The Ring Gun, Deadly Jewlery

Written by Morgue

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Unfortunately Unavailable for Purchase My Blood Thirsty Friends

Here is something I wanted to share with you. It makes the poison ring run crying home to father Orlok. It is a steam punk aficionado’s wet dream. It is ”The Ring Gun”.

There is not too much information on this, but it was probably made in the 1800′s by the french. Ooh la la. Though it does fire, it is speculated that the velocity would be so low that the powder burn would cause more damage than the bullet. Still this was much too interesting to pass up, and wouldn’t it make the perfect engagement ring?

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

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  1. robert bjbsmith…how do i purchase this ring. i’m a medically retired p.o. age 61

  2. I saw one of these on Ripley”s Believe It or Not. bank robbers used to use these so they became illegal at one point in time.

  3. Avatar of LisahAnne LisahAnne says:

    Very beautiful, especially the carvings/embossing on it.

  4. Avatar of Eve Eve says:

    would be the most beautiful engagement ring lol

  5. Avatar of Candy Williams says:

    This is really interesting. I wonder if it’s for a woman? Also I wonder what the * E/B might mean. Who made it? Who owned it? Cool, Morgue.

  6. That’s Awesome, I would want it!! it could really come in handy, Haha I can see it now, somebody’s threatning you, stealing your stuff and you say you’ll shoot them if they don’t leave, but they don’t believe you so they try to pull out their gun in case and BOOM BOOM you’ve already shot them to them you’ve unexpectingly shot them. :D

  7. This is really groovy. The bullet cases dont look like they hold much, so you’d probably have to be reaaaaaaaly close to hurt someone at all. Regardless, this is a really good looking piece.

  8. Avatar of Richard Richard says:

    I think if you poison the bullets and put it to a weak point of the body like the eyes or maybe even neck it can kill you….but idk I’d have to actually use the ring to be sure. Maybe i can make one lol

  9. Ahh yes..i have heard of this, but judging by the size of the ring i think the bullets would be too small to do any actual lethal damage

  10. Avatar of katsa lake katsa lake says:

    XD i enjoyed this very much

  11. If this is the engagement ring, I’d love to see the ceremony :-)

  12. Avatar of Rebecca Rebecca says:

    It is good, isn’t it? Wonder if you could somehow use it as a real gun….

  13. the ring gun??? c’est chic c’est bien …

  14. Avatar of Salem Storm says:

    Gives a whole new dementian to pistol whipping and bitch slappin’. duh

  15. Avatar of Ben Leary Ben Leary says:

    This weapon is similar to the brass knuckle gun that was made and used in the 1920s usually by show girls as self-defence. It was made to be used in close quarters, usually pressed against the skin of your advasary.

  16. Avatar of Fierywaters Fierywaters says:

    I’ve heard about it. The velocity’s too low to even really hurt. Besides the fact you’d have to be at a ridiculously close range to hit your target, since the “gun”(does it even really qualify?) has no barrel. Kinda like one of them little derringers. Short barrel, terrible aim.

  17. McKenna says:

    It makes the poison ring run crying home to father Orlok.

    LOL, now that is what I call wicked humor. Morgue you are so funny. You say the darnest things that make me laugh and put a evil grin on my face. See——-> :D

    Your Friend,


  18. Avatar of Iron Maiden Iron Maiden says:

    Now that’s a ring with a………………bang! LMAO.

  19. Dammnit I gotta get one of those

  20. Damn. I think I just came.

  21. Avatar of Mony Q Mony Q says:

    That is a work of art.

  22. your-whort-nightmare says:

    would it make a good engagment ring? um FUCK YES bitch!!!!!! ……. lollllllllll………… i would love to wear this thing to school

  23. Demonica says:

    I deffinently have to find out how to get one thanks for shareing that interesting artical

  24. CareBear says:

    engagement ring XD cause love kills?

  25. Ching Huê says:

    man, I directly think of bullet for my valentineXD
    anyway awesome ring, where did you find it? or the website, perhaps they could massproduce it^^

  26. Rebekah says:

    I want one! If I had a Ring Gun, I would get away with so many things…you don’t even want to know!

  27. Muffinmaster says:

    That ring is very sexy.
    If only it worked :(

  28. Killface says:

    thats fucking awesome. it looks like an industrious treasure

  29. Pants Alive says:

    You’d be better off tickling your opponent and hoping they trip and fall on something sharp.

  30. Ed says:

    You like steampunk? :D

  31. Bentanic says:

    If this was made in the 1800′s by the French I can’t help but imagine that it might have been made for an assassination attempt of some kind. Maybe to remove some of Napoleon’s political enemies, or his enemies in the Catholic Church :) )))))))))

  32. Iggy says:

    Ahaha, don’t tell my brother about that… he’d love it.

  33. Mindy Monster says:

    You would think of that as an engagement ring. lol Nonetheless, it is a kick ass ring. I have to wonder what gauge the bullets would be, that’s pretty tiny.

  34. Syd says:

    That would make a great engagement ring because if the marriage goes wrong, BANG! problem solved. where could i get one of those?

  35. LOL @ engagement ring! Or possibly a gift to the Bride from her Mother to ensure faithful loyalty from the fiancée and if found he was not, pull the trigger during a fit of anger leaving him a quaint little reminder to deter any future infidelity? Pardon my fictitious absurdity and let this be an educational moment for anyone attempting prolonged sleep deprivation, no sane person should remain awake for 80 hours.

  36. Taylor says:

    I love it! I could use one of those ♡

  37. patrick says:

    nice ring, i could use one of these , ^^ looking dam good

  38. Heather says:

    Engagement ring? Not so much but overall pretty cool.. =]

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