fire from heaven. I believe these are demons and they are there to torment us. Why when we pray they go? When we fight, we feel panic and unable to breathe?
    My advise is keep praying.

  2. Avatar of beauty43 beauty43 says:

    This happens to me every night multiple times a night, the sleep paralysis part. But it often comes intentional. I’m not doing it on purpose like I’ve read on other peoples comments. When i sleep and this happens I’m getting woken up like it wants me to know what its doing. They suffocate me so intensely my fiance has to try to wake me up because he sees somethings terrible is happening to me. When i sleep on my stomach is the worst time. I feel it all on my back and a pulling of my spine like its trying to rip me but it can’t. I’ve been having other experiences since i was little and its only getting worse because my senses are getting stronger i don’t know why. Can someone please guide me on how to control what I’m going through.

  3. Avatar of Will Will says:

    Yes actually, what you have experienced are the beginning stages of astral projection. The fear is an instinctual response based in the physical body. Personally, I’d normally call this metaphysical bullshit, if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve recently experienced this myself. Basically all you need to know is; don’t be afraid. Instead of giving in to panic, relax further. let your mind drift, pay NO attention to the shadow figures, they can’t do anything to you unless you allow them to. If allowed to progress you will either find yourself in a lucid dream (essentially you’ll take control, and realize that, in your mind, you are God), or you will end up having an experience I can’t even begin to try to explain. A good experience, it just doesn’t lend itself to verbal description. Of course there’s always the possibility that you’re just bullshitting, in which case, I actually would like to say good job, you actually looked some info up, and made your story convincing. Either way, take from this what you can. ^ ^

  4. Avatar of Sin Sin says:

    A man I know says he had the same thing happen to him but for him the shadow man tried to choke him. :P

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