A7x and The Rev

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Anyone notice their music changed after he died? I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll cut a bit of the article…

Rock drummer Jimmy Sullivan, ‘The Rev,’ has been found dead at the age of 28.

The Orange County Register reports Sullivan was found unresponsive Monday at his home in Huntington Beach.

Lt. John Domingo of the Huntington Beach Police Department says the death appeared to be from natural causes.

Anyway “Nightmare”, their latest album, sounds CRAZY DIFFERENT than anything else they’ve had. It’s damn good, but maybe there’s just a backround sadness. “Nightmare” is a little more… off.. than anything I’ve ever really heard from them. Does anyone else feel that way?

But we all feel it. The Rev was loved and he died with more sadness than when Tupac was shot.

but it’s not even the sadness you can hear from the album, it’s the strategic release of “So far away” right after he died.

Is that seriously coincidental? He was a great drummer, we’ll miss him, but that’s a little bit crazy.

Anyway. A7x released a great album and I love it. Hopefully everyone else does too. I can’t get enough of them and I have more of their music than anyone else’s, including Nickelback, basshunter, and Hollywood Undead!!!!!

They’re fantastic. They have so many different styles it’s hard to wrap your head around. Their vocals are crazy! Just the right mix of singing and screaming to keep everyone’s attention perked…

But anyway, what does everyone think of the new album? am I just being crazy or what??

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  1. Avatar of Nimir-Ra Nimir-Ra says:

    I loved the new album, and I cried when The Rev died..

  2. I liked it, it’s just the fact that the music seems awkward without The Rev… It’s like they just decided to make more music, but without the soul that all the other albums had. Like their song So Far Away. When I saw the music video to that, and just the way Avenge Sevenfold looked while performing it, I actually did have one big tear run down my cheek and splash into my lap. It was sad

  3. Avatar of Dee Ey Go Dee Ey Go says:

    Hell yeah they changed. I like everything they’ve released except this new album. It’s just……meh…..

  4. I personally don’t like it, but there’s a few songs I like. Mike Portnoy’s drumming just sounds weird on it, not really weirdjust different and I don’t like it. I think it’s silly how they have an eleven minute plus song (not be be hating on long songs or anything) and how they contradicted themseves by having a song called ‘God Hates Us’ after releasing ‘Dear God’

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