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Written by Morgue

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Morgue comments on youtube’s decision to ban his latest video.Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. In the quotes of Adolf Hitler: “This shit is fucked up” :P

  2. Avatar of Liz Liz says:

    I am sad to say that this does not even surprise me. Morgue is correct in saying the only affective way to make anything truly heard is on one, or many, of these horrendous social-networking sites, and all of them are censored. I have been attempting to think of any solution to this predicament, and have failed to find one that will succeed in our current society. I believe that the censorship of social-networking sites is completely on purpose for the sole reason of prohibiting free and abstract thinking. It is a horrid thing to do, as art is the clearest, purest, and best way to communicate with one another. I hope that all is well for you, Morgue. I know I care about you, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I wish that this doesn’t occur for you again, as everything I have seen you post has been solely for the purpose of thought and entertainment. Best regards.

  3. O_o i am shocked to hear this and it is very disturbing news! I would be furious about the situation because if that can be deleted then what’s next! These acts were demonstrated more than a century ago with more pain to endure worsening the graphic intent. THAIPUSAM FESTIVAL IN INDIA IS ON YOUTUBE YET YOUR VIDEO WAS BANNED!

  4. Avatar of Persephone says:

    I thought the video youtube took down was awesome and I loved it! Fuck youtube for not understanding the true meaning of dark art. I truly hope you keep posting videos I enjoy them. :)

    • Avatar of Blue Blue says:

      - Blue Doppleganger of Scott Welsh (the negative is I got caught by Oddity, the positive being Badger or Scotty wasn’t too bothered by it.)

  5. Avatar of Blythe Blythe says:

    Beautiful & quite funny as well. Looks like a great show!

  6. Avatar of Adeline Adeline says:

    What is “disgusting” to some people, is beautiful to others. I personally find extreme body mods fascinating.

  7. i was pissed when i found it it was banned ever one els postes shit like this why did u have to get banned from posting that one vid i love your work and im a big fan but when i found out i couldn’t watch it i was like wtf

  8. Avatar of 13ft 13ft says:

    I really do not understand your distress with your video being pulled. You seem cogent and intelligent enough to understand the whole concept of private ownership. And even acknowledge such with your points about social networking. In short, they’re privately owned computer networks. And they’re FREE. If you had paid for a service and it was not rendered accordingly then you’d have a point of contention. But you got a video booted off of a privately owned free service. Shut the fuck up and make your own network. Or better yet, instead of BITCHING about it, why don’t you offer some sort of change or way to effectively change the public on this? But you don’t. You just vent and get people riled up so that you get sympathy. That’s pretty lame. Use your brain and your group leader status and do something about it.

    And, since you seem unable to have done this, here’s a few suggestions:

    1. get all your fans/group to goto every religious post on youtube and flood the system with requests to remove the post because it violates their terms of service. This is an automated system. Very few humans actually read/do anything about this. If enough requests to remove based on TOS occur the video is yanked. (as in your case) This is using the framework of the system to affect change within its confines. Kind of like voting is to the Constitution.

    2. Buy a server, get a dedicated t1 line and start your own freedomtube or some shit like that. Two guys did it with youtube out of their garage apartment and 4.5 yrs later sold it for half a billion.

    3. Re-up the video. And keep doing it everytime they take it down. Or, here’s a novel idea, get this group to repost it with their own youtube accounts and flood youtube with it. So instead of 1 vid, they have thousands to contend with. Or did you lock it down with copyright so much that it’s not possible? You could combine this idea with #1 and really fuck up the system. It’s kinda like anarchy instead of privileged whining about shit you actually do something to change it.

    4. Stop using youtube and get all your minions to do so. If you could get a large enough group to leave you may actually change their TOS. There are other sites that do the same thing… Vimeo is a good one.

    5. Write to all the news agencies to get your voice heard. Or is this too much effort. You could have the minions do so as well and get thousands of voices heard.

    6. Get your minions to vote and write their congress about shit like the upcoming SOPA bill. If that gets passed your entire website has a damn good chance of being taken down and your ass tossed into jail. All those profile pics and music clips and all the other shit that’s of questionable use/copyright violation could get each and everyone of you tossed into a cell if this bill passes. Your youtube rant will be NOTHING in comparison to the amount of pain the entire world may feel if this bill is passed.

    See, six very reasonable suggestions that are ALL within your means to do. All of them are active instead of passively bitching. All of them offer a means to affect change instead of just bitching. All of them give you something better to do instead of just bitching. I do think that you have potential to do something for your good and the common good here. From all destruction there is new growth. It would be good if you took this opportunity to use it instead of just ride it out.


  9. Avatar of Sarah J Sarah J says:

    This video on youtube is what first introduced me to your little wonderful world. I do think it is complete bullshit One should be able to freely express themselves no matter what outlet of expression they choose to use. I don’t care you had a video of someone with rows of rings from their cock to their forehead hanging from a wall freedom of expression should allow that just like if I wanted to post a video of me running a knife across a woman’s naked body & licking the blood up afterwards I should be able to but I know the closed minded ass holes at the site wouldn’t allow something as beautiful as that unfortunately their views on beauty aren’t as open as that so we have to pay for their narrow mindedness.

  10. Avatar of Tom Tom says:

    Society needs to get over it’s small mindedness and accept free speech for what it is a voice for everyone…it’s not free speech until you say or do something I don’t like.

  11. im sorry tatiana i disagree. only on the not getting angry part. anger should be felt and not carried out. and yes the keyboard-bashing obsenities are pointless. i havent been on for about a week and when i got back on i was appalled when i saw that they banned Morgues’ video. the things ive seen on youtube some ive been reluctant to watch. and that doesnt correlate with Slaughter.

  12. Avatar of Eatit says:

    It is about time YouTube started pulling it stuff it stuff. I think it’s funny they should pull your channel next that be even more better so we don’t have to hear ur bullshit any more

  13. Someone got paid, your video got removed. Sad, but simple.

  14. Avatar of Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Getting angry about it will solve nothing, people. True, it’s upsetting, but keyboard-bashing obscenities will get us no where.

    What WILL, however, is hosting Mr. Morgue’s video on a more lenient video hosting site, then making it viral in those social networking sites again. So it cannot be yanked down again at the whim of those with an agenda of filtration of the media and art community.

  15. What the Fuck? Dude youtube fuckers are just jealous because they cannot do cool shit like that, all they can do is build websites like youtube. Bah. it was an awesome video to. It would be great if we could fight back somehow.

  16. I’m sorry Morgue. That youtube hated your video. I can’t believe those mother fuckers. They don’t ban Marilyn Mansons videos. I know he’s famous and all. But, It shouldn’t matter. They had no right to do what they did. They are fucken hypocrites. But, I’m not. And someday soon I hope. There will be my oraginization that will be excepting to people like you and their different art. That’s my dream. Is to set up an originization that supports people like you and their different art. Not so sure about having a social network on the web for my orignization though. I’ve witnessed things get pretty hot here at Terrors. So, I’m kind of a bit leary of having a web social network. But, we’ll see. I’ve got a lot of time to decide. I’m still in school after all.

  17. Avatar of Ang Nielsen Ang Nielsen says:

    I got really pissed off when I heard about this, I do not blame you at all. We all get screwed around by YouTube all the time, but this is insane. They did clearly say that they do allow graphic content for artistic purposes, it would have been understandable if the video got flagged, but this, I don’t even know how to describe it. This is why I like Terrors of Men better than all the other sites out there. You inspire me Morgue, don’t let them stop you.

  18. Avatar of Sin D Fetish Sin D Fetish says:

    Well said Morgue. Which is why we ALL LOVE YOU AND YOUR SITE! It sir, stands alone, real, honest and true. As for me…I tried Twitter and Facebook 4 a while way back when and left shortly after 4 the very reasons U state. Terrors of Men IS a true community and family…that is rare. Keep up the good work Morgue…we will stand by U.

  19. Slaughter was an amazing video, and it sucks that they banned it. The fact that YouTube only sometimes follows their own rules, and those rules really only apply to certain people… it’s a shame, really. I’ve always found the Vimeo site to be more friendly to artists… I’ve always been amazed by some of the creative content that I’ve found there.

  20. Avatar of Kay Kay says:

    What the fuck? This is absurd….I hope they don’t start pulling your videos even more, if so I hope you find a slightly more open-minded video-hosting website. Keep with your art, fuck them. :)

  21. ohh for FUCKS SAKE!! what a bunch of bitch-ass tight-ass brainless corporate CUNTS!! Mr. Morgue sir your vid was insanely awesome!! WTF is worng with some people?? i will be greatly looking forward to your next videos, stay strong dude! don’t let any of those numbnuts to grind you down, we are standing by you! artistical fascism is what this is! fuck’em all….

  22. Avatar of Syd Jordan Syd Jordan says:

    thats bullshit! :( i’ve seen some of the disturbing images on youtube and i got to say they are even worse than the slaughter video i mean they allow people showing women giving birth with hq, tarantula owners making videos of their spiders eating mice and yet they cant even handle some facial piercing and bleeding? thats just pathetic. ps cant wait to see what the next video will be like.

  23. well say morgue , another good video from you ;) i agree what you say in the video – that the net is so fuck´t up with all that social life shit , especial my space , face book and twitter O_O damn i hate them. and yeah they just think as soonest they don´t like something we do or say or even how we look , the can just banned it or delete it -hm …

  24. Avatar of Willow Willow says:

    Well. Thats shit.
    But hell, if your getting banned you know your doing something right to scare the piss out of the youtube staff.

  25. Not to be a troll, but I figured I’d add to my previous comment.

    Youtube may very well yank your whole channel. They did it to adult film star Tia Ling. They got pissed off about her sexual inuendo (not even nudity) and shut down her whole channel over it. So, yeah, they really crank up the asshole factor on these issues.

  26. Yeah, I posted a comment on the Youtube video regarding the ban this afternoon. As Kissan stated, it’s part of an even bigger problem. Alternative artists and entertainers, like yourself (Morgue), are obvious targets. Especially in regards of this bullshit Puritanical value system.

    But the censorship issue is really heating up as the internet is quickly wiping out the strata’s old control mechanisms. Here in Seattle, they’re using the “permit to protest” law as a way to attack the Occupy movement. I go to College at the encampment for Seattle’s branch of Occupy Wall Street, Seattle Central Community College. The cops are using the permit law to lock people up and beat their asses.

    You actually have LOBBYISTS who are trying to get laws passed to where people can’t post DIY green energy videos. So if someone posts a video showing people how to construct their own wind turbine, for wind energy, it can get yanked as a “safety hazard”. Some of these lobbyists are obviously hired by the oil companies.

    Now that the internet gives us access to free-flowing info, those who’ve gained from our unawareness feel threatened. And, in reality, their position of power via info hoarding is very threatened right now. So threatened that John McCain and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently REMOVED the cap on what lobbyists can contribute to political campaigns, just to secure their hold on things.

  27. Avatar of Nimir-Ra Nimir-Ra says:

    I saw this, it made me a bit angry with what they did to your very intersting video. I loved the video, I know half the world did too. YouTube is a succubus.

  28. Avatar of Kisassan Kisassan says:

    Youtube is just another example of a much broader problem.
    The tv channels, the record companies show us mediocrity, but it is that way because the majority of people continue to watch the shitty tv shows , buying the shitty music. It’s the public opinion that breeds money .
    Now, websites that couldn’t have grown without every single participant, restrict content, to not to upset the public opinion, because public opinion breeds money.

    Ultimately, it’s the corruption of democracy, infected by capitalism, that presents this lovely picture: a vast majority of people , blinded by fake promises and with dead initiative….and the cycle continues.

    No wonder there are a several movements trying to rescue their right of expression, their right to not to be supressed, whether they merge or stand out, their right to be heard and the power that makes it meaningful !

    • I’m in complete agreement. Capitalism, like all systems, has its shortcomings. The most obvious of which are the conflicts of interests that mire politics in corporate cronyism. What religious dogma and political propaganda have historically done is now done by lobbyists and marketing teams: polarize political views, stigmatize subcultures and keep the general population as dumb as cattle.

  29. Unfortunately such thing could happen at any time… Unfortunately our society these days is acting like the so called ”higher system” (politics, stereotypes, and other bullshit) is telling them to act and they’re too lazy to think for themselves. Another proof that there can be no freedom of speech in our society if you look offensive and controversial towards religious or political system. These systems rule over everything and only they decide how ”free” this freedom of speech can be.

  30. FUCKINGMOTHERFUCKINGMOTHERFUCKERASSBITCHCOCKSUCKERS! This is some straight-up BULLSHIT! I am so pissed off about this but yet I am not surprised because these social networks are fucking retarded and do not recognize ART in its full context. They recognize ART as THEY see fit. FUCK THAT SHIT! I am going to reek havoc upon youtube for this. And Mister Morgue I do this for you, but I also do this for all artists who may have had this shit happen to them in the past or for all to WILL have this shit happen to them. Artist should be free to express their work whatever it may hold.

    So, this is a website, our wonderful Kingdom of Terrors, meant explicitly for ART is protected thank Hell for Mister Morgue our King of Terrors. We here, as a people, have the ability to speak out… right? Help Mister Morgue, and by helping him you are helping us ALL. Go to youtube and “like” and “favorite” his video and post extreme yet intelligent comments regarding this lovely land and all that our King has done for us! Invite all who post positive or neutral comments so our dark and magical Kingdom of Terrors will grow. If it were not for this land… and I know a lot of you agree with me… we would remain outcasts of society… NOTHINGS! FUCK THAT AGAIN & AGAIN.

    OH MY FUCKING HELL I AM SO PISSED OFF! We are America… freedom of speech? Fuck that shit! We are free to some extent. I am so enraged because this does not fall under the freedom of speech act which it very well should. Mister Morgue has done something for us all far greater than anyone that we do not know EVER would! FUCK Facebook. FUCK Twitter. FUCK Myspace or whatever the FUCK it’s called. TOM is the greatest social network sites I have ever stumbled across.

    All my life… what am I? All my life… what am I? All my life… what am I? ALL MY LIFE… WHAT AM I?

    This is how I have felt growing up. Motherfucking society has NEVER accepted me. Ya know… freaky look, black or platinum hair or any other weird out-of-the-norm color, ripped clothing, metal tee-shirts, piercings, etc.

    To have a well-known site such as YouTube do this shit is FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL AND DEGRADING! Just another way for our government to control us! Speak out terrors! THIS FUCKING ROTS!

  31. Avatar of nate manns says:

    Well, you said it best. Fucking morons. Nobody forces anyone else to watch those shocking and “disgusting” things. Besides, I have seen MUCH worse. I think it more of an underlying fear than anything. Anything that may give them a nightmare is too disturbing. Of course, it may have been the song you had playing too. They may not have liked that either and just used the content as a cover up. I really do not know but it just WREAKS of a lie.

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