The Child Eater

Written by Morgue

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Saturn Devouring His Son, painting by Goya sometime between 1819 and 1823

I’ve had a number of people ask me about my influences. So I thought I would share a very important one. His name is Saturn, devourer of children. His portrait hangs above my bed.

According to ancient roman mythology, Saturn was son of god, the protector, and Sower of Seeds, and held a sickle in his right hand. Being jealous of his Father’s power, Saturn lay hidden in the dark and castrated his Father, then cut him into a thousand pieces with his sickle.

After destroying his father Saturn became the bloodied ruler of the Universe for untold ages.

Because of this, it was prophesied that one day, Saturn’s own child would destroy him. The power hungry god of the universe would have none of this. Every time his wife was pregnant Saturn would devour his own child immediately after birth. A delicious meal if I do say so myself.

Obviously this must have made his wife a bit displeased and she hid her sixth child, Jupiter, from the hungry eyes of Saturn. She deceived her ravenous husband by disguising stones in an infants cloth. Saturn devoured the counterfeit and was none the wiser.

When Jupiter was grown, he secured a job as cup-bearer to Saturn. One evening Jupiter slipped poison into his fathers chalice. After it was drunk and his father weakened Jupiter castrated and carved his father into a thousand pieces with Saturn’s own sickle, fulfilling the dark prophecy.

The painting that hangs above my bed is pictured above, I first saw it as a child. Saturn’s unforgiving, ever hungry eyes both deeply disturb and fascinate me. Keep a look out, and you will see his influence in my future work.

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  1. Avatar of molli molli says:

    in school this passed year we studied alot on greek mythology and this story went along with Cronus and Zeus.

  2. Avatar of Shelby Shelby says:

    Saturn had a festival during Fecember known as Saturnalia. In earlier times a young child sacrifice was demanded (they were typically burned) then later the sacrifice came from the gladiator fights that were held during the festival. Um Saturn also is thought to represent the modern day Father Time and Grim Reaper. Also Saturn’s mother (Gaia in Greek) asked Saturnto take down his father because he imprisoned her other children (the cyclopes and the hundred eyes giants). That’s all.

  3. so what about him inspires you?

  4. Avatar of Bridget M.C. Bridget M.C. says:

    Dude I thought being inspired by Marilyn Manson was bad enough but this was way more twisted lol don’t see where the here influence is but it’s probably in some sense Morgue devours normality, chains of society, and false dignity otherwise that’s all I can pull from it but it’s a great history philosophy and even astronomy story

  5. Avatar of katsa lake katsa lake says:

    but werent his other 5 siblings alive when jupiter cut saturn up ?

  6. Avatar of patience patience says:

    no hard feelings though i hope. you still absolutely fucking rock. hail morgue. \m/

  7. Avatar of patience patience says:

    i think the artist for this saturn picture was a bit misconstrued. that is clearly not a freshly born child. it just ruins the flavor. ewww stupid media stricken grown people.

  8. Avatar of Xat Grey Xat Grey says:

    Saturn (Kronos in Greek) is also associated with time. When Saturn devours, it is a metaphor for time devouring all.

  9. Avatar of Pixie P Pixie P says:

    As always mythology has won over yet another person. It is good to see that is has not died for so long, even if it was sometimes untold by many among the youth. Great myth Morgue, I really like it and also bow my head to your insight into ancient Roman mythology.

  10. Avatar of Maria Mandas Maria Mandas says:

    There is a similar story in Greek mythology about the birth of Athena, daughter of Zeus and Metis. There was a prophecy that said that every child Zeus had with Metis would become greater than him. So he devoured Metis who was already pregnant to Athena. Metis gave birth and brought up Athena inside Zeus. Zeus started to complain of headaches and asked Hephaestus to open up his skull with his tools, and when he did, Athena jumped out all grown and armed.

  11. Avatar of Jarvia Elis Jarvia Elis says:

    Truly remarkable tale of morbidity. I bow down to you Morgue, your sight into the dark is my inspiration.

  12. Avatar of Fierywaters Fierywaters says:

    Sounds Egyptian to me, rather than Roman. Although I’m more up to date on Egypt and Greece. Rome had too many planets for me to keep it straight. c :

  13. adeam says:

    have you listened to sopor aeturnus? she does a song called saturn days. its on youtube. i liked you on facebook, subscribed to your newsletter and your youtube chanel. i’ll try to send you a pic of the portrait i did of you. its rather too big for my scaner.

  14. Ayambella says:

    I always loved that painting of him .I have a painting that I have painted of him, hanging in my room too . ^-^

  15. Avatar of Syd Jordan Syd Jordan says:

    i heard about that story when i was in 7th grade, only it was the Greek version. but other than that i think its interesting that you would put something like this portrait above your bed! this story however had always reminded me about how sometimes our own fathers can be cruel and abusive when there something is going on in their minds, not that my father has ever been like that because he’s not, but sometimes just sometimes our fathers can get feral with their own children if you know what i mean.

    • Nick says:

      ya it should sound like the Greek version because the romans stole all of the greek gods and titans and just changed there names. but kept relatively the same stories.

  16. Zero says:

    Patricide, metaphorically or otherwise, is a necessity; usurping power for our own to achieve self actualization. We resent our fathers for a reason, and their abuse fuels us for a reason, and when we one day grovel and suffer at our children’s feet we will have granted them their natural right. My personal hero is Maldoror, antagonist of the poem Les Chants de Maldoror, and I have a painting of the beast above my bed which was masterfully done by artist Nick Kushner.

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