Oh how fucked up my life is.

Written by msflakita13

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My mom basically told me that she never even wanted me when I was born. The only reason she kept me was because she couldn’t get an abortion without feeling wrong, but apparently it’s better to try and sell your kid, which really makes no sense at all. To top it off, she basically calls me a whore every day, when she’s the one that’s fucking her boyfriend at night so loud that I can hear it in my room. Along with that, my mom feels the need to talk about how I’m a metal obsessed freak because I have my ears stretched, have the sides of my head shaved, wear black on a regular basis, wear nothing but black eyeliner, and are somewhat of a satanic-hipster. It’s funny, because she used to be the same way, except mine is a more extreme case of it. Yes, I know people say “oh, people in third world countries have it so much worse than you.” I used to live on a farm in Mexico, I know what shit’s like, I didn’t even have running water, I used runoff water from the mountains.

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  1. Avatar of sorrow sorrow says:

    my natural mother is jealous of me and she wont even talk to me and she gave me to my grandmother as a baby. My real mom acts like she doesn’t even want to know me. but you know what. i know its her and not me. You sound like a strong woman and just be yourself.

    she’s the one missing out.

  2. Avatar of Jokor Jokor says:

    Sad post. It is unfortunate to hear of another person being told that their parents wish they had aborted them. You are a special little package put on earth for something. Your mother is the issue here, remember that. Learn from what she is doing to you and turn it into a positive. It might take a while, god knows it has taken me years to grow up enough to realize not to put up with shit and to confront issues.

    The whole 3rd world thing is an absolute piece of shit. Everyone has problems and telling someone their problems don’t compare to others is numb. It doesn’t help at all and s a complete waste of energy. If they cared about “3rd world problems” then they’d be on a boat/plane/etc getting over there to help the 3rd world countries.

    Stay strong. Life SUCKS, but it can also be what you make it.

  3. I hope you know that you aren’t the problem. And you never were. Your mother’s mistakes are what put you in this situation and you can’t change the past. But you can still move forward and make your life something. I’ve never had issues with my parents, so no, I don’t know what it’s like and I’m not going to pretend to.
    But I do know that you’re worth something, and I think you should use your past and your influences to make something beautiful. Take art, perhaps. You could write music or write a book based on your emotion and what you’ve had to go through. Things like that.
    I don’t know if this was any help but I’m amazed at how strong you are. Ignore what your mother says, you’re worth something and dammit, you can dress and act however the fuck you want. This is your life, don’t let yourself be controlled. by society or your family. Make do with what you have and create the life of a mortal to be remembered. x

  4. Avatar of hollow heart hollow heart says:

    I can understand the pain that you are going through. My life echoes yours almost perfectly. My mother also used to call me such names once she saw how beautiful I had become and how she had let herself go through alcoholism and drug addiction. Fuck what she says you are perfect the way that you are. Her opinion matters not. Be who you feel like you are, and if that means dressing all in black and loving kick-ass metal music then fucking ROCK IT GIRL! Wanna hear something fucked up from my life? My father told us girls that the reason he never got close to us as children and never told us that he loved us was that he was afraid of what he “really wanted to do to us”. He desired to sexually defile us, so instead of doing this he just shut us out. Which is probably better than what COULD have happened, but the fact remains that is one fucked up motherfucker.

    • Avatar of John Andrew John Andrew says:

      my dad wasn’t so successful when it came to “shutting” us out (me and my little sister)…. I was out with some friends and my sis stayed home (she’s 16 now, 14 at the time)… while i was gone, my dad decided to pay us a visit, as soon as he noticed that she was alone, he attempted to “do” her…. luckily i got home earlier than expected… Bad news for him is that he didn’t have enough time to fulfill his nasty desires before i nearly killed him with a baseball bat…. haven’t hear from him since….

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